Swooning Downhill Now and Sew Much More!!!

Happy Sunday to you and thanks for visiting my blog today!

I am swooning with progress on the Swoon Quilt in my frame… so I would like to start this post by linking to Kathy’s Quilts where she is welcoming anyone in the Ontario, Canada region to come share her first annual play day with her and other “hand-ee” friends 😀  Follow THIS link to find out how you can participate !!!

Slow Stitching this week started out with sewing binding which I will share in just a bit.. it also included getting over the 50% completed part of the quilt in my frame…

 Here is a close up  of the border just past the medallion I finished above…

 And here you can see both areas better… I can’t quite reach the top of the medallion piece so I save that last bit for the next pass over the quilt…

 Like this… once rolled down! …

This is such a fun quilt to quilt… and because it was pieced by Connie … aka my bestie… I am honored to do this … I work on it some most every day too!
I had more hand work in my week this week though…

 It started when I gathered all the supplies to get this quilt layered together… I had to piece some batting scraps together but it worked!!!!

And soon I machine quilted the center… thinking I would do the outer border by hand…

 But before I knew what I had done I had pulled out the decorative stitching cams on my Singer vintage 319w and added them to the border… did a victory lap of basting stitches around the outer edge… then added the binding that Jannessa had donated along with the fabric for the outer border 😀

 The backing is a autumn scene I pieced at the center where it wouldn’t be too noticeable… and look at that rich binding fabric.. looks great no matter which side is up!!!!

 Almost sewn on.. I spend early Monday morning using my new iPhone caddy to hold my phone at the perfect angle while watching and stitching.. put on my  headphones so as not to wake the house and had a cup of coffee to enjoy as I finished the stitching of the binding in short bursts of activity!

 Finally I finished… I was astonished that it took me most of the day to finish the binding.. but quick and into the washer it went!!!

 And before long it had been washed twice and dried well and was ready to adorn our bar in the kitchen!  This serves as a double place mat of sorts for us and decor to brighten up the room too for each season 😀 

Linking this to Julie’s WIP & UFO Challenge the end of October  HERE 🙂  Go check out what other finishes people are linking or link one up yourself 😀

 Here is a direct on view too…

The final and perfect size is 18″ wide by 60″ long 🙂  I will aim for this size for future table runners… this pattern was offered free last fall by Jordan Fabrics… they have a youtube video I linked to in last Sunday’s post too 🙂
So this Sunday I want to encourage you to watch THIS VIDEO if this photo interests you at all…

Jannessa and I are planning to make a boy and girl themed turkey couple using the larger turkey’s as our model…

Then surround it with this fun and intricate design I have in a stencil… I have been dying to use it and this will be 32 x 46 or so … perfect to hang in our homes this fall… I will share more on this project next Sunday too!
In a couple of weeks we are planning to take a trip to Tennessee and see our kids and help out Connie realize her she shed dreams… in planning for that I decided we needed bags to keep our medications organized while away from our normal routines.
Here is the one I made for Rick from some gorgeous fabric Jannessa let me us of her stash…

 Then … with Cleopatra completely installed in the cabinet now by my honey with the hinges successfully in place thanks to Lowe’s having the specific sized bit he needed to drill the exact type of partial hole for it… I got a swiveling sewing machine again so I can safely change bobbins and service my sweet machine too ❤

 I made this cute bag for my medications too!

 Here is my gorgeous and favorite daughter (she is my only daughter! lol)  Who not so long ago said hello to 21.  I am looking forward to seeing her in just a couple weeks too and meeting her boyfriend too!

 I fixed my wallet wristlet I made several months back but I put the handle on the wrong end… it let my credit cards and such slide out if it wasn’t full with my phone and such in it… so I removed it from the wrong side.. closed that hole and opened a hole on the other side and stitched it into place.. works PERFECT now 🙂

 And here are more pics of my sweet granddaughter at 4 months old.  She is the child of my son James and dil Heather… Ellie is such a sweetie.. I have a whole evening set aside to see them and play with her 😀

Well, I hope you have enjoyed hearing about my busy week and seeing some of my family I am getting more excited about seeing every day as our trip nears.

Take care and be ready to welcome in autumn tomorrow… we have had our windows open at night here lately… sooo ready for a break in the heat outside and air conditioning inside!


7 thoughts on “Swooning Downhill Now and Sew Much More!!!

  1. Gretchen Weaver

    I love the swoon quilt! The quilting is so lovely, Connie is going to be so pleased with the quilting. Do you think you'll have the quilting finished to take the quilt to her when you go to Tennessee? You medicine bags look very nice too but I love the leaf table runner! I always think binding takes such a long time. Have a wonderful week and happy stitching!


  2. Quilter Kathy

    Thanks for sharing about the retreat… I'm so excited and wish all my slow stitching friends could fly in for the event!Enjoyed seeing your Swoon quilting update… it must be so exciting when you get to turn the quilt each time!Enjoy your slow stitching today!


  3. Jill

    Adorable graphic intro to your newsy post. I have another friend coincidentally named, Kathy, who loves birds. I shall show it to her. More good progress on Swoon. Enjoy our family time!


  4. Little Penpen

    Hey Kathi! Looks like another fun week around your house. The swoon quilt still has me swooning! Your table runner is adorable. I like the medication bags; yours is especially cute. I'm excited that you are going to TN to meet your new baby. We are going to TN also… we are going to take the geriatric dogs with us to visit our daughter for a week. This will be a first with the dogs and I'm praying it goes well. *yikes* Happy Fall to you!


  5. Kim

    Three are always so many pretty pretties to swoon over when one visits your lovely place. The Swoon quilt is amazing. The quilting is coming along beautifully. Just look at your sweet smiling cherub, Ellie. My goodness she is growing so quickly. How exciting to have your daughter home for a little while and meet her boyfriend. Have the best time.



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