March 8 ~ Daylight Savings Time << And sew much to share!!!

Happy Sunday my Quilty Crafty FUN friends !!!  Today do not forget if you are in a region that changes time like I am in North Carolina, USA… 
I am sew glad you stopped in for a visit this week!  I have a lot to share so grab a cuppa something good and let’s chat!
First some eye candy for you…
I am in a facebook group for 9 patch making… haven’t started my project yet.. I will be using a future quilt for this group 😀 THIS LOVELINESS is from a member of that group … she made this all herself!  Now to quilt it 😀
Hope y’all remember me making some lovely wall hangings for my great friend Holli Jo?!!  Well this week we were chatting as she had just returned home from a long winter visit with her dad… she shared these photos of wall hangings I made for her last year…

 I am blowing this one up for you …

Doesn’t her cutting table look sew wonderful topped with that banner… she has some neat gadgets and holders of her gadgets too ❤

My honey got jiggy with his hands and craftsmanship and figured a way to hang this very heavy fixture on a wall with no support boards behind it… mount it to a board then mount to the studs wherever they are!!!!  LOOK 😀

We bought that fixture a couple weeks ago at a thift shop for $25! YAY us 🙂
Most of this week I have found my mind wandering to these little blocks though and doing button hole stitching around them… until I ran out of prepared blocks to button hole stitch!!! OH NO!!!

 I had 20 completed and even 3 or 4 have crochet added to that button hole stitch in those in my “done” pile.  I have 80 blocks total cut in pairs and ready to make into blocks… 20 of those are in process so why not throw 20 more into processing… so me and Julius my 301 decided to take on the task…

 I sewed the 6″ blocks right side together with a bit of batting for the center.  Once I sewed around all but a small opening I trimmed close to the stitching and clipped the corners near the stitching on the 45 degree angle… I flipped and pressed them then hand stitched that little opening closed….

 Once all the little openings were closed I top stitched a hefty 1/4″ in all around each block to hold them all square and prep them for the button hole stitching 🙂

 Soon I had marked 20 dots per side plus the corner diagonal…

That is the correct set up Connie, my bestie who designed the crochet for this block decided…

Soon I was onto another … my little embroidery scissors accurately trimming threads…

 This morning I was happy to take a photo of 4 button hole stitched blocks for y’all!

I am using this crochet thread in size 10 for the button hole stitching and the crochet…

 In the end I will have something like this Crochet Quilt but more colorful because I am using rich colors in my fabrics…

I am linking all this button hole stitching to Kathy’s Quilts Sunday Stitching Link up… I do all the button hole and crochet by hand… she even chats about how therapeutic knitting is today HERE <<<
Of other importance this week … has been focusing a bit on hand quilting Appalachian Delight…

 I still have the inner bear paw on the right here below to stitch on… then it is to the sashing 😀

 I am doodling and keeping up with daily journaling in my bullet journal…

 I was using the manila colored paper below and transitioned into my bullet journal this week for first of March…

 I have changed it a bit for this week… ditching my layout above and trying this layout to give me more room to write about progress…

 I already am looking forward to this 🙂

High on my priority list in the sewing room is designing a dust cover for each of my 2 daily used vintage sewing machines…

 HERE <<< is a link to this online article with free helpful hints and a pattern to make the one above.

I like to get ideas online then do my own thing… so here is Cleopatra’s beginning…

 And below here I am pondering the pillow cover that is worn .. using as a pocket on the front to memorialize it in a seldom used pocket like the sample one has 🙂

 We tried a box of Jiffy blueberry muffin mix … looked lame until the blueberries were fully expanded and bubbling at the end of the cooking time… yummy!!!

 This week I have really followed Bonnie’s advice…

 Do you take time to just follow your heart sometimes???  I love when life slows down enough for me to !!!  Have a wonderful week and thanks for visiting!


8 thoughts on “March 8 ~ Daylight Savings Time << And sew much to share!!!

  1. Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things

    Your friends sewing area is cute that banner is so darling. I can't wait to see as you stitch your blocks together by crocheting them together. Should be fun! I agree with Bonnie sometimes we spend too much time overthinking and not going for it. Tom and I have been watching a couple of You tube Their channel is the The pure life. Definitely overthinkers!


  2. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    the crochet blocks will look great with that color thread you show for the crochet part – that off white almost beige well give it an antique look I think – how large is it going to be? Nothing better than blueberry muffins whether they come from a box or scratch!! Your hand quilting progress is going great.


  3. Little Penpen

    It’s been a busy week here with no sewing. I am looking forward to a breath of relaxation today. I’ve never tried jiffy blueberry mix, but I like their corn muffins. My favorite muffin mixes are Krusteaz. They are all good… my favorite is orange cranberry. You’ve been busy… looks like a good week in western NC.


  4. Jill

    More lovely crochet blocks. Good job on keeping up with journaling. Doodling is a good thing, although I never make the time for it. Did you know Jiffy mixes are from Michigan. Our favorite is the corn muffin. A kindly suggestion is to add blueberries to the corn muffin mix. Many do.


  5. Kim

    Oh yes, overthinking things is disastrous. =) Your friend's sewing room is lovely isn't it. Those blocks of yours are going to look lovely all crocheted together. You did a great job with the blanket stitch. Enjoy fashioning the sewing machine covers.



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