From Muddling to Magnificent >> Hand Quilting Has Started Back Ya’ll!

Happy Sunday Y’all!  Magnificent is sew much nicer than muddling!!!

These birds are photos from facebook eastern North American bird types Jannessa sent me… we thought they would make a cute opener for my post today and cheer you each up!!!

I have spent the last month muddling through… sewing masks…

Til I am soooo tired of them… I think this is a breaking time for me as all my friends family and locals have a mask … I think! lol

This Corona virus – Covid19 is a wicked virus for sure!  But it is maddening … esp here in the US opening early or refusing to wear masks in public places and refusing to adhere to 6′ distance in shops… is sad really!!!!  There are some folks even rushing the state government buildings with no masks as a method of protest for the governors not opening their state quite yet… Just Sad!!!

After listening to a quilting related fiction book as an escape from all this.. I decided I wanted to see a Garden Maze setting ….

 Above is a setting like that… I bought a Marcus Brothers panel on eBay and it came in this week…

 I will be hand stitching in dark red all the 20 blocks… then using this pattern here to do the most traditional type of garden maze setting…

I have a photo of these blocks put together but it is VERY busy… so I will make mine look more like the first photo I showed you with this pattern for how to piece it most historically with the switchover squares in place.  I can be more precise with this NEXT Sunday once the fabric I ordered arrives.

Molly wanted to pose for a photo here… on a quilt she loves that I hand quilted …

 My honey and I celebrated 9 years together with filet minion, baked potato, and broccoli …..

It was completely yummy…. then the next day my honey talked to our neighbor who had mentioned selling a John Deere mower almost new… so he dove in and offered him a cash price he couldn’t refuse… we got stimulated this week as well so that is what our $$$$ went to 🙂  We are passing along the good deal by selling our older mower to a friends kids for less than it is worth 😀

What comes around goes around … the motto we live by… we got a deal so we are passing one on!

Do you have a motto you & yours live by?

Here is a great family idea… let each person in your family choose a different color paper and trace their hand… you might have to get a bit creative to have this outcome but isn’t this a great way to remember this “time together” as a family unit???!!

Here I am … multiple times in the month of April I sat in my chair and looked out the windows at the view and viewed my hand quilting progress but just didn’t have any desire to pick up my needle and thread and make stitches….
Well thanks to a challenge from a very nice friend I am hand quilting!!!

I had 3 different sewing sessions to hand quilt this area of the quilt I am on…. I also finished that right sashing but the light isn’t out to get a nice photo for you all…. more next week!!!!

Jannessa started on the Miss Jane’s Best miniature quilt pattern that is embroidery heavy this week …

She got these 3 blocks all done… she is going to trace some for me on this same thick doll making muslin when she has hers made (for me to use to stitch with)!!! 

It is a group project I guess… I let her use my pattern that had been a gift to me (I will make it when she is done),  Connie is sending her 30’s repro fabric from her stash, and Jannessa is using DMC floss from her stash and mine to do the embroidery…  How FUN for Pandemic Relief Efforts!!!!

Linking all this hand stitching and my renewed hand quilting to Kathy’s Quilts Linky HERE <<<  Come see all Kathy is up to and all the rest of the linkers too ❤

Even when I haven’t felt like it I have blogged every Sunday morning…. I appreciate your kindness for leaving a comment when you visit my blog too 🙂

So continue being Kind and Wearing Masks when in public places please!

10 thoughts on “From Muddling to Magnificent >> Hand Quilting Has Started Back Ya’ll!

  1. Jill

    Beautiful birds. We are awaiting the arrival of hummingbirds and maybe a Baltimore Oriole. Feeders are out. So glad you have picked up needle and thread. Congrats on 9 years!


  2. Gretchen Weaver

    Miss Jane looks great! I really like the colors Janessa selected. That fabric looks like nice embroidery. Your new embroidery blocks are going to look so nice in the garden maze setting. I think the secret to the maze is having the center strip wider than the outside strips. I made all my strips the same size so it's a little harder to see but I think it will look good hanging on a wall.And, I'm glad you found your quilting mojo again keep on quilting girl! Glad you found a lawnmower at a good price, hope your old one sells fast. Happy stitching!


  3. Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things

    Oh what pretty projects you have going on. I agree 2020 has been a hard year so far. I really don't have anything to complain about, but hearing so many without jobs and the uncertainy really weights heavily on me sometimes. Love the garden maze block very pretty indeed!


  4. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    I think everyone has been going through this isolation at their own speed – to me at the beginning making face masks was almost causing a depression for me – after several days of making them I felt so low and horrible that I had to stop making them – I couldn't stand the reason we needed to make them and didn't want to fall into depression so I stopped and the next day felt better getting into my regular routine. Then a week or so later I made more mask when DD asked for some for her co-workers – the same thing happened it made me feel horrible mentally. I think i am past that now and will make a couple more as needed but I found some on line to order and got some and they will come sometime this month and in the meantime I have a couple for us to wear when we go out to shop. We all handle it in different ways but I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't behind your hand quilting block – and I hope you can get back into it.


  5. CathieJ

    Those birds made me smile. I have had enough of making masks too. Everyone of my family members and a few friends have two masks each. I copied that \”uninstall\” meme to post to my friends. I love it. So glad you are back to hand-quilting. I always like watching your progress.


  6. mary

    i am handquilting on a large queen size but do not use a frame…just basted to death and sit in my chair to quilt in my lap – there are days when I wonder why I am so crazy to do this and then look how soft the quilt remains I know! thanks for your blog – enjoy reading and stay home/safe!


  7. Deb A

    So glad to see you enjoying some stitching! Your stitching is beautiful as always. Happy Anniversary and nice on the deal on the mower.


  8. Quilter Kathy

    Thank you for the lovely blog post! So wonderful to see your projects and see your hand quilting progress. Jannessa's stitcheries are so pretty!Our family motto is \”Be the change\” so of course everyone I love is safely covered in the masks I have made them. We want this to be over and will everything we can possibly do. And about the non mask wearers and protesters we say \”your evil (or narcissism) is showing\”!…and we stitch on through all the trials!Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!



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