Feeling Good as we Settle into 2020!

 I hope you are enjoying 2020 so far… if not for strange weather all over the world… then for the little things…

 Molly got a new toy for Christmas belatedly and has adopted it as her favorite.. it was a gift from Jannessa poodle Max who is also Molly boyfriend! >>> whoo <<<

 Molly loves snuggling a quilt too… this is one I hand quilted last year and it is a throw I thought I would use to cover my feet but I haven’t adopted it as much as Molly has! lol

I am doing well keeping up with my 2 week calendar of craftiness.  This is week 3 here since I started this… I am enjoying it and going to morph this into a bullet journal around Valentines.

 If you weren’t here last week… I started a new quilt in the frame that I had pieced this past spring/summer time…

Appalachian Delight is a spin on a bear paw block… since we live near where bear roam! lol

Early in the week I made it from the middle of this quilt to the end area…

 Here is a closer up of this end …

 On the right lower corner I chain stitched my initials and the year on the quilt… I enjoy doing this.. I will also add a label but this secures the maker of this one! 🙂

 So I went from right bottom to left bottom… so now I am pondering how the left bottom corner looks…

 Here is it finished and with navy thread 1/4″ away from the inner border of half square triangles.

the blue markings are water soluble and spritz away easily with a water bottle… I get my blue pens from Amazon and they come in a pack of 10 and look like this 
made by Leonis….

 Here is a look at my frame from further back… I hope to finish this pass this week 🙂

Linking this hand quilting update to my HQAL below…
Do go visit the rest of our group! There are some extremely talented people in this group, and the variety is wonderful! There’s hand quilting, embellishment, hand piecing and applique!

And to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching where lots of folks come and show off a whole host of hand done projects.. come see right HERE and think about linking something up yourself ❤
I saw this unique hand quilting done in perle cotton threads in a facebook group I am in .. does this inspire you to want to think outside the box more in your quilting journey??? It sure does me!!!

 We have this unique case and Singer Sewhandy from the late 1940’s for sale at the moment…

I got the last piece of furniture that my sewing room will need…

 Here is a wide view of the room….

I love this room… it sparks my creativity A LOT!!!  Does your creative space in your home spark your creativity??

Speaking of creativity….

 My honey’s fish vendor cart found a home in the living room…. We love it’s new home 🙂  Thanks for all the feedback last week on that too ❤

I finally got around to making the top valance with swags for our bedroom…

 but it needs some shortening….

 I pulled out my border book and pondered this bead chain pattern for a interested table runner for the early part of the year for our kitchen bar….  I (of course) have to make it difficult for myself by choosing a different size than Donna showed in THIS video on  youtube about this technique… in case you wanna check out the vid.

So now I will bid you farewell and hope your days are enjoyed mostly…

 Have a blessed week ahead 🙂


16 thoughts on “Feeling Good as we Settle into 2020!

  1. Gretchen Weaver

    I'm so going to enjoy watching your progress on Applachian Delight! This is a beautiful quilt and is a definite project on my someday list. Sometimes it takes me years to start a quilt but that's ok! Your sewing room looks cozy, happy stitching!


  2. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    that is a lovely quilt – I'm sure you can probably get all the way across the border this week. I like how you put your initials or name in the corner as you quilt.hope you didn't get any of the bad weather a day or so after we did I saw it was all moving east and not dissipating.


  3. Little Penpen

    I love that you have a new quilt in the frame already!! I have to re-callous each time I start quilting again. 😂. Love your sewing room and your new cabinet. Your room is SO neat!! Your valance looks great!!


  4. CathieJ

    Wow, you are quilting that quite quickly. I love your craft room. I want to make my daughter's former bedroom into my craft room. I will keep most of the furniture and use it for storage and just wheel my sewing table in. When guests come, I can wheel it out….I hope.Your room gives me some inspiration.


  5. Kim

    Aww…look at your sweet Molly with her new favourite toy and sitting on that pretty quilt. Appalachian Delight is looking lovely. Loving the blue stitching.


  6. Susan

    The quilt is beautiful! Congratulations on being on a new one. I'd love to see the chair you use when you are quilting. I used to have a comfortable low chair so I didn't have to bend so much, but that's been gone a while. Not sure where I should go next!


  7. Denise :)

    Your Appalachian Delight is amazing! I just recently did my first hand quilting with perle cotton, which is interesting in and of itself! But what's been done with the sun face is fabulous!! I love it when the box is broken open!! 🙂


  8. Jill

    Yes, settling in the new year. It’s already off to a quick start. It must feel good to have quilt frame filled again. How nice to have a dedicated craft room which you have made cute & cozy. Enjoy stitching on Appalachian Delight!



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