Happy End of May 2020 !

Welcome and come on in!  I have this cozy chair for you to enjoy as you read 🙂

It has been a busy week around here this week… and I have never been so glad to see a month pass… how about you all!!!  Tomorrow is June 2020!!!!  Wonder what it will be like??

Ellie got her frog…Penelope

 Earlier that expected via the USPS….

They said she rolled around the floor with Penelope and loved on her 💖  Makes this Grammy happy for sure!!!!

I had hoped to clean up my sewing room this week… but it remains looking like this…

Hopefully June will give me some energy for straightening and cleaning too ❤  As it went… I mainly spent time with 2 projects in my crafty time…

Appalachian Delight is moving right along…

 Once I finish this section on the right outer border…

 I will be ready to roll and finish the top of the bear in the cabin blocks on this row …

And I will have reached the center of the quilt too then ❤

I have also been focusing some crafty time on embroidering this red work project…

 Here I am with the coffee pot stitched over but trying to decide on the outer ring… should it be buttonhole stitched????

 Or chain stitched ???

 Chain stitching won out … and I added a heart of steam coming out of this coffee pot too !!!

 Next up is the rooster here…

 I found a red work instruction sheet online and printed it off… I like the book I showed last week best still for deciding on all the embroidery stitches…

 Here is a close up of my stem stitching on the roosters wing….

While I have been doing handwork… Connie my bestie has been too ❤

 Here are some of her squares with a different pattern of lace she is crocheting around them 💕

Linking all this hand done fun to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching gang HERE <<<< come see what everyone is doing with their very creative hands 🙂

Our neighbor checked the strawberry patch we had planted 3 years ago and found some fresh and yummy berries for us to eat…

 I put mine on warm cheese danish… and the berries were chilled then… yummmm y’all!

My honey’s new mower… getting washed…

In closing I hope you will choose to be as kind as possible…

 Our world needs it!


12 thoughts on “Happy End of May 2020 !

  1. Jill

    Oh my, such a cute frog! Soft and cuddly too. I been slowly reorganizing my sewing area. Understand how tempting it would be to stitch on your nice projects instead. Snazzy lawnmower. Rick will probably want to mow all day. Enjoy slow stitching Sunday!


  2. Gretchen Weaver

    I'm so glad you're still progressing on AD, almost half way! Elle will have fun with her frog. Love the redwork, I liked the chain stitch better than the buttonhole stitch too. The chair looks great, would love to sit and sip coffee with you for a nice visit. Happy stitching!


  3. Little Penpen

    Oh how sweet….the little birthday girl loves her frog! Have a happy Sunday! I’m driving to Asheville today to meet Annabelle 1/2 way. She’s coming to grandma’s! 💕


  4. Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things

    Ah that frog has made a good friend and I am sure she will love it. Love all the projects you have going. The redwork looks awesome, I suppose they will go into a quilt? I am a bit sad to see May pass, it's my favorite month and soon it will be very hot here.


  5. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    glad the frog arrived and is loved! it makes the time spent making it so worth it. Love all the stitching and quilting and nice to have a new mower – ours is so old we really need to spring for a new one.


  6. K Reeves

    I know seeing that photo of your sweet Ellie was a delight! The frog is just adorable, and will be much loved, no doubt! Your redwork project is so much fun, and I agree, the chain stitch was the best choice.:) So glad to see that AD is getting some love and attention, it is a beautie,


  7. Kim

    So glad that the chain stitch won as that is what I like, too. =) Your Appalachian Delight is looking a treat and Ellie's frog is so very cute. Such an adorable photo of her hugging her little frog. Those strawberries look delicious. The world needs much kindness at the moment, doesn't it. Have a beautiful week, beautiful Kathi.


  8. CathieJ

    So glad the frog was a hit. Your coffee pot is beautiful. I love the idea of heart shaped steam. I can almost taste those strawberries. Stay safe.



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