Home Sweet Home ~ Moving On!

Here is my motto and one I want to carry into our future home with us when decor becomes a thing again… aka when we are settled! lol

Because Home for me is where I am with my honey πŸ™‚ I saw this phrase when surfing Pinterest and thought if fit!

Our kitchen…

Close ups of the wall hangings…

Living Room …

Unique view through our home takes me to my next topic…

I finished quilting the wedding wall hanging for my son and his bride.. do you see it on the chair in my sewing room in the photo above?!!!!

Here is a close up of my sewing room today!

So I pulled out the red work project πŸ™‚

Do you recall this Marcus Brothers panel I stumbled across last winter?? I had stitched one square on this panel in the spring.. then it sat waiting until now πŸ˜€

Before I knew it.. it was Saturday and I was making the chain stitch around the chicken….

Last time I stitched I had finished this old fashioned percolator coffee pot…

Next up will be the apple pie… yumm!

Linking this post up to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching post HERE <<< come see what other linkers’ know about and join the fun each Sunday!!!

Here is a sweet meme I found on facebook this week ! I sooo believe this too!

I am still having the seizures every now and then so still only hand stitching no machine work… no driving just riding… etc. And waiting for a BOM to open for sign ups πŸ™‚

Are you ready for Pumpkin Picking??? Here is a Meme for you!!!

Then I changed my nail polish strips for a Autumn set…. This one is “wing it on”

Look at the Fall and Halloween sets available!!!!

Do YOU see any that make you happy? I am planning a Color Street Party in November… but enjoy these now by asking me for information!!! I don’t sell Color Street nail polish strips… but I have the hook up for ya πŸ˜€

Have you ever seen someone wearing a mask seriously but it isn’t covering their nose!

This seems so obvious but with so many showing their full nose.. maybe it isn’t!!

Thanks for visiting me and hanging out to the end… I certainly hope you leave me a message below… I would love to hear from you!


15 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home ~ Moving On!

  1. Denise :)

    Your new digs look cozy … especially with your sweet quilted touches! I totally agree with your opening sentiment … home is wherever my hubby is! β™₯ Love your redwork piece! I have a stack of redwork blocks I’ve stitched that I need to put into a quilt … thanks for the nudge!! Enjoy your slow stitching today! πŸ™‚


    1. Jannessa

      Everything looks beautiful! What BOM are you going to do? Can’t wait to see what you make! Praying your seizures stop so you can do the things you love!


  2. Liz

    Hi Katie. Nice tour of your beautiful home. Love the stitching you are doing. It’s very therapeutic. I see you live in the mountains, I live in western North Carolina mountains myself and love it!


  3. Little Penpen

    Hand stitching is so relaxing. Glad to see you still going. I’m curious to see Color Street versus Jamberry nail wraps. Are they very thin, do they tear easy? I notice a little chip on Your thumb and wonder if it was from the final filing. Jamberry is a little too thick for my liking, and harder to file off the extra. I find I have little snaggy pieces sometimes. Oh well, I’ll find out when you host your party! Enjoy your weekend!


  4. Cathie J

    I am so happy that you have finished the wedding quilt. I love that redwork stitching. I have always had a soft spot for redwork, but have only actually completed one piece myself. I like completed embroidery, but I don’t find the stitching as relaxing as cross-stitch. So sorry that you are still experiencing those seizures though not as frequently. I really like that home sign.


  5. Carla Therrien

    It’s nice to have those projects sitting and waiting for us, they show up when we need them. Your wall hangings in the kitchen look awesome. So sorry to hear you are having seizures hopefully they can get your medication right.


  6. Quilter Kathy

    Love the redwork project! It’s the perfect way to pass some time when you’re not well.
    Hope the medication gets sorted out and you will be back to yourself soon.
    You did a great job on learning the new blogging platform!
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!


  7. Jill

    Lucky is the new buyer of your cute and cozy house. A home is always with the family. Certainly, you will continue your decorating style. Yes, I remember the red chicken and the other coordinating blocks. Congrats on the wedding quilt finish. Despite health concerns, it is good to know that you are continuing hand stitching. It’s more calming anyway. Cute pumpkin meme. Take care!


  8. Mia is mine

    I love your red stitching. Thank you for sharing that you are using a chain stitch to outline the chicken. I’ve never used a chain stitch to outline a shape, but I love the idea! Thank you for sharing!


  9. Deb Lee

    Your wall hangings are lovely and I love the embroidered blocks you are working on, I have that panel somewhere among my stash I need to pull it out and get stitching. On my goodness the mask picture had me shaking my head, I see at least one person with the mask either under the nose or under the chin.



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