A Productive Week Behind means a Happy Sunday is here!!

Happy Sunday Y’all!

Look at what my honey is making from cedar as birdhouses to sell to those interested in owning 1 or a pair!!!  This pair is for our yard and they will be what the template is made for future ones…. I love them!!!

Earlier in the week I got on a bib making kick for Ellie and Jannessa’s grandson Liam so I made bibs… on Cleopatra my 319w

 After applying the velcro on opposite sides and sewing them together with a thin batting inside… I trimmed it all down with my pinking shears….

 Pushed out all the little edge bits with my special tool …

 And before I knew it … Molly was photo bombing a pic…

And I had finished 7 bibs… 5 for little Ellie and 2 for Liam 🙂

 With those then successfully mailed on Tuesday I focused on my slow stitching progress…

Soon I had finished these green loopdy loops…
And I was ready for the medallion… good thing I take photos!  I had to go back in my photo collection and see what I did on the previous medallions! lol
Soon that medallion was done… and the loopdy loops again were completed with no problems! 🙂 
Today I am linking this slow stitching progress to Kathy’s Quilts Slow Sunday Stitching HERE… Making progress quilting a medallion & marking a quilt top with chalk are my 2 handy goals today!
My quilt top that needs marking looked like this on Wednesday…

 This is the planning phase… then I went for Julius to help me with all these hst’s 🙂

 Soon we had the 5 fall leaves… I did change the order once I took the first photo though…

It didn’t take much to sew them together and press the whole thing then it was time to mark and sew the smaller squares from the free pattern for this table runner.

 And before I knew it I was making the zig zag border come to life with it’s hst’s and my ideas…

Finally early this morning I got the batting fluffed and 2 pieces sewn into 1 long piece, a piece of backing decided on and pieced together for length, and the table runner top finished too … even the binding is ready to attach 🙂 
This fall table runner is a pattern offered free on Jordan Fabrics website of free patterns… Mine measures about 18 x 60 … next week I hope to share a finish here on our bar! 🙂
Thursday we had to go to the VA… So Molly got her first real groom done that we liked and came home feeling overstimulated by the visit but feeling pretty too ❤  Jannessa's daughter did a wonderful job grooming Molly too 😀

Here she is the next morning relaxing with her daddy…

Then Friday I got these photos … they had received and LOVED the bibs I sent to my sweet grand daughter…

I was beyond thrilled.

Also on Thursday while in Asheville to go to the doctor… we looked and bought this desk from the 1930’s era….

Here is the collage of it’s transformation into a sewing cabinet…
And soon Julius and Cleopatra will have matching dust covers made of this fabric 🙂

 I neglected to share this a couple weeks ago when I received her back… but here is the Raggedy Ann I had as a young child made by a distant but loving aunt.  She needed repair and Jannessa knows how to do this so she took her and fixed her all up!!!!  Now she hangs out proudly with our oldest sewing machine we own and some other favorite items we have…

 I hope you each have a blessed and busy week ahead…


7 thoughts on “A Productive Week Behind means a Happy Sunday is here!!

  1. Kathy S.

    Beautiful progress on your hand stitching this week. Love the fabrics you picked for your fall leaves project. Molly is adorable. Your sweet granddaughter is the perfect model for the new bibs.


  2. CathieJ

    Oh my goodness, you two have been busy. I can't believe how quickly that desk was transformed into a beautiful sewing table. I love the train bird houses and the bibs. Your granddaughter is adorable. That table runner is beautiful. I made leaves like that years ago for a project that I know I no longer have, but I must have the pattern somewhere as I rarely discard patterns that I have made. Now I have to find it. You've inspired me.


  3. Little Penpen

    Your honey is super talented! I love the old desk turned sewing cabinet. How beautiful!! The bibs are precious and wasn't it fun to see the baby wearing them? Molly looks adorable with her new \”do\”. I really like your fall table runner. You have been a busy bee!


  4. Gretchen Weaver

    The bird houses are so cute! Swoon is just moving along, so pretty. Your new sewing machine cabinet is beautiful! I'm sure those bibs are going to be put to good use, especially if she's drooler. Have a good week!



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