Lots of Progress to share on this last Sunday of January 2020!

Lots to share today y’all!  Starting out … I spied this pic of my sweet grand daughter on Facebook on Friday as Elliana celebrated 8 months old!!!!

 And Saturday we woke up to SNOW!!!!!

 Yes it was also overcast most all day until afternoon… we live near the Nantahala National Forest.  Nantahala is Native American and means “land of the midday sun” well that is most usually true for us… the afternoons get sunny …. not always the morning times! lol

I worked on the curtains a bit this week for our bedroom.  I am using this fabric seen close up and sideways from how it hangs in the pics below for the cafe curtain…

 And here it is on the window…

 Here is a better view of it without competing with the bit of light coming in the window too…

 I also started early in the week on cutting out the black border fabric from the backing with some special scissors I borrowed from my friend Jannessa… I will be getting me my own pair now that I have used them though! lol

 So now the rooster still needs the eye put on before layering but will soon be in my PVC hoop to hand quilt!  I am planning to quilt it all by hand now that I have spent more time with him.  Any ideas for the rooster itself???  Color of thread or design is greatly appreciated!

 I found this vintage pattern online but can’t find a reasonably priced pattern to buy.  However the pic may work to decide how to make my raggedy Ann a new dress to match the deep blue of the pants her new mate Andy is wearing!

Here are my Raggedy Couple….
I am most proud of my hand quilting progress this week though… I am linking this progress to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitchers HERE <<<  Take time today to slow down and do something fun  you enjoy with no pressure!!!   
Monday I rolled the Appalachian Delight quilt after finishing the stitching on the outer border on Sunday evening…

 I quickly filled in the quilting to the right of the first block shown here…

 And focused on quilting in the ditch on the HST inner border and the sashing and cornerstones too…

 All this close quarters stitching is made possible with my awesome thimbles!!!  The metal one is a Clover brand one that is open and adjustable but stays sized as desired.  And the green one has a small bit of stretch to it to stretch onto my thumb… it is made by Dritz…

Both are available at Amazon if big box stores are not near you 🙂

I thought I would be marking this design in the wide sashing with chalk so I had purchased a new Allary brand Chalk Cartridge with chalk for under $10 at Amazon… instead my handy blue wash away markers showed up on the burgundy fabric!!!! YAY 😀

 Here is a close up of the bear in the cabin block I designed … a variation of the bear claw.  I am excited to roll the quilt later this week and start stitching on these blocks… I have so many ideas floating around about HOW to stitch on them to enhance the design best… I don’t know what will wind up happening… if you recall I had thought I would use a stencil but in the ditch surrounding each bear claw has won out… now to decide on inside the bear claw blocks!

 You can see better in this photo… I am halfway across the quilt already… so if I have a low key week otherwise… I should be rolling mid week or so…

In Kathy’s post she shows how she binds her minky backed quilts… I love  her technique… I will be binding a minky backed quilt for Jannessa later this week or next week… I am excited to work on this for her and to experience minky as I have shied away from using it!  It may be fun though!!!!

I had a check up with my doctors this week and got good reports from both of them!  Yippee !!!

February I will be starting an official bullet journal for sewing and quilting and other creative adventures I have thoughts of in 2020… I am loving these sheets I am making…

But want to take it further.  So we will see!

My thought this week is to be real… be genuine … BE YOURSELF … others may be more willing to be themselves around you too!

So until next week when February will finally be here and the long month of January will be behind us… take care !!!


12 thoughts on “Lots of Progress to share on this last Sunday of January 2020!

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    you have gotten a bit done – love seeing your little granddaughter with her quilt. So sweet. Your curtains turned out just as you wanted them I see. Love your snow – we have not gotten any this year other than sleet to cover the ground briefly and then the ice last week. The quilt is looking good and your design is suiting it and fitting in the space really well


  2. Little Penpen

    Your granddaughter is so cute and growing so fast!! I love seeing your quilt behind her in the photo. Your curtains turned out great and your quilting is coming along nicely! What were the special scissors that Janessa has? I really like your hexie rooster. I remember not getting enough sunshine in the mountains!! My vit D levels were low and winters were hard for me there! Enjoy your snow!!


  3. Gretchen Weaver

    AD looks great! So much fun to quilt in the blocks now. I have no idea's about the rooster but I'm sure it will talk to you somehow. Yeah for a clean bill of health! It's so nice you have a good friend close by to share your love of quilting/sewing together. Happy Stitching!


  4. Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things

    Look at you with all those thimbles on! I remember the days you said you just couldn't use a thimble. You've come a long way and your stitches look awesome. Not sure about how to quilt the chicken but I would keep in mind they have feathers and maybe just stitching lines or zig zags to mimick the direction the feather might go. I am sure you will come up with something fantastic!


  5. Jill

    Hi Kathi, Such a cute granddaughter! Such a relief to hear good news from docs. The curtains came out nice and full that allow both privacy and natural daylight. When a warm spring day arrives, they should flutter in the breeze as you desired. For a rooster idea, may I suggest you look at quilted roosters online.



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