…. And then it was April 2020 – Fun while Staying Home

Hello and Welcome to my Blog this fine April weekend!  I hope this post finds you at peace as you Stay at Home !!!

I have thought of each of you that visit my blog this week.  I know many read that don’t leave comments too… sew I try to think of about all of you that may need a break from the clamor of the tv and reading a blog post can transport you away from this world wide pandemic..

Come on let’s see what photos I took for you this week!

Last Sunday was all hand work… cutting and marking the wrong side of fabric hand work though! lol

But at the end of that day the Shelbyville/Lancaster Quilt was complete….

I have ALL those pieces cut and am ready to sew together some flying geese even!  YAY 😀

I have a circle formed around my 301 ~ Julius ~ so I sat down here Monday morning and started some piecing of flying geese!

And by circle… LOOK!

The above photo was actually made when I was cutting but it is still similar to this set up… chair in the center and a table Jannessa left over here on the right side of the top of the photo… some placemats are there on the design wall waiting to be quilted… some day! lol  and I have 10″ squares of fabric everywhere else but I have 2 ironing surfaces.. 1 of which I have a smaller pink cutting mat on.  This is an environment I thrive in…

How about you??

Do you create in a clean or messy area ??

I like to start a project with a clean room and as I finish projects I try to put them all up but y’all don’t wanna see the far end of my cutting table right now!  I need a straightening day I think! LOL  REALLY!  This may make a bullet journal spot even for the coming week!!!!
Oh that last photo … if you look under Jannessa’s table you will see the parts and pattern for the briefcase Jannessa and I can make via Facetime… but we haven’t slated when it will start yet… 
Speaking of which… this is what took over the end of my week…

 Above I am making bias binding with a bias tool I ordered moons ago from MSQC… Jenny has a wonderful video making bias binding sew easy!

Once I got the bias binding made and folding in half and ironed I sat down at my non-messy 319w ~ Cleopatra ~ and strapped on a walking foot for a nice finish and sewed the binding on a rounded corner quilt for a grand baby on the way for Jannessa.  She is binding one for her other grandchild coming… I am binding this one… we are splitting the chores 😀

 Here I am being silly with hair way too long to show! lol

 Once I got it all one time to clip it down.  I rotate 8 wonder clips myself… Jannessa likes to pin her whole quilt at one time… how do you bind a quilt ???

 Here I am at the second corner ….

And that will be my slow stitching today.  I will be working on ladder stitching this binding down to make a nice finish for this little 53″ square – ish quilt for a baby boy yet to be named… in fact neither of her grandsons have a name for sure yet… so labels will wait until parents can quit being fickle…. lol!  It is the last one for each family too… so give them space to decide I say! hahaha

I am linking this hand stitching finish to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching HERE <<<

For my HQAL sisters I am linking a finish of HALF of the blocks below for the Crochet Fusion Quilt….

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

This is an exciting time for me with this project…  You can see above in the photo some have crochet surrounding them … well after I do a bit of quilting in the center of each block I will be crocheting the rest to match.  Then when they are all ready to lay out and stitch together will I start this same process on 40 more blocks already cut and waiting to get this far!   I am very serious about making this fusion quilt a reality to enjoy for years to come!

Here is the template I made for marking the stitching lines… the stitching on these will be the same color as the crochet thread… the quilting will be done by machine so not working on this today but later in the week….

 Here is a Coraline doll my bff Jannessa made from scratch for her granddaughter who is 10 now I think…

 She is posed with a sweet little pin cushion Jannessa fashioned for ME!!!  Next time we see each other I should get it 😀

Now here is a completed block below left and my template… made to trace outside the square and inside the diamond for 2 stitching lines in 28 wt aurifil thread on top and bobbin….

What do you think?  Others say those 2 lines of stitching will be enough to hold it together for washings, etc…

If you like this kind of hand embroidery… check out THIS website… right now for a limited time this pattern is free and many are unique… support small businesses when you can ya know!!!

Here is Molly posing for me as she watches for her daddy out the window in his shop.

 And here she is asking to go out and “check” on him ! lol

 He put up the hummingbird feeder as we learn what time of year to start feeding for them here…

And please know… if you feel lonely right now… reach out to someone in your inner circle of friends/ family.  I am blessed to have my honey and our pup during this time.

Please feel free to reach out to me on facebook or here via message below if you would like to converse via text or call or video chat.

Just please… wherever you live… keep on keeping on to whatever your government and area is mentioning to do!  For me it is staying home as much as possible…. so we are!  I would LOVE to make new close friends during this time though so please feel free to reach out to me if you need someone new to chat with 😀

Take care… thanks for visiting… and may God bless YOU!


