Hand Quilting Celebrations!

This week I have sooo much to celebrate related to hand work!!!

If  you are seeing my hand written label then….

 It is finished… washed and dried and ready to hang!!!

 And here it is from an angle…

 And straight on… in the quilt holder my bestie Connie gifted us when we moved into this home 🙂

I am linking this finish to Julie’s UFO & WIP Challenge…. this WIP is in the books and out to be enjoyed now YAHOOOOOO !!! >> HERE  Come see the finishes others are sharing for the chance at a prize link your own too!

I am also linking this major finish to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching post … she is asking what we use for hand pain relief… I liberally use Bag Balm as shown here…

 And rub it in really good over 2 or 3 minutes massaging it in.. then I let it soak in another 5 minutes or so before doing anything with my hands as it is a bit sticky originally … but I have terrible arthritis and this helps IMMENSELY !!!  What do you like to use after a busy hand quilting day???

This morning with fresh hands I finally got to sit down to my quilting frame and the beautiful swoon quilt I have loaded there ….

I finished the first swoon this morning and am ready for the second and third later on today …

Linking all this hand quilty goodness to Kathy’s Quilts Sunday post HERE <<<  Now go see what everyone else is linking up 🙂

My Sewing Room got a new paint job this week…

Here is the cutting in section and filling ALL THE HOLES left from removing old screws left by previous owners…

 And here you can see the color difference… the left side is all painted with 2 coats of rolling and 3 coats of cutting in !!!  Wow … the brown in that existing paint was tough to cover!!!!

 We also emptied out most everything in the room to finish the painting… Once finished and reloaded NEATLY…  It looks fabulous I think!!!

 Here is a collage of sorts … the before… during and painted walls after…

 That is what I posted on facebook 🙂  Many said my room wasn’t messy to start with … BUT IT WAS Y’ALL!!!!  I found sooo many fun things in my sewing room and organized it so I can find it next time I need it!!!

Then I laid out these fabrics as my first project to start in my renewed sewing room…

 It will be a backpack purse for my daughter 🙂

So this week I will enjoy the autumn designs in the kitchen area I made for years to come to enjoy.  I will look forward to finishing the prep on the bag for my daughter and make it with Jannessa later this week… and focus on giving the Swoon quilt some attention 🙂  How about you… on Sunday I like to plan goals for the week… do you ever do that???

Have a wonderful week y’all!! Also, keep our country in your thoughts and prayers please!  The USA needs it!!!


12 thoughts on “Hand Quilting Celebrations!

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    the room looks good! it is a lot of work painting a room and re-organizing – Swoon looks great! I have bag balm but have always used it for dry skin and lips – I didn't notice it ever doing anything for pain – maybe it is your massage that does that? Nothing ever works for me


  2. Gretchen Weaver

    Love those turkeys, so cute! How much fun to sew in a newly painted, reorganized sewing room. That would be so much fun! Swoon looks lovely as always. Have a lovely time sewing with Janessa!


  3. Julierose

    I just love your turkeys–so cute–mine have been moved to my living room cocktail table by the \”uppity\” Snowballs..I can hear them gobbling away in there lolYour Swoon is just gorgeous..hugs, Julierose


  4. Kathy S.

    LOVE those turkeys! That reminds me that I bought a pattern called Gobble Gobble a few years back. I don't have a Thanksgiving quilt. Add that to my bucket list. 🙂


  5. Sarah

    That's a great finish and such a fun pattern too! Your newly decorated room looks wonderful. It's always fun once the decoratings done and you can sort everything out as it goes back in!


  6. Jill

    Nice job on sewing room redo! And it’s a big job not only patching & painting, but sorting sewing stuff and rearranging. I think your timing is perfect as we near winter. Bag Balm is helpful, personally, when skin is dry and chapped. Enjoy your neat & tidy sewing space.


  7. Kim

    Your sewing room is beautiful; it looks all ready for you to create magic in there. Love your pretty wall hanging and the shelf, too. Hope you enjoy a week hidden away in that pretty sewing room of yours.


  8. Little Penpen

    Your room looks great with the new paint and your new cutting table in place. You guys are always busy with something! I like your turkey hanging; perfect for this time of year. I'm very curious about your quilt hanger/shelf too…. how do you put the quilt inside to hang? I used bag balm for years at the nursing home, but have never bought myself any. It may be on my list for purchase soon. My fingers seem to be aching more and more these days.



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