Happy March Y’all!

I am just giddy that March is here… I have enjoyed winter … but Spring… OH MY!!!!

You see we are still seeing THIS …..


 A look back toward where the above pic was taken… Rick is doing this on the golf cart to test out how it handles on snow…

This tree we call the “popsicle tree”… not sure of it’s type but it held this wet snow well!

 Here is a photo Rick took of the flag in front of our home…

We loved this photo of the flag flying…

 Even the cabin we keep an eye on for the owner got a scenic view!!!!

We even made a video of Rick doing donuts in the yard… on our golf cart that actually traveled on the snow quite nicely!!!!  I tried to add the video here but Blogger doesn’t like it! lol

So besides enjoying Mother Nature’s last hurrah of winter…. I have done some journal keeping and quite a bit of sewing too ❤

working on the base stitching layer of the crochet blocks to be…

Sew when I have the chocolate and purple block done… there is just 1 more block and then I can look in the bag and dig in the closet to find the rest!!!  I can’t remember if I have more ready 😀  I play these games though so that I will see FIRST if I can stay consistent with a project…

Today I may focus on these little squares.  I may ALSO spend some time at my frame though too!!!

Look at this cool shot I took as I stitched this week….

And >> I rolled Appalachian Delight yesterday… I took this photo before rolling to share my progress…

and this close up…

 And this view here looks GREAT rolled down some doesn’t it ❤

The snow made it very bright through the windows so I cropped most of that brightness out! lol
Linking this rolling progress to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching gang HERE <<<  Come visit her blog and see all the benefits hand stitching can do for you too ❤

I am also pondering a new quilt … it won’t be ready for quilting for a while!

Here is the layout….

 It has 72 snowballed blocks and 71 pieced blocks… all the white centers will be ivory…

I am going to you 2 layer cakes… I need to get 1 but have the other…

The one I have is this one here…

 The one I think I want to add for it’s medium tones is this in a layer cake….

 The great news is after some quick calculations I did buy enough of the background fabric… 6 yards and I need 5 for this quilt! whew!!!!

So I won’t be starting this yet… but you will see the Shelbyville~Lancaster Quilt starting soon here 🙂

I have straightened my sewing room so that I could use the cutting mat and cut out & made some reusable cloth dish towels made to be used in place of paper towels… I like them but don’t love the way I made them… I will make some this week and share that photo… but me and Jannessa bought some toweling and now I need to make some proper used rags from it that coordinate with our kitchen and look presentable too.  I will say what I made cleans and washes well though!

Molly has adopted this chair with this quilt in it to nap on when we are in the kitchen… she is soo cute!

 Here is a great shot of sweet Ellie….

 Here is some placemats that I desperately need a plan for quilting…

And now I bid you adieu… I hope you have a great first week of March and don’t forget….

Have a blessed week… Lion or Lamb 😀


12 thoughts on “Happy March Y’all!

  1. NanaBrown

    Love your progress on the Appalachian Delight! So beautiful😍. Love the snow pics! Mother Nature may not be done with winter. We can have big snows in March and even April. The blizzard of ‘93 was in March. It was a doozy!


  2. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    quilting is going great! I hope all that snow melts fast for you and the flowers start to poke out of the ground. I am always so happy to see that happen – I guess I'm just not a winter person I love to sit outside in warm temperatures and just listen to nature I guess.


  3. Deb A

    Beautiful scenic shots. I love your new home in the mountains. Pretty hand quilting as usual – I have that stencil I think! I'm curious on the towels. The kids were asking about changing to use reusable napkins instead of paper. I'm looking into that but you have me curious on the paper towels. Care to share the pattern?


  4. Gretchen Weaver

    Your quilting is bring AD to live! The fabrics are so lovely in the new quilt you have planned. Hope you can think of a good quilting design. I'd probably just stipple them and call them done. Have a great week of sewing and quilting!


  5. Kim

    Just look at your Ellie in those cool glasses…doesn't she look cool! Love your popsicle tree. =) Very, very soon those bare trees at your place will soon be sporting green leaves; how exciting. Love the design of the new quilt you are pondering. Your Appalachian Delight is a vision. I always think you have the prettiest outlook when you are quilting, Kathi.



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