And soon June will be done… WOW!

How has this month come to an end so quickly y’all!

 The awesome Sunrise I viewed Monday morning this week…. from our front porch 🙂

 Followed by freshly prepared strawberries and cream cheese danish (just a small piece ) 😀

 Finished the row I was on with Appalachian Delight….

 Rolled the quilt and started back to the right side of the quilt.  This marks the halfway point of this quilt project!!! 🙌 YAY 🙂

 Linking my hand quilting progress to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching Linky party HERE <<<

Also Linking to my HQAL group that I link with every 3 weeks…

Hand Quilt Along Links

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

As you can see not much progress on this side of this secret project… just that top row done…

 But look at this hand quilted aspects of the hand applique added to the front of these bags!!!  WOW

 But this week has otherwise been a quiet week….

 And the Amaryllis blooms has been my DAILY dose of sunshine!!!

 As the second stalk continued to grow taller and sprout blooms to be…

 and the first stalk continued to fill out all 6 blooms…

 They fell over together … so we added stakes to hold them up unsure if they would continue to grow now…

 But they have 🙂

 And this hosta shoots up amazing blooms… here it was on Monday….

 And again on Friday…

 I found this little meme online… Why can’t we ALL be like a raccoon….

 And another meme that I posted on my Facebook page…

North Carolina USA has a mandatory public mask wearing policy now… 
Do you wear a mask when in public??
Feel free to right click on any of those meme’s to add them to your own photo stash and share on social media … we are all in this all over the world TOGETHER!!!!

 I am excited to look ahead to JULY!!!!

of JULY!!! <<<<

3rd – My bestie… Connie                                                   20th – My Honey’s … Rick
4th – Me                                                                             26th – My Darling Daughter … Brandi 
5th – My DIL to be… Kristen                                             In Memory… I will remember my                                                                                                                          grandmother’s birthday on the 6th…                                                                                                          She is watching over us from heaven

So here is the first fun birthday cake I found… doesn’t that teal icing look yummy!  with the moist chocolate cake… mmmmm!!!  Much less the precious unicorn full of cake!

So while this post had not much hand work to share… my mind is moving along solving roadblocks to get more handwork to show for next week!

Take care my friends 💖  And if you leave a comment today… please tell me…

What do you enjoy doing to celebrate YOUR birthday ???

I love that I am a Firecracker Baby and born the morning of the 4th of July!!!  My daughter may come for a visit on her birthday end of the month … THAT will be my present this year… along with the 2 new chairs we just bought for me 😀

Come back next week… you won’t be sad to celebrate Birthday Month each Sunday of July!!!!


15 thoughts on “And soon June will be done… WOW!

  1. Gretchen Weaver

    I'm always excited to see the progress on AD, every stitch is a stitch closer to the finish! Those hand quilted bags are beautiful and so are the Amaryllis flowers. For my July birthday I ordered myself books from Connecting Threads. Of course the sale was in June and my birthday is in July but that's ok. Have a good week of stitching and wonderful birthday celebration!


  2. Kim

    Oh wow, so you were born on the 4th of July…how special! You have the prettiest view from your front porch and just look at that sunrise….spectacular! I love the pretty colours in your secret stitching project and I bet you are delighted that you are half way there on the Appalachian Delight; it is looking fabulous. Here in Tassie we don't wear masks but then, we haven't had any reported COVID cases for months. We are all practicing social distancing when out and about. Hope you have a beautiful week with many opportunities of sitting on your front porch enjoying those pretty skies of yours.


  3. Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things

    Great progress on your hand quilting! Those bags are special! I agree about the mask should not be a political statement. Texas is having a big uptick and now three of the four counties that make up DFW have mask requirements. I am sure it is upsetting some but really people, think about someone besides yourself!!!!!


  4. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    So many July birthdays – that is like several months of the year are for my extended family of siblings and all of theirs. Love those bags and half way on the quilt is great. Love the flowers. Well be nice if you get a visit from your daughter and hope things will be ok for you to do so.


  5. Little Penpen

    Those bags are so pretty! My amaryllis bloomed a couple months ago in eastern N.C. They are fun to watch. If you watch for sales after Christmas, you can find the ones that didn’t sell as Christmas gifts 1/2 price. The ones I have in my yard are former Christmas gifts, so I think of the givers every time they bloom. I’m a July baby too… it sure came fast this year!!! 🎈🎈🎈


  6. Jill

    Your yard is so green, fresh and lush – a delightful view to greet you on a summer morn. Getting to the halfway mark on a hand quilted quilt is great needlework progress! There will be lots of b’day cake eating next month. I also have a July b’day! One of my favorite things to celebrate around my date is to visit Lake Huron which is one of the Great Lakes. Sitting under a shade tree along on her sandy shoreline with the sun shining on the sparkling blue water is the best. I agree with Little Penpen, another year went fast!


  7. chrisknits

    Your quilting is beautiful! I do not wear a mask unless demanded by the shop I am visiting. To ensure my at risk loved ones are safe I stay away from them. Our state has declining stats, and my county is not seeing high hospitalizations.


  8. Karrin Hurd

    Beautiful quilt, love seeing your progress! Love seeing your garden! Happy Birthday. My son-in-law's BD is the 1st, and my brother's is the 2nd. I always wear a mask in public, though there seem to be a lot of people not, even though it is mandatory.


  9. K Reeves

    Have a great birthday on the 4th! Your amaryllis is the most amazing one I have ever seen. WOW!!! Half way done–we are celebrating together, hurray! Those bags are just gorgeous the quilting adds so much to them. Your secret project has me very curious, I'll look forward to seeing more of it. XXOO


  10. Susan

    The birthday cake is as cute as anything! Your quilt progress is great – halfway! I don't wear a mask, it hasn't been mandatory where I live, and we've had very few cases. Rebreathing the moist air gives me difficulties.


  11. CathieJ

    I have shared a few of those memes. Love the racoon one. Masks are mandatory here and I wear one to all stores and have one with me on my daily walk. Happy Birthday a few days early. Chocolate cake is my favorite. Your amaryllis are gorgeous.



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