Hello Summer and Father’s Day 2020

As of yesterday evening… it is officially summer here in the USA!!

Today is Father’s Day… a day that brings me angst.  My dad & I don’t speak … there are a host of reasons for this… He and my mom are very different from me.  So on Father’s Days for the last decade or so… I focus on the positive role models in my life that are dads….

My grandfather here… I called Papa

 The husband of my children…. Here he is with our oldest child James…

 And the last photo we have of him smiling over 12 years ago now…

 So I felt this meme… really reflected how I felt about these powerful men in my life … as both my husband from the past and my grandfather are in Heaven today…. looking down and celebrating…

 This picture came up on my facebook feed recently…

Remember me working on hand quilting this quilt for Connie by bestie???!!!

Well here it is bound and washed and on her bed!!!!

Look at the binding she chose to put on this quilt… all the colors of the fabric are in it!!!!

 We are BOTH in love with the big stitch quilting you can see in these photos too!!!


Linking this awesome finish to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching HERE <<<<  Follow the link (it will open in a new tab so you don't lose your place here) !!
 Alex Andersen of “The Quilt Show” … I spied this cool art piece on her wall in a video I watched…

 Don’t we all need a Crazy Quilter art piece to explain us 🙂

Speaking of Crazy.. a couple weeks ago I showed you my crazy sewing room… well it is getting cleaner!!!!

 So I got to start cutting out my youngest son’s wedding commemorative wall hanging I am hand quilting after I machine piece the flimsy…

 Here is some laid out… this may be the last you see of this project though… as I don’t want them to see!!!!

 And look at that gorgeous engagement ring my son got his bride to be Kristen. 

Mike now also goes by Michael in his peer groups so I am trying to change a 25 year habit to not call him the shortened version any longer.

Hand quilting has been a daily thing this week… I am sew glad too ❤

 Above is the base picture for my new header for my blog.   Below is when I finished block #3 on this row I am on…

 And here is block 4… heading to the border!!!

 This morning I worked on the swag designs in the border a bit … I will go back to that when I get done with this blog as my honey sleeps in on Sundays!!!

 So with all the Corona Covid-19 stuff going on… do you worry more??? I know I sure do!!!!

 So this Bonnie-ism is in the forefront for me 🙂  Maybe we could all remember… like a rocking chair or a rocking horse… you can go and go but you stay right where you are… so throw your worries aside and stay safe and ….

 While I was digging through my scrapbooks looking for the pics I wanted to share with you all today… I came across this… Me as a preschooler….and me today!  I have my Papa’s silvery gray hair now too that replaced my reddish blonde locks!  I love that 😀

So as I hang on…

 I have found lots of ideas online this week that inspire me… Like this double wedding ring with a star block where the joins go….

 A flower quilt that comes together row by row by Lisa Capen Quilts on Youtube…

 And this quilt… after I finish the quilts in some sort of progress I would love to get this pattern … It is an older Fons and Porter pattern called “Pinwheel Star” but I have been unable to find it online yet as a pattern to buy so I may have to draft it… hmmmm!

 Amaryllis Watch!!!!

 These photos were taken Tuesday or Wednesday

 Then Thursday the bloom opened but only half heartedly in the late afternoon….

 But Friday it was wide open… with 5 more to come from this stalk…

 And look at the second stalk… it will have more blooms as it grows and matures taller…

 Now the second bloom is opening on that first stalk… and the other 4 are looking bigger!!!!

 Molly got her groom on yesterday and she is feeling so refreshed from her groom and wash!

Speaking of Molly… she is snoozing in with her dad right now!  Happy Father’s Day to my Honey too ❤  Here is a photo I took the other day of the 2 of them ❤  They have my heart for sure!!!!

Thanks for stopping in… please leave a comment if you have a minute… I love to reply to all the comments left for me💖  Thanks 😀


10 thoughts on “Hello Summer and Father’s Day 2020

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    I was so glad to see Connie's quilt I don't think I saw the finish somehow I missed that. Nice to see photos of your family and that you have a photo of your late husband I know you said once that you lost most everything in a house fire some years back shortly after he died I believe. Love your hair cut – I keep going back and forth grow it out to natural or keep dyeing – it needs cutting for sure, I have been trimming it myself but it needs a good cut and I need to make an appointment I will call them for next week maybe and ask when is the least busiest time to come in


  2. Kim

    Oh how beautiful the Swoon quilt is. It looks a picture on the bed. Is that a sweet Hollie Hobbie pillow see?? Love that photo of the wedding ring quilt and the quilt of the squares that when joined together reveal a flower. Speaking of flowers your amaryllis is beautiful. I am sorry that Father's Day has some unhappy memories for you, but now you can enjoy today with your sweet husband. Sweet photo of him and Molly. Hang in there, Kathi. Take care.


  3. Quilter Kathy

    I sure do remember the Swoon quilting… so beautiful! I do love a striped binding! I do look forward to a grooming session sometime in the future and hope I look as sweet as Miss Molly!Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching and showing us your hand quilting! Love the new header!


  4. Lisa Boyer

    Thank you for sharing your inspiration, your positive thoughts, and your beautiful quilting. I hardly ever comment online, but I wanted to let you know I always look forward to reading your blog and enjoy it very much.


  5. Jill

    Fathers Day has a wide range of emotions for many. Swoon is pretty, cozy, and comfy on Connie’s bed. Gorgeous ring. Sewing room is coming along nicely. Amazing one can recognize the same smile from childhood and beyond. The new header looks nice showing your current quilt project. Dare I admit, initially, I thought I was at someone else’s blog. It’s fun to watch an Amaryllis bloom. So much quilt Pinterest inspiration. Enj


  6. Gretchen Weaver

    I'm so glad you're making progress with your hand quilting, this is such a beautiful quilt! The Pinterest quilts are all lovely but I like the double wedding ring the best. Happy stitching!


  7. Deanna W

    That poem is so appropriate…I lost my dad 21 years ago and I still miss him. That pattern shouldn't be to hard to draft but there will be partial seams to do. And you really only have to draft 1/4 of the block…nice look with the plaids too!



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