How about some FACE time during the continuing Pandemic!

Little Ellie’s sweet mama (my daughter in law ~ Heather) sent me photos this weekend y’all!  I am tickled pink!!!

 And Ellie appears to be too…

I had a good hair day this week and snapped a shot… now I am wondering if it isn’t the color of the shirt that pinked me up instead… maybe BOTH! lol
The new shirt will get a better reveal in a future episode when it will be apparent why I am not showing it yet… it is quilty!

My friend Jannessa had a new grandson named Greyson born not too long ago… he is a little football player already we think! lol

Even Molly got a photo taken after succumbing to a much needed bath and brush out this week!

This weekend we are also expecting our first visitors since the pandemic started…
 It is my daughter Brandi’s 22nd birthday today and she and I will be celebrating all day… this post is being written Saturday afternoon… too excited to nap so I am writing to you all 😀
Her boyfriend Timmy is bringing her and they will stay for a few days!!!

And they did arrive last night and we are gonna be fine ❤
I did sew 4 masks this week for a good friend who requested them….

 But mainly we have been cleaning house and mowing grass… all the chores are getting outta the way… I have been slow stitching some…

 Split stitch with 12 wt perle cotton in Marine.  I also got in the color for the year of the wedding…

 and my daughter found the back of my work to be neat and tidy so I thought I would share… I have some WOVEN fusible interfacing on the white fabric I pressed into place before stitching…

… the interfacing is white too…. the batting I purchased for this project is white and not cream as well!  It does matter on this kind of thing I think 🙂

and this is where I am at now…

Linking this progress this week at Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday linky HERE <<<  
I am sure no one there is stitching slower than me!  But let’s see what happens THIS WEEK!! lol
Also Kathy is asking for YOUR feedback on a couple vintage quilt tops this week… I don’t have any 2 cents to help with this but if this is your area… please go take a look at her post above at the link 😀

I am loving wearing Color Street nail polish strips… I have never enjoyed polishes but always felt pretty when I did do my nails… my nails are healthy, strong, and growing!!! Not chipping or flaking like usual… I will continue to share this journey…

Wish us well as we try socially distancing in our home during a family visit… please stay safe yourselves everyone…


9 thoughts on “How about some FACE time during the continuing Pandemic!

  1. Kim

    Oh my, your Elliana is growing so much. She is an adorable poppet, isn't she. Love your new hairdo and how fabulous your daughter and her boyfriend are spending some beautiful time together. Have the best time.


  2. Jill

    Such an adorable, sweet smile on Ellie. A family friend also recently gave birth to a baby boy named him Graysen. Stitching here and there with some mask making sprinkled in with necessary chores seems to be routine for those that sew. Have fun with family.


  3. CathieJ

    Ellie is adorable. I love that red hair! Happy Birthday to Brandi. Enjoy you long-awaited visit. Enjoy your stitching. It is looking beautiful. I am looking into those nail strips. After years of having acrylic nails done every two weeks, I no longer want to go to the nail salon. My nails have been abysmal since I was a child. I need to try these out.


  4. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    I'm wondering what nail strips are and are they glued down? Have a wonderful visit with your daughter and have a very happy visit with her – the red headed little one is beautiful! and of course the little babies always are


  5. Deb A

    So excited for you to have your daughter for a visit for a few days! I'm sure you guys are going to enjoy each other. Have fun and happy stitching.



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