Showing off my Sewing Room Decor and Rolling the Frame!

Well this has been a BUSY week around our home… getting ready for some freezing weather was quite an undertaking for sure!  And I have been sewing on a secret project commissioned to me by a very good friend… using my Cleopatra for the job of appliqueing letters and fashioning the intended banner… more to show when it has been sent off and received by my friend 😉

I started the week, however, slow stitching quite a bit on the Swoon quilt and machine stitching this rooster to the background fabric…
I don’t know if you can tell but I carefully mitered each corner… I will machine quilt the rooster as there are sooo many seams and fabric bits on the back side of this lovingly english paper pieced rooster… it is a pattern by Violet Craft… but I and my bestie who pieced it by hand do NOT recommend her EPP patterns as they are quite a challenge!  But now it is done so I thought I better get on with finishing it… it will find a home in our home to be displayed year round as yet another dual effort of Connie and me 🙂
The rooster now measures 28 1/2″ square & I still need to trim out the black fabric from the strips I appliqued it on to the rooster with… so no shadowing of the black through those neutrals happens!  That will be tediously slow and may be part of my hand work today!
Then before I could do anything else… my honey decided it was time to decorate my room with me!  Yahoo I said and stopped all my other efforts to focus on what would go where ….
My honey has had the honor to work with some of Nashville, Tennessee’s finest decorators so his knowledge in this area is VAST!!!  
Here is how it turned out… 
the left wall as you walk in the room …. over the buffet
to the right of that… or what you see from the doorway directly

to the right of that… as you look out by the pond & around my 301 Julius

finally the last wall in the room is my design wall and up high I can’t reach well so he added my banner there!
I don’t know if my captions made sense but here is a panoramic view of my room before decorating to help you see where all things are now…
I got my hair trimmed on Friday… and was I GLAD!!!!  I’ll share a selfie I took… 

 And on Saturday I rolled the frame… see how foggy it was over the pond through the windows that morning???

 Here is a close up of the quilting I worked on this morning…

 I am linking all this hand stitching and other hand work I shared this week being glad God gifted me with 2 hands that are ambidextrously useful… to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching Crew HERE .  Click on the link to open a new tab on your device to see what everyone else is linking up too!!!!

>>> Finally I need some input from y’all! <<<

My best girlfriend Jannessa gifted me this honeybun & yardage – fabric kit by Moda called “Winterlude”.

 It comes with the above pattern… or I could create my own!  Do you like one of these other options???  Or do you like the original???
I like both but this would make a table runner 18″ x 60″ for our kitchen & 2 smaller sized placemats as a gift for Jannessa.
The one on the right seems fun for this but I can’t figure out how to make those flatter than 45 degree zig zags… hmmmm

 The pattern is in this PDF only version of a book published in 2009 and now out of print….

Here is a photo of the book called “On the Run”  by Heather Moulder Peterson.  Anyone own this book and wanna sell it???  Or have you heard of this talented designer before and know how easy to follow her patterns are???

I would love to own the book over a PDF that is harder for me to use in the sewing room without LOTS of printing!!!

And that wraps up my week.  Hope you are having a great weekend and having tolerable weather no matter where in this world you live… I am enjoying our cold weather for sure!!!  It is 35 degrees F at this writing and supposed to top out at 55 later this afternoon.

Until next Sunday… I may have a bag completed (we worked on it yesterday and got about 1/3 done) as a Christmas present for my daughter. 

I certainly hope you leave feedback on your thoughts on this post if you read to this point 🙂  Have a good week ahead and hope you turned your clocks back an hour too (if you live where Daylight Savings Time is a thing! lol)


8 thoughts on “Showing off my Sewing Room Decor and Rolling the Frame!

  1. Gretchen Weaver

    Your sewing room looks lovely, it has to be fun to work in now, so clean and tidy. As always swoon is looking great. Your rooster looks very nice but thanks for the heads up about the designer. Have a great week of stitching and sewing!


  2. Quilter Kathy

    Wow that rooster is really complicated! Well done!So nice to see what Swoon is looking like… I feel like I am visiting every time you update your progress and wonder if I will feel sad when it's done?!?!I like the Winterlude pattern that is in the photo with the fabric… the square blocks and then put on point for the border!


  3. Jill

    Lots of stitching (machine and hand) going on at your home. Hopefully, trimming the black fabric on the rooster wall hanging will go quicker than anticipated. After all that work, you certainly don't want shadowing. Mr. Rooster will fit in nicely with your decor. Speaking of decor – lucky you having some professional advice. Your sewing room is cozy and inviting. Another positive is that your have your machine near windows for natural light! Thirty-five degrees would be freezing for former Floridians. The quilt border pattern is one of my favorites. I'm not one for printing out books either – too much paper and toner. Personally, I would do the quilt per kit for simplicity sake. It is so very well coordinated. If directions are relatively clear, it should go smoothly. I've never done zig zags, but there is an UFO zig zag in my stash. Lol! May you & honey also have a good week!


  4. Little Penpen

    I love love love the rooster! Your sewing room looks great; mine is pitiful, it seems to be getting more and more crowded. *sigh* We added a free recliner in there, which I love, but it sure does take up a lot of space. Your haircut looks cute. I envy your views while quilting.


  5. Long lost son

    I love the art work. Did dad help you with it or was he busy still running from his past. How does it feel to live a lie knowing your man has a son he abandoned 23 years ago and has used you for prob several years now. Sorry bout your luck. Tell him to get in touch with his son. Love you bites



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