Slow but Steady Progress to Share …

Thanks for all the birthday wishes last week y’all!

 I just love how the Bitmoji app makes me look most like me of all the meme apps.  Here is a photo I took for comparison to the photo it analyzed to make my memoji in the first place.

 Here I am earlier this week… with the amazing foot massager I won & a lot of birthday sentiments received too.

 Watch out because next week I will share more about this little message board you see above!  It is probably the coolest birthday gift I have received in a long time!  It was completely unexpected and not something I thought I needed but SO DID!!!!

Above you see it in action a bit as a shout out to the giver… it came from Amazon but I will get all the info and share next week because you can ADD to it!!!!
Molly was not as impressed but she did get a new toy this week… so it has been keeping her a bit entertained…

 She likes to push over the cushions we use on the outdoor furniture… we bring them in as it rains frequently where we live and then you can’t have a dry seat if you don’t bring them in every single time.  Well once she realized she liked this stack of cushions….

She finally fell sound asleep…. LOL!

 I gave myself a healthy manicure this week including Orly Nail Defense Conditioning Treatment for my nails ….

 And then finally yesterday this cuticle treatment came in and I LOVE IT !!!  If you have ANY kind of weird cuticle issues this is the key to your ailments!  I thought my cuticles were good above but after 1 treatment with this… no polish is on yet…

 I plan on putting on my first set of dry nail strips this week… so we will see how that goes.

As for slow stitching time.. I have spent a LOT of time doing chain stitch letters for our family last name for this wall hanging… I love this W and how it is made…

I hope the happy couple enjoys this for time to come!  I sure am having fun making it.. I did order a different colored perle cotton for the year ~ a rosy peach color by Valdani from  This little online shop has all Valdani colors and great photos on her website… no link and I am not an affiliate … just a lover of the Valdani perle cotton 12 weight is my fave but 8 weight is not bad either….  I have a steely grey for their names from Jannessa.

I have done NO stitching on the quilt in the frame….
Linking my slow stitching embroidery progress to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching HERE<<<  Come see what all my Sunday friends are doing slowly as time passes by 🙂  Sew Much Fun!

Which 1 would you Choose .. Just for Fun 😀

 I hope you share in a comment below!!! 

I would choose B… I hate cleaning house but it is a necessary evil in my life! lol

Cheers to another week of pandemic living under our belts… I have seen our state less on the news this week but still there from time to time… but America is not doing well overall in eradicating this virus.

I continue to wear a mask when in public to be a good role model and because our governor mandated it as well… I agree with him though from a medical standpoint.  Unfortunately not everyone in my state feels the need to wear a mask and several here have mentioned not wearing a mask in public for myriad of reasons… but as this grows in the USA we need to ALL mask up.. even our President did when in close quarters at Walter Reed Medical Center yesterday afternoon. 

Research shows a typical cloth handmade mask will keep a majority of YOUR germs to YOURself… if covering mouth and nose.  If you are a asymptomatic carrier this could be amazing to STOP THE SPREAD of the CORONA VIRUS!!!!!

Off my soapbox now… thanks for listening to my rant today from a frustrated American & Retired RN 💖


10 thoughts on “Slow but Steady Progress to Share …

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    I've tried being on the soapbox about masks and people just do not listen – on one list I am on I mentioned it and was immediately told that people are sick and tired of being told to mask up and I must be a liberal democratic to even mention it!! Why this pandemic is on party lines is beyond me – it is a medical issue not a political issue.Years and years ago we found a big box that is made out of redwood or cedar that is on our porch and all of the porch cushions fit it it – when it looks like we are going into a rainy period the cushions go in the box and stay there and I take them out as needed – most of the time I know the cushions on the chair under the covered porch area will be ok but sometimes even those go in the box or end up being brought in the house as your do because I won't have room for all of them.your cute photo of you does look a lot like you – where did you find this?


  2. Jill

    Yes, your bitmoji does look like you. I recognized you immediately. What I did not know is that it comes from an app with the same name. Valdani floos is quite popular. Mollie looks content as she is the cushion queen. Tough question posed this week. I would probably choose house getting cleaned. Keep quilt stitching…maybe while you soak your tootsies 🙂


  3. Deb

    First I would choose B as well being ill for a few months has really gotten in the way of cleaning the house. Love the W you are stitching in the chain stitch really looks pretty. I try to do a manicure every other week now that I am able to sit longer as I recover. Enjoy your foot massager.


  4. Deb A

    B …… they can start the self cleaning of the house ASAP! I totally agree on the mask wearing….. as Florida has another new high today 15,300 new cases in 24 hours! Totally agree, this is not and should not be political. It is a health and safety issue. Love the bitmoji – looks just like a pretty and smiling you!


  5. Karrin Hurd

    I would choose a self-cleaning house, including dusting. In our county, last week we jumped dramatically, there are now 35 in 3 area hospitals, 6 in the ICU. The state has required our county to shut down indoor dining, bars, etc. We jumped 3 days in a row.!


  6. Gretchen Weaver

    Sounds like you had a great birthday! I would also love to have a self cleaning house. That would be such a blessings, I'm assuming automatic washing window is included. I wear a mask in public but I avoid talking about it since it seems to be such a touchy subject.


  7. K Reeves

    I choose A, if my sleep were uninterrupted it would mean that DH was also sleeping, and that would be a blessing and a relief. It has been a tough three months with his allergies and breathing issues. Now for the fun stuff, lovely projects going on. I've never tried Valdani but heard about it, I mostly use white for Hardanger and have always used DMC. When I was working on my wool appliqué I didn't have time to wait on ordering so just used what was in town. Your mention of hands reminds me I should give mine a spa treatment too!


  8. Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things

    I love 12 and 16 wt threads much more than 8 but I know some love the 8. Looking forward to hearing about your message board. As for masks our Govenor made it mandatory here and it really made a difference. They also said if you can't wear one for medical reasons the restaurant will accomodate you by bringing your food curbside. I really feel that's the only way to try to slow the spread. I wish Texas had required the mask before reopening but it was only recommended and now we are seeing large increases and the hospital in Dallas had to ask for additional staff. Hopefully we can get it back undercontrol with the new mask law so that we can try to keep the economy going!


  9. Chopin - A Passionate Quilter

    Let’s see How about A, B, C and D!!!! OH forgot – Just A, since I am now the recovering patient (eye lid surgery) B,C, and D will be great after next week! LOL I have worn a mask during the flu season and Cedar seasons for years! Anyone who has a mask problem (wearing one) can enjoy getting sick! Have a wonderful day and again Belated Happy Birthday! Hugs



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