Change is in the Air!

We are just full of change here with my recent leave from blogger and changing to WordPress…. Now I want to share even MORE change coming for us!!! My daughter and her fiance came back for a visit this week. All week long we cleaned, slow stitched and PACKED!!!

That is right 🙂 We are planning to sell this home to move closer to the Asheville NC area. We truly want to be closer to healthcare and thrift shopping among other things.. there is PLENTY we love about this home but the location is not prime for us.

I have slow stitched some this week but unable to share a photo today so I will just let you know I am almost all around the name “CLOWER” stitching around it as I make the lines going out from the heart too… I was halfway around this week and today I have about another 1/4 of it completed. That means I have about 1/4 or so left to work on this week!

I got in some fabric this week I will use for binding when this wedding quilt gets done. I wish I could share a photo but Word Press needs some behind the scenes work before that can happen.

Thanks for stopping in and checking on us 🙂


6 thoughts on “Change is in the Air!

  1. kathyreeves

    WOW, that is big news, Kathi! Did you sell your house already, or find a new one, or are you just going for it and finding something to rent while you sort through? Well done getting some stitching in with all that going on!


  2. Cathie J

    Wow, that is quite a chage. I hope everything goes smoothly finding somewhere new and selling your current beautiful home. I am looking forward to seeing what you find. Stay safe.


  3. Jill

    As comfy and cozy as is yours current home, it all comes down to location, location. I have visited Asheville and it is a scenic area. You found a nice house on your last move and you will again. Best wishes on selling and moving and stitching when you can. It all adds up.



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