Staying At Home in North Carolina ~ Happy Progress this Week!

As me and my honey heal from a sinus infection we got as spring enters our area… we are also practicing quarantining ourselves as our part in this global pandemic we find ourselves in… 
I spend time daily remembering all I have to be grateful for in this world!

As a quilter and specifically a hand quilter and lover of sew many crafts… I am having a blast NOT leaving home…
I am keeping track of quilting and crafting I accomplish in my bullet journal and when I lose track of where I was… I only have to look at this journal which lays open in half as pictured below to keep my train of though and craftiness high and the news intake limited to our President’s updates and a quick run through other news outlets for balance.

I am really happy with this layout on my bullet journal….

With the above layout each day a similar block to write in and future projects I may need to ponder are right there too.. this is my weekly spread now 😀  Yes… you can keep track of sew many things… but I needed something to organize all my works in progress and planned works.  This does that for me.  Maybe this quarantine time is time to pull out an unused notebook or take some leaf paper and make your own self a bullet journal for what YOUR needs are!

We have been enjoying spring like weather since Spring Sprang on the 19th… Alas I woke up this morning chilled and temps in the 40’s so the heat came back on but for the last few days we have enjoyed open windows and doors!  We have screens in all of them and fresh air was an amazing stress cleansing agent too!!!  So in the meantime we took a drive about and my honey took a walk about and caught some great photos of Daisy Meadows (YES ~ We named our property! lol )

 Does anyone know the pink tree in the above photo is??? We love it ❤

 Check out the daffodils next to our grist mill above…

 Above is above side of that pink blossomed tree…

Below is our home from across the pond…

 And the other side of the pond looking down at our neighbor’s barn and check out the reflection of this ancient willow tree!!!  A local bald eagle loves to shop our pond for his meals from that willow tree!

 We are hoping the hostas my honey transplanted last year will take off in this flower bed… it gets some sun but not as much as it looks like…

Molly and I got out the cushions after my honey set up the table and chairs to enjoy the springtime weather….

 I did some stitching outdoors on my fusion quilt crochet squares…

In fact I have made lots of progress there this week…

 I am working on the double pink fabric one now 🙂

Speaking of pinks… look what I found next to my quilting frame this week!!!!  Blooms in MARCH!

 Crazy Christmas Cactus!!!!!  and then Molly and I on the golf cart supervising my honey fixing a pipe.  Lots of work in keeping the pond and fish all happy! lol

I don’t have much to show on the hand quilting front… but I did start this block after finishing the sashing to the left…

Being sick with a sinus cold has slowed down my ability to sit long so I am enjoying jumping from one little project to another while I take antibiotics and prednisone <<< makes me a bit jumpy! lol

Linking my fusion quilt…  buttonhole stitches by hand and this bit of slow stitching done at my frame to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching HERE <<<<

One of the things I have enjoyed A LOT this week is cutting out this intricate pieced briefcase!!!!

Jannessa and I each had picked out fabrics for this project… we plan on having a closed door (through the glass) meeting later today to trade off a few things… she will be picking up all the pieces of this project ready to tart working on… and she will bring me some other things to help me with my briefcase 🙂  These will house our laptops and other things when we make trips in the future!

Be honest if you are working on a new project during this time… isn’t it fun to be forced to use your stash in ways you never dreamed of???!!!!  I am really liking the challenge… and also finding shops open who are willing to mail or do curbside delivery if you have one close…


And a Special shout out to my son and daughter in law who just celebrated 3 years of marriage!  They are EMS in a small county in Tennessee and they are on the front lines!!!

 Also TODAY is my Daughter in Law >> Heather <<<  Happy Birthday!  Isn't she beautiful 😀  She if very kind too!!! I am blessed as is my son ! 🙂

As I close I hope this post has uplifted you… please share how you are getting along during this crazy time in a comment below! 

This Pandemic will touch us all in some small or large way before it is done I am afraid… stay calm cool and collected and stay in your home if possible with only your clan!  Let’s keep the wave flat!!!!


10 thoughts on “Staying At Home in North Carolina ~ Happy Progress this Week!

  1. CathieJ

    I enjoyed the spring pictures of your property. I think that tree is a weeping cherry tree, but I may be wrong. Your fusion squares are looking good. My Christmas cactus hasn't bloomed in years. I had planned on repotting it this year, but….. Happy Birthday to your DIL. Stay healthy and stay safe.


  2. Gretchen Weaver

    The pink tree reminds me of a redbud but I'd need a closer look. Hostas do NOT like direct sunlight so a shady place would be best. How nice your Christmas cactus is blooming again, guess you'd call it an Easter cactus now. Glad you're liking your bullet journal so well. Stay isolated and stay healthy!


  3. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    I agree your pink blossom tree might be a weeping cherry tree but mine is still so very young that I am not sure – I posted a photo of mine a couple days ago with more of a close up if you look at it maybe you will be able to tell if it is the same. Your son and wife look so happy together hope they are able to stay virus free. Glad you are not minding your forced time at home.


  4. Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things

    I believe your tree is a cherry similar to the cherry trees that bloom in Washington DC. If you search them I am sure you will get a lot of great info. I bought a Christmas cactus last Christmas not sure really how to treat it, I guess I need to do more research before I kill it. Looks like you are really enjoying those crochet squares.


  5. Julierose

    I just love that double pink crocheted block–can't wait to see all your lovely blocks together…we are staying at home–just have to go out and try to find a few things tomorrow during the \”early\” opening for seniors at our local Big Y. Trying not to get too anxious as I think we're in this for the long haul…stay safe now, hugs from afar Julierose;)))


  6. Jill

    I am liking your bullet journal. I’m thinking of writing a daily journal regarding the crisis and how it affects family and our daily lives. Mainly, just to keep track of this sad historical time that evolves hourly. Your Spring yard is picture perfect worthy of a calendar page. My guess is that you have a decorative weeping cherry tree. Do the branches droop similar to the shape of an open umbrella? God bless your kids that are on the front line and may they stay well. I am envious that it is warm enough down south that you can stitch outside. Up north, we must wait a bit more.


  7. K Reeves

    Kathi, glad to hear that you are faring well, and enjoying your home time. My days haven't changed much, with the exception of moving my piano lessons on line last week. Tomorrow, however is performances classes (online too😳) then a break which I am really looking forward too. I had hoped to have an outing, but guess that won't be happening! No matter, I have plenty to keep me busy at home, fun and true work! Kick that sinus infection in the teeth and stay healthy!


  8. Kim

    Oh my, the photo of the pond with those lovely blossom trees and your lovely home peeking from behind is such a gorgeous one. A little bit of paradise, if you ask me. Yes, we do have so much to be thankful for. Enjoy your stitching, lovely lady.


  9. Momma Llama

    The tree looks like it could be a Red Bud. Plenty of these trees bloom in Georgia, and we see them at this time of year when we visit family. However, no this year. Staying close to home for precautionary measures. Thank you again for an uplifting post. Stay healthy. Keep being creative.



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