Appalachian Delight Progress!!!

I saw the above image on Facebook.. she looks like me as a child before I grew up, had kids, and turned silver haired! lol  In all actuality I did hand work as a child starting with counted cross stitch from age 6 or 7 I think! I had ever the nice collection then of dmc threads to do my cross stitch with.  I didn’t find quilting until 2011!!! 

How about you? 
When did you start hand crafting and what was your first way to craft??

I am having so much fun keeping track of my crafty and quilty adventures in my journal… and the pre-assembled pages… soon I will have it all in my journal book… that is the goal anyway

For instance because of my list of started but not focused on projects on my list above… was the crochet quilt… I worked on this block this week and finished the button hole stitch up on this one and pulled out another to work on…

 Then it was Valentine’s Day!  Happy Valentine’s to all you that celebrate such a holiday 🙂

 We celebrated with sweet little gifts.. and a trip to Franklin, NC.  I made Rick this shirt he had been patiently waiting for me to make…

 Here is a close up of the v neck and pocket detail I added with Cleopatra my 319w Singer.

 I got me a couple new shirts on a clearance sale… the one in the back is actually embroidered!!!!

 While in Franklin we went into a thrift shop and found 10 plates we really loved…

 Here is the label on the back of the plates we found…

In looking to see if we could buy others like these plates to have a full set we found they were a bit pricey to buy otherwise! lol  So if we ever need money we could sell our new china!!!  We paid $5 for these 10 plates!!!!  lol

I worked all week and rolled the quilt on Thursday morning…

 I marked the outer border on the left side…

 Soon that was filled with dark burgundy perle 12 cotton thread & the lines were spritzed away!

 Here is my focus on the 2nd area of 6 areas across I will be quilting…

 And here you can see the overview of my quilting progress and where I will be today … happily slow sitching…

 And with that I will link this content of this post to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching HERE <<<  Come see the wonderful pattern she is working on today and even an Australian link as to where to buy  the pattern too ❤

I hope your tribe, like mine, is secure for you!  I hope that you know you are awesome too ❤  Ellie received her quilt later this past week and loves it already her parents say!  I am sew blessed 😀


10 thoughts on “Appalachian Delight Progress!!!

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    I think your quilt on the frame looks really pretty. I made clothes, crocheted, cross stitch and painted when I was a teenager. Then I made my first quilt when I was 23 and none after that for at least 5 years. I used to make stain glass windows and lamps in my 20's and don't know how many little cuts on my fingers from that work. Then I went back to quilting in my 30's and stayed with it along with the embroidery and yarn crafts occasionally. Never got back to stain glass – glass can be expensive and you need an exclusive place to work with it.Your shirts look cute and the one you made looks like it turned out fine. Love your white plates – I recently got rid of all my heavy ceramic dinner ware that was becoming chipped in places and got lightweight off white corelle ware. So easy to pick up a stack of dishes now and know you must likely won't drop from the weight as they are so very light and yet strong


  2. Deb A

    Love the quilt on the frame and the quilting. I have never made clothes. They intimidate me! I took home ec in 7+8th grade and made a teddy bear and an ice cream sunday pillow on the machine. I started quilting after college at the age of 19 to make myself a quilt for my bed. 28 years of quilting and for the past few years I am trying to learn something new each year or try new techniques… like hand quilting, hand piecing, applique, curves, etc. There is alway something new to learn.


  3. Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things

    Love seeing your quilting stitches. I started with embroidery at about 6 years old. Then my sister and I learned to crochet and knit. I learned to sew in a home echo class in high school. I took beginning quilt making class in the early 80s made one quilt and didnt seriously quilt till the early 2000s once my kids were in college


  4. Karla (ThreadBndr)

    My mom was a knitter and I learned to knit so early that I don't remember learning – about 4 or 5, I think. I can remember spending all my allowance at the little yarn store a block from the school LOL. I started embroidery early, too. But wasn't as enthusiastic about it as I was with knitting. And since my grandmother and great aunts all quilted, I knew all the steps of quilting. I learned to sew in 4H with my grandmother as a mentor; she taught me on her Featherweight Singer. Garment sewing was huge for me all thru 4H (I went all the way to the couture level with the hand stitched structure on a wool women's suit – of PLAID no less. I actually won a regional competition with one of my formals = I still own the sewing machine that was the grand prize. I am so grateful for the women in my life that taught me textiles and cooking. Love you mom, and grandma.


  5. Jill

    Writing things down does help one stay on track and focused. You are doing a good job journaling. My first interest in needlework was when Santa brought a kit with a wooden spool with nails on the end and a skinny crochet hook. I recall making a tube-like something or other. Don't know what it was called. Love the quilt style you chose for the sashing. Very nice work!


  6. Julierose

    the first craft I was taught, by my Grand-mere, was knitting at age 5; then embroidery of all kinds…the rest I've picked up by reading mostlyand now watching YouTubers…Neat plates–isn't it amazing how prices have risen;000Hugs, Julierose


  7. Little Penpen

    You have been a busy little bee! The quilting looks so pretty. Good score on the plates! I would like to have a white set. I’ve had a needle in my hand since I was a little girl, too. My great grandma helped me to make my first sewing kit and she taught me basic crochet. So far, none of my girls seem interested! 😌


  8. Gretchen Weaver

    The quilting looks so great, love it! My mother taught me to embroider when I was 6. In home-ec in junior high, I made a green corduroy jumper. I used to do a lot of clothes construction and was really thrilled when I finally had a daughter. I made quilts throughout the years, mainly with embroidered blocks. Back in 2006 when the last child left home, I really got into quilts and haven't looked back since. I'm having so much fun! EPP and hand applique are 2 new crafts I've learned in the last 15 years.


  9. CathieJ

    I started cross-stitching and crocheting when I was about 12. I haven't stopped since then. No one in my family except for a distant aunt did any kind of handwork. I haven't been able to interest my children either. I started my first quilt when I got married 35 years ago.I am enjoying watching your quilting progress. I love those classic plates and your t-shirts. I am about to go clearance shopping myself.


  10. Kim

    If I sold all of my china, why I would be a millionaire! I love the sweet picture at the beginning. As a child I was always creating, though didn't start sewing on the sewing machine until I was married…when my husband bought me a sewing machine as a wedding present. Me and it became the very best of friends. Those shirts are fabulous and as ever your quilting is coming along beautifully.



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