Welcoming 2020 and Filling up the Empty Quilt Frame!

Finally got to see my bestie on January 1, 2020!!!!

But before I get into that… let’s back up to Sunday the 29th….

I spent all day Sunday Slow stitching and early Monday morning finished it all up!!!

Leaving my frame empty!

 I made Connie and her daughters and grands these cute little mug rugs too!  She liked them 😀

 I used Messenger photo app to take this cute photo on New Years Eve….

And snapped one last photo of our Christmas tree from this year…

and fell asleep long before midnight… excited for the trip the next day!!!
I think we are both equally excited!!!

 My honey got the “fish vendor cart” we had bid on in a silent auction in the town where Connie lives… but the auction wasn’t over until the Friday after we left last fall… so she has been taking good care of this cute item my honey and I were totally enamored with 🙂

Above are photos of it in our kitchen with and without the canopy… which do you like???
Below is a close up of it with a puzzle we use as framed art behind it 🙂  It has rubber tires and a real chain and moving the pedals moves the wheels.. very unique and exquisite we think!!!
Now back from the trip it was time to make the BIG DECISION!!!!
Do I try to load a quilt I have started from the center (for followers this is the Garden Bouquet Wholecloth Quilt) that could well take 6 months to finish or do I load a quilt I finished this past summer that has been waiting in line with everything in the house I needed to load said quilt…

 The above quilt I donned the name Appalachian Delight quilt… using blocks called Bear in the Cabin that I did a tutorial on last year if you are interested in those bear claw variation blocks…

 Above is a close up of the stencils I plan to use throughout this quilt… and below is a wide shot showing how wide the outer border is and those beautiful mitered corners too!

 This is the pattern that goes on that wide boder… fits perfect and that was NOT planned 🙂

 The backing is shown here and is wideback I purchased from an online company that went with the vibe of the front…

 Here is my first corner to finish up close…

 And here is all I have gotten stitched as I have enjoyed getting into a routine with this one…

 My initials and the date are done in navy perle cotton in chain stitching… the rest is in burgundy hand quilting on the taupe and white fabric.

Linking this exciting chain of slow stitching events to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching HERE <<<
She is not feeling great today so come give her a visit and leave a healing comment for her!  No fun being sick.  She is also sharing some cool stories on her post plus there are other linkers sharing their stories too!!!

Then yesterday as I stitched… IT SNOWED here!!!!

 We got a couple inches … covering all that grass in the end… and a mud slide occurred too on the road not far from our home… salt trucks were out last night and this morning the grass was visible through the snow so no issues should be found… just joy with the snow!!!

I started sewing on some curtains for our bedroom and my good bloggy friend Jill has lent her help to aid me  along the way!  The excitement of a new quilt on the frame leaves me not much to show but that they are ready to sew together 😀 lol!

 I have been using my 2 week organizer almost every day since I started and am really loving the accountability of it… are you organizing your days for 2020???

 Check out my new blog header and closing … and have a blessed 2020!


12 thoughts on “Welcoming 2020 and Filling up the Empty Quilt Frame!

  1. Little Penpen

    When I first saw the fish vendor cart in your previous post, I thought it was life sized. I wondered what Rick was gonna do with it. 😂 I love it where you displayed it and yes, I think it needs the canopy for the full effect! Love it!! Congrats! On the quilt finish, looking forward to seeing the next one evolve. Thanks again for my goodies that you sent! I’m enjoying the book a lot.


  2. CathieJ

    I was going to vote for the whole cloth quilt, but I do love the start you have made on Appalachian Delight. I like Rick's fish cart with the canopy, but it does block that pretty puzzle art.


  3. Gretchen Weaver

    I agree, the fish cart definitely needs the canopy on it. I too thought it was full sized, wondered how you were going to get it in the trunk! Looking forward to seeing the progress on A-Delight. Happy Stitching this week!


  4. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    I too thought the fish cart was bigger in the first photo LOL – it looks good where it is except for blocking the art on the wall – can the table be moved to one side a little? whatever you decide it will be good. I love the photo of you and Connie and the quilt made between the two of you – it looks great – now Connie binds her quilt I believe – you did a good job on it.I had hoped you would put the wholecloth on the frame but this is a good one to follow along with also.


  5. Quilter Kathy

    Loved the photo of the two of you and the finished Swoon quilt… such an amazing accomplishment! The photo of the empty quilt frame was sad, so I was relieved that you put another in right away and got quilting on something new!


  6. K Reeves

    The fish vender cart is amazing! Congrats on the Swoon finish. Your new project looks beautiful, I'm looking forward to following this one too! Here's to a 2020 filled with joy!


  7. NanaBrown

    The fish bender cart is so detailed it is easily mistaken for a full size. I love it with the canopy! I will enjoy watching the progress on the new quilt! Happy 2020! Sew much fun Ahead!



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