Slow Stitching Sunday Reflections …

Welcome Y’all!  
Molly and I are greeting you from our front yard today!

 I am grinning so big because I splurged and got myself a good pair of sandals for the summer…

 They are from a company called OrthoFeet!  You can find them online just googling that name if you are in the market for some orthopedic shoes in a wide selection!!!!  I can tell a BIG difference in my fatigue levels… from when I wear any other shoes I own!  YAY 😀

I finished up the last name on the wall hanging panel this week that I was working on …

 and pondered the steely grey perle cotton in the photo below…

 But it just clashed with the navy I used on the last name… so I am using a different stitch ~the split stitch ~ on the first names like this in the same 12 perle cotton navy color I used on the last name …

Linking this slow stitching progress to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching HERE  <<<< Kathy shares her own embroidery and many link during the day to share their slow stitching of varied types.
Also… I am linking with my friends in the HQAL group too!
Hand Quilt Along Links

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

My daughter and her boyfriend are planning a visit this coming week…
Here is my dd (darling daughter) Brandi and some of her cross stitching too!

The above cross stitch is complete and we will frame it while she is here visiting… while the wolves on black cloth are in progress… she works on it most every day and LOVES IT ❤

 I reworked the guest room quilt that Connie and I are working on this fall…

 And my honey graced me with a vase full of flowers… vase was a gift from Jannessa!!!

 I reworked the “message board” I was gifted last week in prep for my honey’s birthday!!!!

The message board and the letters to go on it came from Amazon with a gift note from the sender 🙂
I ❤ Love It!!!
And here is our fave pic of my honey taken earlier this year on a snowy day outside…

I am so excited to celebrate the day he entered this world… as he is definitely a keeper & he keeps me laughing each and every day!  It is good to be loved so much by another human 💕

While my nails still looked ok… I was anxious to change colors and try a new one… and I got these in this week from Holli Jo… so I had lots of options!!!!

 I finally decided on the Seattle Royale I had purchased 😀  And easily removed the “At the Plaza” you see on my here…

 So this gave me 3 checks on my frequent buyer card …

And in just a few minutes of quiet time and I am done!  You can see my right hand finished on the photo of my hand embroidery above! 🙂

Now I am pondering a new tattoo… I only have a permanent ink and it is on my right foot… it rarely gets seen as I wear these great new shoes I shared that cover it up.. that is ok.. but I am thinking inner wrist for this tattoo… hmmm… what do you think?  

Are you a tattoo wearer or lover?

I really like the needle and thread detail in THIS one below… but want a different design like above with the infinity or heart detail with the thread as below… hmmm  THOUGHTS PLEASE!

 And a meme I caught on facebook this week… WEAR A MASK WHEN IN PUBLIC or around other people… also Socially Distance when possible too… especially to those unmasked souls!!!

Listen to the scientists and doctors y’all!  This can be stopped for all of us in the world and the USA specifically where this virus is gaining ground instead of losing ground!!!  Masks stop the spread they say and have proven as in the above meme.  We wear seat belts in cars to be safe… why not a mask in public??!!

Thanks for stopping in and if you decide you would like to be invited to Holli Jo’s Color Street nail strips Facebook group let me know!  Happy to invite you to it 🙂  You can see without purchase … what others think too 💖 

While we are celebrating birthdays and welcoming our first visitors into our home since the pandemic started keep us in your thoughts and prayers.. makes me nervous even though we are being careful!


11 thoughts on “Slow Stitching Sunday Reflections …

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    have a great visit with your daughter that should be fun to see her after all this time – I know you had mentioned that it had been awhile. Great photo of Rick. I have never gotten into doing my nails other than clear polish but that looks good.I don't have tattoo's and do not care for them – I know a lot of people like them, I just don't. I assume you are thinking a tattoo for later when things are safe to go about again as I know you are mostly at home.


  2. Little Penpen

    I used to enjoy cross stitch when my eyes were younger. Last year I got this crazy notion that I could do it again. So I bought several patterns and kits and quickly learned it’s not for me any longer. 😂 I was able to sell most of my patterns on eBay, so I wasn’t out too much. I’m not a tattoo person, but I definitely like the more “real” looking needle for your design. Your new shoes look comfy. I’ve been on a comfy shoe kick lately, too. I’ve found that with tile floors and excess weight, I need good shoes to keep from aching so much. I may check out that website. Tomorrow is my grandson’s birthday, too. Happy Birthday to Rick!


  3. CathieJ

    Thanks for the shoe link. My feed ache something awful at night if I don't have the right shoes. I have found a few brands that always work for me, but I like some variety. This company is new to me. Enjoy your visit with your daughter. Her cross-stitch is beautiful. I am not into tattoos, but the ones you've chosen are pretty. Wish Rick a Happy Birthday.


  4. Jill

    There is nothing like a good pair of shoes/sandals to improve one's well being. Well groomed manicure is good also! Such a cute cross stitch project Brandi is sewing. Nice she can come for a visit to spend time together and totally finish her hand work. Sorry, I'm not a tattoo person. Mask wearing is now mandatory in Michigan yet it is not a law. Enjoy the week with your family!


  5. Karrin Hurd

    Great stitching and enjoy the time with your daughter. She has some beautiful stitching too. I am not a tattoo person but I do have my ears pierced twice. Have a great week!



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