Getting close to a Finish Here on Swoon!

This Christmas week has been one of my favorites as an adult y’all!!

And I have been an adult a LOOONG time!lol

Last Sunday I showed you this pic… just rolling to the last row of this Swoon Quilt…

 And I showed you this beginning that I had gotten to before I wrote my blog… I love to hand quilt!!

 I  have been focused this week on just a few things… mainly this Swoon though…

Above the first swoon is complete as is the sashing to the right…. 
I did the same with Swoon # 2 this week… leaving only Swoon #3 and the right hand border …
THIS is where I can be found today… If not there… I will be visiting one of you from Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching Linky Party… you can visit too RIGHT HERE <<<<  
Or playing with my newly discovered bracelet…

 Here is the table my honey made for my best friend Jannessa!!!  This weekend while her grand that loves to be crafty was visiting and they were sewing together at this table…

This gift from my honey to her will last a lifetime I think!

I try to keep a couple different projects going to give my hands and body and mind a rest from time to time…  This past week it was making the shirt I had cut out for my honey a couple weeks ago…

 First get everything pressed and ready to go… THIS TIME I made a collar piece out of cardstock to hold my place there for pressing without getting steam burns on my fingers… this works like Clover’s Hot Ruler made of a non burnable plastic 🙂

And I finished it… and by the time Christmas came around all the fabric I had ordered with my $100 Christmas Cash from my honey had come in… look at all this loot I have to use for next year!!!

 My Daughter In Law – Heather – sent me these beautiful photos of my grand Elliana …

These photos of her make me smile…

I made a new tree topper star for our little table top tree…
Molly got caught looking pretty!!!! 

Christmas Day Dinner for us… 

Molly’s Christmas present from Max… 

 Is a squirrel with a squeaker in it… she loves it’s sueded texture too!!!

 Here is a pretty cool piece we recently found and improved it and made it into an art piece and sold it…

 I have been using something like this that I changed a bit for my needs… to organize my time!!!

 Here is mine in action… I like writing with a different color each day 🙂

Are you doing anything different for 2020 or trying a new organizational system like I am to track progress or find some lost time in there???  Do you make new years resolutions??? I do NOT! lol

Finally… I am next working on some curtains for our bedroom… do you have a pattern or understanding of cutting out the top swag curtain valance — pictured above to the right?  If you do please leave your contact info in your response below!  I would appreciate someone to chat with before I cut the fabric 🙂


12 thoughts on “Getting close to a Finish Here on Swoon!

  1. Kathy S.

    Wow! What a busy week. Your granddaughter is absolutely adorable! I love the tree topper. The squirrel dog toy is neat. The table your husband made is awesome! Hopefully they will cherish the sewing time together. I love following the progress on your Swoon quilt. Beautiful hand stitching for sure. Looks like you have some fun fabrics to play with for 2020. Wishing you a happy new year!


  2. Gretchen Weaver

    Jannessa's table is so nice and she'll get a lot of use out of it. I don't have a fancy organizer, I just use a note book. You'll have swoon finished by next Sunday, yeah! Happy Stitching into 2020!


  3. CathieJ

    I think I may get a calendar to track some of my crafting progress. It might inspire me to sit and craft when I see some blank spaces. I love Jannessa's table. Wow! I got money for crafting too and spent a good portion of it at ACMoore's clearance. I can't wait to see what you make with all of those fabrics!


  4. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    I love that table so cool. extra money for crafting is always fun – this year I actually didn't buy from the craft sales – I just plain have enough but when I found a good end of the year sale from a clothing place I like I ordered four sweater/shirts as they are more needed than more fabric. Swoon is coming along so well you will be done before you know it


  5. Little Penpen

    Looks like a great week around Topton. I'm glad you two had a great Christmas. Janessa's table is gorgeous. I have the same \”before\” table that she got, but mine still has white legs and a wood looking top. I never even thought of making it so beautiful!!! Your granddaughter is gorgeous! I can't help you on the swags, but I'll bet you can find what you need to know on Pinterest or YouTube. Enjoy all your new Christmas goodies!


  6. Jill

    A very nice Christmas indeed: Projects, gifts, good food, friend, cute dog, and most important a sweet & adorable baby girl! Love your calendar idea. Never thought of a 2-weeker. I'm going to add it to my list of resolutions. Perhaps I can assist with your swag valances. I've made them! Easy peasy compared to making a quilt. Lol! Happy 2020!


  7. NanaBrown

    I love my sewing table made by Rick! Every time I walk into my sewing room I have to touch it! Got to make sure it’s still there! Elliana is such a cutie! Love her eyes and smile!



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