Come on in and see all I have been up to this month! Happy June 2020 :)

Hope YOU are Having a Happy

Last Sunday I made lots of progress on Appalachian Delight on my frame…

 So this week … I marked and quilted the right border and working into the right side of the quilt into the first square top to finish ….

I didn’t quilt as much as I thought because…

I got a new chair for my quilting frame and loved it soooo much I ordered another and am sitting in it as I type to you 🙂  It is from Staples in the USA and is named Sonada… this is their brand of chair and very sturdy and a 7 year warranty !!

This week I did make a bit of progress on the red work piece I am stitching…

I love this rooster and there is one on this panel that faces the other way… 🙂

I had to use Cleo and a walking foot to add the binding to the front…

 I found a perfect piece of white fabric … to make a label on the back of this table runner…

 I used a Pentel Fabric Marking Pen in black to do the writing and set it with a hot iron no steam.

Then it was time to start working on sewing down the back side of the table runner with the binding…

 You can see I use a few wonder clips when I sew bind on a quilted item…

 Here is a closer look… between the picture above and the one below I hope you can see the cool quilting that Jannessa did for us to enjoy!!!

 Oh I hope I can get this finished and washed and in use before next weekend 🙂

I am linking this handy progress to 2 different places this week as it is HQAL time HERE….

Hand Quilt Along Links

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

Secondly I would like you to take a minute and visit Kathy’s Quilts for more fun Hand-y Ideas right HERE <<<<

This week has been a tough one in US History for sure 😪

I am happy to chat with you each privately about your thoughts on the topic… And because Mr. Floyd was originally born in North Carolina… we celebrated his life and reminded ourselves it could have been us too… with a half raised flag for the day Saturday during his Memorial in NC, USA …

 We did this because we believe Black Lives Matter… as do ALL LIVES <<<<  But this meme says it best… feel free to copy and paste it for your own use if you like!

But I hope to wish you all well this week.  Our Covid 19 numbers continue to rise here in the USA.. this is also a topic I won’t bring deep into my blog post today but can chat offline all you care about this…  
We did plant our Amaryllis that is starting to sprout in it’s container in the dark on Saturday… right here.. 

 So here to the left is the front of our home… and tothe right in the center of the picture you will see a sprite of green in the center… that is an amaryllis trying to sprout but it was root bound in it’s container so we are experimenting with this…. planting it in the ground where we can watch it 🙂

I now belong to a bird group on facebook… we have some bluebird families living in our bird houses but this is a great shot by someone in that group… caught as the blue bird parent is coming to feed the blue bird baby.  Sew sweet!

Here are some flowers from our yard to end this post…

I hope they bring a smile to your face 🙂

Stay healthy my friends ~


11 thoughts on “Come on in and see all I have been up to this month! Happy June 2020 :)

  1. Gretchen Weaver

    You've had a busy week, all the progress on all the projects is wonderful! I grow Amaryllis flowers in the winter for some color! Once the temps are warm enough, I transplant them into the flowerbed for the summer, removing them when it gets very cold in the fall. Give the flower some time, she'll do get outside, just keep it watered for the first while. Once it's up good, maybe a month, you can let nature keep it watered. Happy stitching!


  2. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    this is certainly a turbulent time in history – between the riots, protest, covid – what a year it has been. Love all your plants they all look great. Your new chair is wonderful – I have to have an office type chair for the sewing room and my space here is so small that I can just turn and with a little push of the feet be at the quilting frame, sewing machine or the computer. I got a new tension assembly for the featherweight – I would like that machine to work better and still have such a trouble with the tension that I bought a new assembly which was so inexpensive (new) and I have the book on featherweights and how to fix, oil etc – Mike will look at it later today and get the old tension assembly off and put the new one on. Have a good day


  3. Jill

    An egronomically chair makes a huge difference. So important. Blue & red themed runner is very nice. Understand your desire to finish runner, yet sometimes a deadline adds pressure. Love the red rooster. My kitchen is blue & white. I forget if your rooster was preprinted or a pattern/stencil? Appreciate how you made your label with Pentel fabric pen. I'm considering doing that on Shades of Red. Have a good stitching Sunday!


  4. Deb A

    Agree – very trying times in the USA right now. Your runner is looking great as is that rooster. I use a chair I had gotten for work in my sewing room as well. Great back support and adjustable.


  5. K Reeves

    So glad you got your quilting mojo back Kathi, and I think your meme does say it all. Such a difficult time…praying for changed hearts all over the world, and here at home!


  6. Kim

    My daughter attended a protest in San Fransisco holding a sign \”I understand I don't understand but I stand\”….so powerful. Your Appalachian Delight is coming along beautifully and as for your new chair, it looks so comfy. Now you can happily stitch away in comfort forever. =) Beautiful roses from your garden, Kathi. The fragrance from them must be divine.


  7. Tiny Toadstool Cottage

    What a beautiful quilt! I love your chair, it must make a huge difference. I just have a straight back wooden chair, not very comfortable! I really must save up for a special chair. Hope you have a lovely week.



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