Sew much to share this week y’all!

Welcome All!  Hope you have had as fun a week as we have had here at Daisy Meadows!!!

I saw this wood sticker with this saying on it and isn’t life just like this I thought!!!  I feel like this is me … wandering around life and finally finding the right direction to go in.  Finally!

 Last week a sweet lady sent me the complete and uncut pattern for several sizes of raggedy Ann & Andy!  I was thrilled to receive such a sweet offering from one sewist to another !!!
I purchased raggedy fabrics then too!!!  We have some rick rack but needed some inspiration… We is me and Jannessa.. she is a doll maker already and making Raggedy’s is something we think we can rock for our grands to enjoy!!! YAY 😀

I found the PERFECT no bleed pen at my local Dollar General for under $2!  I was so stoked 🙂

 So here is all I have gathered from stash and buying for this little bullet journal experiment and can it keep me more organized that I already am and will I use it ???

 Remember this sweet pair of stork scissors I shared last week??? 

Well I commissioned my scissor dangle friend on Etsy to make me a new dangle or fob for these little scissors…

 I could not be MORE pleased!!!!  she did an awesome job… Amethysts are special to me anyway and the smooth purple beads are charoite she said & then she threw in some swarovski crystals… delightful!!!!  😀

I saw this panel for sale on a facebook sales page… someone was offering it for sale.  I did research but it was gone by the time I decided it would have been a good deal with the coordinating fabrics added in…

 After doing further research this panel is 24 x 36… that is big for a wall hanging… my honey is pure and true a John Deere fan but he doesn’t use blankets and quilts except at bedtime… so I couldn’t make it into anything I can think of besides a wall hanging… we have no real estate in his outdoor spaces for this fabric type item… any ideas ??? 

Then I saw this cute idea… a large picture frame with chicken wire in it…

 How awesome!!!!!

That got me in a decorating mood…

 I updated this photo of me and Connie to the one we took last month… and put it on my collage wall my honey fixed me 🙂

 As for the Beads Table Runner placemat …

WE LOVE IT!!!!  Taking almost a week to sew that binding on was ridiculous but worth every minute of work … this one is now OUR FAVORITE!!!

Since I was on sabbatical from hand quilting over the last couple weeks… I decided Ellie needed to get her a Play Quilt… Her parents had asked for one feeling the baby quilt I made her was too precious to be a play quilt I asked last week for some ideas with this fabric bundle…
 Here the fat quarter bundle laid out to see…

 And here is the lattice quilt design that stole my heart as I was searching for something fun and fast…

 I made my squares 8 1/2″ and made my sashings 2″ wide and about 14″ long to be long enough…

 I pinned judiciously middle and each end to keep the bias from stretching as I sewed the blocks…

 And look how nice!  This technique was seen on the blog I photoed above but I went to the MSQC tutorial for key points on construction of the quilt…

 I made mine 6 across and 6 down and bordered with a bit thinner white floater border…

 Then I pin basted it to some white polar fleece… it ended up about 53″ square for me before washing!

Then I left Julius my 301 and went to Cleopatra my 319W for machine quilting…

 Cleopatra has a nice big harp and made this job fun once the pattern was decided on… thanks Connie!

 In just over a day of machine quilting (fast for me!!!) I was making the victory lap of basting around the edges… I wanted to add the binding to the back and wrap to the front and zig zag it onto the front…

 And I did it!!!! YAY 😀

 Here is Elliana’s Play Quilt in under a week to complete!  It is now boxed up to ship to her parents this week!!!

 Here is the label I wrote with a Pentel Gel Fabric Pen I got from Amazon.

Along with my label too ❤

All the while I was quilting we have had quite the weather here in sw North Carolina!  SNOW…

 And look at this pic my honey got!!!!

 I started the week entering a pic in my journal…

And ended the week with a page in my journal outlining the steps of this quilt project… not all are the same though!  I hope to streamline this process through bullet journaling 🙂

 Finally, yesterday afternoon my sabbatical completed and I returned to the quilt frame!!!!

Here is a close up of my stitching in the ditch around each half square triagle down there…

 And here is a backed off view.. I plan to finish this block today and move to the last block bottom in this row…. Linking this slow stitching return to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching Link Up HERE <<<  she has some interesting conversation going on over there today!

 Are you all my kind of crazy I wonder??? lol 

I bet you are if you made it this far in this post 😀

Until next Sunday…


9 thoughts on “Sew much to share this week y’all!

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    I already have forgotten about the folder with a calendar and an area for list that I started at the beginning of the year – good luck on your bullet list – I guess my blog takes care of all my tracking. Your granddaughter's play quilt turned out great and I hope they let her get a lot of enjoyment out of it and not save it for special. Love your snow pics.


  2. Jill

    All that snow made for great indoor stitching time. You certainly took advantage and were quite productive! Love Elliana's quilt. Happy journaling!


  3. Gretchen Weaver

    The play quilt is so pretty made with such happy fabrics. I think it's just as nice as the first quilt. For my babies, I just laid a sheet on the floor to play on. It was large and easily washed and dried. Have a great week of sewing and quilting!



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