Need feedback please… Come Read and Reply

This has been a crazy week around here… almost NO blog-reading occurred this week… but lots of other stuff DID!!!  Come see >>> 😎 !

Happy August!!!!

As I was making good progress hand quilt this past week I looked out the windows near me and saw this… what a way to bring in August … with goodness 😀

And a closer look at our current resident osprey. (Corrected thanks to my readers to specifically be a Heron) …

My honey went outside to catch this shot too 😀

They migrate all through this area of North Carolina and we are blessed they choose to stop at our pond and peruse the available fish for lunch! lol

First I want to link to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitchers at Kathy Quilts blog HERE!!!

Slow Stitching I finished this first pass across the second set of swoon blocks…

Then I rolled… but got a bit overzealous in the amount I moved so (after shooting this photo I realized I had rolled to far… adjusted and started quilting !!! lol

 So here is a close up view of all I completed this weekend …

I expect by next week to be on the last pass of these swoons hopefully as we DO NOT have plans for a very busy week… then again this week we didn’t either! hahaha

I also finished 1 – 6″ block with the hand done blanket stitching…

I still have 10 prepped to sew into these squares to prepare for marking and stitching (20 blanket stitches per side plus corners to make our pattern work)

This now gives me 8 finished blocks for my crochet quilt… and I will need 80!!!  But this is my travel project too so I am not too worried about it actually.. this will get done around other things I am hoping 😀

I hand stitched down the binding over the week and washed the smaller toddler quilt for Simon who just turned 1 year old….

 And I am halfway or a bit more on Jasper’s… using Cleopatra with her walking foot on for this and Julius for my 6″ block conversions…

I am linking these 2 quilts to Wendy’s Peacock Party… Check out her blog party… she has wonderful eye candy this week HERE <<

I am in the midst of making a great new friend… her name is Jannessa.. isn’t that a fun name!!!

She is close to my age and lives not too far from me…

She has this piece …

And she wants to make it a valance in her sewing room… like how she has it posed here…

This is hand marked with pencil on the sewing lines and hand pieced…  I have some ideas for how we should attack making this a longer and skinnier piece to be the front of a valance by adding fabric on either end and cutting off the top 1/2 row of hexi’s to reposition 2 of those 3 half hexi’s like this…

That leaves a half hexi for a label!!!  None wasted but is this the best way to use this ??  I know how to make a valance using regular wall hanging quilting plan and layering the finished top with batting and backing that is more sun resistant in color/quality 🙂

Jannessa gave me and my honey tips on grooming Molly… by grooming her with us!!!!

She is much happier groomed too!!!

In return I gifted Jannessa my PVC quilt frame 🙂

In return she gave us what she thought was a 301 case because she got this model vintage Singer in the trapezoid shaped case…

 You can see it with a machine in it below…

But after doing some research we think this could be a musical instrument case… hmmmm!  Any ideas anyone???

While I was doing the slow stitching the last couple days I have been listening the “The Stitch TV Show” on Youtube… You can find their latest episode HERE <<<

Last Sunday I spent some time video chatting with my daughter and her beau… at the end of the chat they sent me this photo by request…

She is very happy in her new house.. her and her beau Timmy will celebrate 1 year together this coming week too ❤

I got this fabric Saturday when I checked the mail from my good friend Debbie…

The goal is to make a Halloween themed banner for 1 1/2 year old Amelie.  This is my post office guy’s daughter 😉

Any ideas on a bunting or banner for a child’s room with this fabric and a Halloween theme for year round use????
I had liked this idea initially >>>>>>

Finally… the reason I made time to blog today besides to say hello to each of you is to take our own walks down memory lane today….


Mine is… 

Learning to quilt and becoming best friends
 in the process with Connie in 2011!!!

So share yours and more feedback on this post if you would please… if you can’t respond to my blog then email me directly here with your favorite memories related to quilting… or help with Amelie’s banner… or feedback on the valance to be … or what is that suitcase for really???  🙂

And when Monday comes around have a fun philosophy to get you through the day…

Have a Fabulous Week Y’all!  Hope to hear from  you each too !!!  Hopefully I will visit lots of you too today in blog land ❤  and P. S.  Any link in this post that you click … should open in it's own tab 🙂  Enjoy the youtube link too!


11 thoughts on “Need feedback please… Come Read and Reply

  1. Sarah

    Happy August to you too! You have been busy with some wonderful projects. Your fishing bird looks like a uk crane or heron but I know they have different names in different countries. My best quilting memory is the first quilt class I went to. We did a log cabin and I can remember the excitement of choosing the fabrics!


  2. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    The big bird you show is a Heron – probably a blue heron they are very common by ponds and rivers nice to see one at your pond. So nice you have found a quilting friend in your area! so neat. I'm no help on the valance with hexies – I would have designed it to specifically fit the area and not cut it up afterwards – good luck!! Love the photo of your daughter and it looks like she is doing very well now. The bunting with Beware looks good to me. I'm not sure what my favorite quilting memory is – I've been quilting on a really steady basis for 30 years and about 10 years off and on before that!


  3. Little Penpen

    My first quilt was a blue and white checkered quilt. I knew nothing about blocks and nine or four patches. It was sewn in alternating strips and I tacked it together and hand quilted hearts around the edges. I don't have it any longer; I think it finally fell apart. I used to do more hand quilting than I do now, with a full size frame. My kids were little and would play under the frame. I miss those days.


  4. CathieJ

    I love that heron. How great to have it visit your pond. Molly looks quite happy with her new do. I really like the progress you are making with all those pretty quilts. I think my favorite quilting memory would be the look on my daughter's face when I gifted her with a Christmas Peanuts quilt.


  5. K Reeves

    Your heron is beautiful! Can you tell me more about your hand quilting frame made out of PVC? That might be something I could use. Right now I just have a hoop, but a pic frame would be doable for me and I could take it down when not in use.


  6. Gretchen Weaver

    Swoon is coming along nicely. How great you and Janessa have become such good friends, the hexies are going to be lovely as a valance. My favorite quilting memories are being a child and going along with my mother to the quilting at church and playing with the other children. I remember both of my grandmothers being there too. they've both been gone a long time now. Happy Stitching!


  7. Chopin - A Passionate Quilter

    Well, Susie Homemaker was not in my house while growing up! I started sewing by making clothes for my doll! My grandmother (whom I never knew)preferred writing to doing dishes and housework and she was born in the 1800's! You progress is going fine. I think I would have done the hexagons a little different but to difficult to explain here. But it will turn out great whatever you do. Puppy looking so cute! Have a great day!


  8. Jill

    Phew, Kathi, you have had a busy week. Nice visit by a migrating heron. Sorry, I’m confused on the valance other than it sure is pretty and colorful. I can’t figure out the case either. It’s fun to meet a new friend that shares the same interest. Your dtr looks happy as does freshly groomed Molly. Someday I’ll have to check out Stitch TV. My first quilt memory sleeping under is a scrap quilt that my beloved Nana commissioned to be made out of her old house dresses. Nana had arthritis in her hands and sewing herself was difficult. Hope you find more time to sew this week.



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