Making it through the Pandemic of 2020 with Crochet!

Happy Sunday Y’all!
I found this cool saying for us to think of as we are trudging though this Pandemic 🙂

What story are you living … can you find joy there somehow some way???

I know sooo many had plans for this spring… vacation. weddings.. etc and now it seems we are stuck in this long lasting Pandemic across the world.

I have been crocheting on my crochet quilt this week…

 I did finish up all the machine quilting in the center of each of the 39 squares… I now have 4 crocheted around and am working on number 5!

 1st round….

 Second Round…

This is the point I stopped at last evening… I will be linking this very slow stitching progress to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching Linky Post HERE <<<  Come see what other amazing slow stitching others are sharing too 🙂

I have also been making more masks this week… with some spilling into the coming week that I just didn’t get finished yet….

I did trim my hair this week.. it was so long on top… so I just did the front… I cut my honey’s hair (I always have cut his hair so this wasn’t as crazy as me trimming off my own! lol

While sewing masks I won 2 different colors of thread on bobbin chicken when changing bobbin colors…

 Last week I shared the binding I was working on for Jannessa… it got done last Sunday and is ready to deliver back to her for her wash and gift her daughter when the time is near for the baby to come.

 Sweet Elliana enjoyed Easter festivities at her home… her mom sent me these photos…

So as we continue to trudge though this pandemic called Covid-19 the Corona virus… Stay safe… Stay Home… and follow this Prescription I found online also …

Have a blessed week and thanks for visiting!


10 thoughts on “Making it through the Pandemic of 2020 with Crochet!

  1. Kim

    Those pretty squares of fabric look lovely with the crochet trim around them. A blanket of these squares will be so pretty. My goodness, your Elliana is growing so quickly. Why, it only seems like yesterday she was just a wee new born. Love those cute bunny ears she is wearing….such sweet photos. It is nearly the finish of Spring for you up there isn't it and still the world is in lockdown. I suppose we just have to try and make the most of each day wherever we are. We just have to stay home in order to save others' lives, especially our healthcare workers. Hopefully in the not too distant future the restrictions will begin to be slowly lifted. May your week be a pleasant one enjoying a little stitching.


  2. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    your granddaughter is growing so quickly I know you miss not seeing her and your children. You are staying busy and that is something we all need to do as I think even as they start to lift restrictions a lot of us well feel it is too early and we will need to stay mostly home — longer than the president says – in my opinion – he needs to take the advice of the scientific team and let them make those decisions as he is only thinking of of himself. Our personal family doctor is the head of our triage system for the disease in our area and he has sent out a email to all of us saying it is too early to be thinking of getting back to business and this is going to take awhile and be prepared to stay home longer if we do not want to become sick


  3. K Reeves

    Such a cutie your grand daughter! I'm sorry you can't hug her in person at the moment. Your fusion blanket is really coming along, you are still having fun with it I think, and two wins on Bobbin Chicken!!:P You are on a roll. I love that first saying you found. very timely!


  4. Little Penpen

    Your granddaughter is so cute! I know you can just eat her up! Love the crochet blocks; that’s going to make a pretty quilt when it’s done. I haven’t made the first mask, but did watch a video on how to make a no sew one with a bandana. So far I haven’t needed one! 🙌🏼


  5. Jill

    There is something quite relaxing about crochet. I think it helps release feelings while we fret. It can be relaxing and done while watching TV. Very clever fussy cut on your mask! Granddaughter gets cuter and cuter! May you & yours continue to stay well!


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