More than sewing… but that was the funnest part! lol

Hi Friends 🙂  I saw this on facebook somewhere this week and saved it… 

Sewing is the blissful part of our days isn’t it!!!  Well in the spirit of FULL DISCLOSURE… I wrote to y’all last Sunday morning and this was in our river…

But by Sunday night we had it up in the right hand photo of the collage and by Monday night my honey was driving and mowing again!!  Just running out the gas he couldn’t get to empty from the tank! lol

Well.. when something happens to shift your perspective.. like your only lawn tractor taking a 15 foot drop with your honey on board and both eventually walking away … simply AMAZING and energizing too!!!  So what is a girl to do that loves to sew???  Well… SEW!!!

Early in the week when we were on edge I finished 2 swoons in my sleeplessness during the night…

 But by the time I reached the 3rd swoon I was ready for a break and life was slowing down… our mower could be fixed by my honey we realized at this point!!!

 I took a photo of 4 of the 7 primed blocks to share with you this week too…  While he was practicing on the mower and working out the kinks in the mower I stitched these outside… VERY PORTABLE!

 And while I slow stitched I enjoyed a month of free Netflix…  I have most enjoyed Mary Poppins returns… Emily Blunt did not disappoint!!!

Linking my slow stitching progress to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching gang HERE <<<<  Come see what is happening over there today 😀

While I didn’t make a ton of progress slow stitching I am not disappointed in my week as a whole in the stitching department because I got some major items off or active again on the UFO list…

 These lovely boy quilts are for a couple boys who are close to my dd Brandi… she had requested these several months ago and I pieced them then.
What is fun about each of these flimsies is that they were each made from extra fabrics I uncovered from my deep and donated stash items…. I uncovered this group and didn’t buy a thing for either quilt, backing or binding!!!

First I took them from being stored off to the side to layout out on the design wall where I measured and determined how much batting each needed and  used the rest of the batting I had in a basket waiting for these quilts 😀

 then I layered up Simon’s first…

 And quickly (about 1 full day of stitching) machine quilted the top into a quilt…

 Here it is ready for the binding to be sewn down…

 And the label my daughter and her beau helped me figure out …

 Binding in process …

 And  a view from the back 🙂  I sew the binding down by hand… this is what I am linking to HQAL group I belong too….

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

KathyMargaretEmmaTracyDebSusan,  Nanette,  EdithSharonKarrinGretchen and Kathi

Soon I was itching to mark and layer and start the stitching on the other quilt… as these do get shipped together !!!

I printed off my picture of the flimsy (quilt top) and drew on it…

 Then I took my white chalk pencil lead and a ruler and marked the quilt top 🙂

 Soon it too was layered up with pins and I was cross hatching the center panel 😀

Cleopatra and Julius… my 2 vintage lovelies … have handled all these jobs quite nicely!!!

Linking Simon’s quilt progress with Wendy’s Peacock Party <<HERE… I didn’t think these quilts were even on the horizon to find a place in my line up at the beginning of the week.. now they are both almost done!!!  AMAZING!!!

Also today I linked this project…

And this project ….

As finished for the month of July with Julie ~ The Crafty Quilter at her link up HERE <<<

Here is a great meme a friend shared on facebook this week… this should be EVERY DAY!!!

 Here is sweet Ellie… just passing 2 months old … I am a proud Gram for sure 😀

 Jannessa … my new friend … is making great progress on her wall hanging…

 She got the center medallion stitched and is making wonderful first stitches 🙂  We have a play date scheduled for later this week and we are both looking forward to it…

While doing yard work and playing catch up we noticed butterflies around our butterfly bush and took a bit of a break…

 Here is a black and white lovely butterfly …

 and light yellow and block…

 And a rose for you each…

 Connie’s progress on the Rooster project… I am LOVING it ❤

 My latest read in the bedroom is a quilt instruction book but it is written like a Quilt Folk mag really… quite enjoyable!

 Here is a great Bonnie-ism from last week…

We know we had a close call last weekend… we are extremely grateful to still be here for each other also… maybe that is where all this energy came from! lol
Or maybe from the update rx my doctor gave me for my arthritis pain when I saw him this week 😀
Have a blessed week y’all and don’t take any of it for granted… you are here for a reason!!!


10 thoughts on “More than sewing… but that was the funnest part! lol

  1. Gretchen Weaver

    So glad Rick is safe, can't believe he fell that far with no serious injuries! The quilting on swoon looks so nice. Quilting is a good stress reliever. The quilts for the little boys will be well loved and your daughter will be pleased too. Have a great week with your stitching!


  2. K Reeves

    Oh My Goodness! So glad to hear that all's well that ends well! We had an experience like that this spring when DH had to spray starter fluid to get our Subaru started and it caught fire. No danger to him, but we were the car had been fried. It ended up being a $16 cover from the parts store, and everything was fine. Grace! We all see these daily miracles but only if we look! The boy's quilt are wonderful, and of course, I am in love with what you are doing with Swoon, it is definitely Swoon-worthy!


  3. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    that looks like such a dangerous fall – I assume he got a bit closer to the edge of that ditch that goes to the water then he realized and it tipped into it – he is so lucky he wasn't hurt – however did he get the mower out of there? so very lucky. I didn't realized you did any machine quilting but on those small quilts it turns out well usually and does quick finishes – did Connie take over the Rooster EPP I thought you were making that. Very cute baby 🙂 A new arthritis med? hope it will help you a lot.


  4. Jill

    Oh my on the tractor and honey spill. Yes, you have lots to be grateful. Perhaps your ground has been soft from rain and ground gave away. Regardless, everybody and everything is okay. Sweet baby. Nice sewing progress. Thanks for sharing the FB meme.


  5. Susan

    I love that meme at the top of the post. =) Both your husband and the tractor were very fortunate. The boys' quilts are just wonderful, and they are going to love them to pieces, probably literally! Thank you for the flower and butterfly pictures and the updates on friends' projects. So much fun and beauty in one post!


  6. Little Penpen

    Girl!!!! that tractor in the bottom made me sick at my stomach. How in the world did you get it out? I'm glad Rick is ok. The baby quilts are cute and I love it when I can make something without buying anything new. Your little Ellie is a cutie!


  7. Db

    Oh dear, you truly were blessed that hubby wasn’t hurt! I so enjoyed seeing all your projects…. lovely! The baby is a sweetie for sure.



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