Surreal World… Happy Progress Here !

Hope this blog post I am sharing today brings your joy!
Keeping in mind how things have changed in the last week … all over the world! <<<  Try adding one of the above to your new daily routines as they are forming… a good laugh is sooo nice.
Here I am wishing you well!

 This week I got quite jiggy with working on the crochet quilt… It can also be located by searching the interwebs for “fusion quilt”.

 So I exchanged my 10 buttonhole stitched squares for 10 that need buttonhole sititching…

The buttonhole stitching is the base you crochet onto 🙂
   We will see how many blocks get done THIS week !!!
Linking this hand quilting to my HQAL girlfriends 💖

Hand Quilt Along Links

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

 My other Hand Quilt-ing focus this week included some stitching on Appalachian Delight quilt… above you can see how I am quilting each bearpaw block.. below you can see I am in the 2nd of 4th big blocks from the edge.  Little bites at a time on this quilt y’all!
Linking this progress to Kathy’s Crew of Slow Stitchers at her blog HERE <<<<

But most of the week I spent designing and making this!!!!

 Both Julius the 301 and Cleopatra the 319 got in on this fun… first Julius sewed the top into a top… here is my pattern I fashioned after watching several you-tubers ideas on how to make these best! lol

I used flex foam by Pellon to make it sturdy.. sew in not iron on as I didn’t want any wrinkles left behind!

I backed the foam with this backing fabric I had plenty of … and it suited the interior of sweet Cleopatra’s cover.

Then after pin basting I put on the walking foot and quilted this piece….

 Here it is all put together … waiting on the binding to go around the bottom now 🙂

 And Tah – Dah!!!!

Here is my fave shot of all though….

 And while assembling this was fun… changing the bobbin for another job I realized I WON BOBBIN CHICKEN!!!! YAY 👌

 Bullet Journaling update….

 Here is last weeks journaling above… and how I changed it just a bit for this week…
I like this layout y’all!  Keeps me accountable when I lose my momentum 😀

As we go through this next week… make to to video chat or facetime safely with all your fave people..  be safe and stay healthy.  And thanks for stopping by my blog to fill your time 😀


13 thoughts on “Surreal World… Happy Progress Here !

  1. Jill

    The opening list of things not cancelled is excellent! Sewing machine cover is over-the-top! The change in your journaling appeals to me. It's all visible at a glance. Good job!


  2. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    yes i like your opening list of things not cancelled also – some are thinking it is the end of life as we know it and this too shall pass. maybe it is easy for us that create as we know how to keep busy and have a stash of supplies to keep us busy


  3. Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things

    Your sewing machine cover is really wonderful! The winding of the bobbin is the one thing that I struggle with on older machines. I wish I could put those bobbins on my Viking. I can wind those without unthreading the needle so I guess I am spoiled. Tom and I have been out for our daily walks and going outside in the sunshine was one of the practices that was done during the 1918 pandemic. Watched the documentary on that this week and it was just horrible. Quarentine was not something they knew about and it really made the spread unbelievable.


  4. K Reeves

    Yes, it is a new world in some ways! I am going to use your not cancelled for my email to my students….and add Piano lessons NOT cancelled to it of course. We are going online this week, but I think the parents will be glad to have something for their kids to do. Should school be out longer than a week here, I am going to try doing some extra activities on line to help keep a schedule. We'll see how that develops!Your projects this week are just wonderful! Love the machine cover, just too perfect with your decor, and I will always love that bear paw quilt. :P. Stay well and keep smiling!


  5. Julierose

    Lovely projects–I really like that \”fusion\” idea–will you make this a big crochet quilt? More crochet than fabric squares or…I am so fascinated by this can't wait to see what you do.thanks for the \”positive\” statements…hugs, Julierose


  6. Denise :)

    I just adore your machine cover; very clever!! Your squares are fun, too! Great message … there's still LOTS of things that we CAN do! Let's focus on the positives!! 🙂


  7. Quilter Kathy

    Love the \”not cancelled list\”… thanks for sharing that… gratitude is everything!That sewing machine cover is awesome!I want to make one, but it won't be that fancy at all.Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!


  8. Kathy S.

    Your machine cover looks great. I like the handle on it. Yes, being positive and upbeat is a great way to be. Happy stitching. Your hand stitching looks great too.


  9. Kim

    I did smile at all the things that have not been cancelled…just wonderful! Love your sewing machine cover. Love too, that pretty valance on your window. Did you sew that, perchance??



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