16 thoughts on “…. And then it was April 2020 – Fun while Staying Home

  1. Gretchen Weaver

    Good morning! I see you've had a lovely week and you have a whole quilt cut and ready to sew. I would probably add a 2nd larger diamond in the center of the square just to make sure there is enough stability. When I add clips to turn my binding, I clip the whole item before I start sewing then just keep sewing. Did you not hand quilt again this week? Have a quiet, peaceful, healthy week! Blessings!


  2. Kim

    Just look at your pretty Julius and Cleopatra. What a delight it must be to stitch on those gorgeous machines. Clean sewing room or messy?? Well…..it starts out tidy but I am afraid after a frenzied stitching session my room rather looks like a bomb has been detonated. It looks as if you have been whipping up a stitching storm in yours. You are certainly making the most of being safe at home.


  3. Kathy S.

    I am a messy, messy quilter. Some days I just keep shoving things off to one side of the desk. My computer is in the same area of my sewing machine. I LOVE the Shelbyville/Lancaster Quilt!!! I have to google that to see a closer view of the pattern. That's a lot of cutting. The fabrics you are using for it are gorgeous.LOL on your long hair. My hair is getting longer and I no longer have bangs to grow out. I'm in a good place with my hair right now. I can pull it back. It's a natural color and I don't have to worry about that either. My husband and son have crazy hair right now. We will patiently wait until my SIL can safely come over and visit. She is still working in a potato chip factory right now. It may be a while before she can come over… a while… But we all need to stay safe.I too put out my hummingbird feeder. I can view it from the window of my sewing machine. Can't wait for visitors. Just keep sewing!


  4. Julierose

    Well, my room is messy when I am in the midst of a big project—-um, or any project really;)); but after I come to a standstill, I clean it up and re-stack fabric, etc–then it'll take me a few days to get started again as I don't want to mess it all up hahahaYou have a lot going on there…We are self-isolating here and I don't mind it really –I tend to be a homebody anyway, and this way I know we are as safe as we can expect to be….~ ~ ~ waving from afar Julierose ;)) stay safe nowP.S. Molly is just adorable…


  5. Chopin - A Passionate Quilter

    Hi Kathi – you are doing a great job! I am a neat nick! Cannot work in a mess, but then I am blessed with a great Studio with an overflow for fabrics in the house. Talk about spoiled. I have finally begun to settle in and try to sew. I worked on OMG yesterday and did accomplish about 4 hours of fun at the machine. Since we have been in the Twilight Zone since New Years Eve, it is nothing new to us, I just have to get my 'quilting desire' back! Have a blessed day! I have one of the 301's also – maybe I will use it one day! LOL


  6. CathieJ

    I can't craft in messy. I have to clean up my sewing area before I can start anything. I love all of your projects. You are definitely keeping busy. My hair is going to be a problem soon too. I have a short layered cut and I was due for a haircut this past week. Oh well, no pictures please…..uh oh, I have to conduct classes via video.


  7. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    I mainly have a neat area but not overly neat if you know what I mean. all of your projects are looking great and Molly cute as can be. I have short layered hair but always trim my bangs myself. I have been know to give myself a little trim on layers now and then but right now have been leaving it alone to see how i would like it longer seeing as I can't go to get it cut – I have a box of hair dye but haven't used it right now as to that too seeing as no one is seeing me I will let it be for now and see what happens. I haven't put out the hummingbird feeders yet, seems too early to me but then I do not always put them out – we always have trouble with ants getting to them as they never seem to hang quite straight and leak a little – I mostly am dealing with staying home ok had a little spell with depression a week ago or was it 5 days ago – I tend to loose track of time right now!! but then got myself together and try to not watch the news too much or read too much on line.


  8. NanaBrown

    Wonderful week of much progress. Can’t thank you enough for binding one of the baby quilts! Asking everyone to please pray these two grand baby’s are born healthy and safe. Both due in July. ❤️


  9. K Reeves

    Thanks for such a lovely post, Kathi! I start neat and often end toward messy, but I've tried to do a better job of picking up and putting away the extras so just the main projects are out. I ❤️ Your fusion plan, 40 blocks at a time. That allows you to quit whenever it's the right size, and no guilt from lots of leftover blocks! As for bindings, I am a pin rotated, both at the machine and during the hand stitching. 🙂


  10. moosecraft

    lol! I watch Mayberry nearly every night on MeTV! It is such a \”mental break\” to today's world (with or without a pandemic, this world is a bit nutty)….I always preferred the \”old fashioned\” way of things. 🙂 Clutter makes me nervous and clumsy, so I try to maintain a neat work area….but not always successful. I will say that you create so many beautiful things in your workspace! 🙂 Amen to your \”safe at home\” pic!


  11. Jill

    ‘Nip it in the Bud’ couldn’t be any more well said than Barney Fife. We are all trying. Lots of Lancaster prep work completed. Pretty fabrics. I prefer a neat sewing area, but while working that isn’t always so. I tidy up the end of the day or it can get out of control real quick at my house. My sewing machine is in the same room as computer. Have a blessed Easter week.



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