Slow Stitching Accomplishments & Pillow Shams DONE !

This past week started off innocently enough with just a few things on the calendar to accomplish so I hoped to get lots and lots of slow stitching time in.  I did get the quilt frame rolled…

 Later in the week I even got the border stitching done and started on the far left swoon block outlining…

And that was that… but today.. it is about slow stitching for me… I am linking up with Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitchers HERE with this progress…  Come see what everyone is slow stitching… there is yarn work and floss work and quilting going on too 😀

When I wasn’t running around like crazy this week with way more happening than expected I worked in short bursts on making baskets… first I got 2 done (one was complete or close already)…

 I found a video by Mari Mitchell that showed an easier way to assemble the basket blocks and I drafted my own pattern to have them finish at my specific sizing desired for the pillow shams…

Then I realized my original plan would never get done so I revised it to be more practical for my 20 something daughter and her boyfriend…

 This energized me to jump on making the other 2 baskets while I was in basket making mode already 😀

 Then the reduced amount and enlarged size of the flying geese center panels were cut and made…

Then it was time to call on Cleopatra for the quilting…

 Here is the second one all quilted and waiting to be finished…

Here they are all finished…

I love making a sturdy envelope back … I have learned making pillows and shams that a sturdy envelope opening can be decorative and fun as well as functional and long lasting!!!

And here the shams are with the quilt my daughter and her beau will be gifted very soon.. she turns 21 next week but this will wait just a bit longer I think… to ship properly 🙂

 She will be getting the pillows, the shams that were machine quilted for long lasting durability there, and the quilt that was hand quilted A LOT!!!!

I am sew excited to gift this set… she was to come this coming weekend… but God had other plans and she got a new home instead so the visit is being parlayed for now until fall we all hope!!!

I am linking the pillow sham fun finishes first to Wendy’s Peacock Party because these colorful shams are definitely something to squawk about HERE!!!

End of the month this will be a finish I link up with Julie ~ The Crafty Quilter for her end of the month linky post HERE 😀

We have phone cases for iPhones up for sale local and on eBay…  The upper ones fit the smaller iPhone 6 and 7

The gold one fits a iPhone 6 PLUS, 7 PLUS and 8 PLUS

They are all in great condition and ready to work for you if you are interested let me know.. I can give you a bloggy friend discount and shipping in the USA is no problem.

 We have several vintage things for sale but most popular are these vintage Class 66 bobbins… they are the ones with domed top and bottom and these are metal!

This week was sooo busy even Molly needed a bit of a break at one point…

And Saturday was my honey’s Birthday!!!!  He left double 5’s  😀 lol!

He was 6 years old when … on his birthday… man landed on the moon!!!  So we have watched a lot of that kind of historical stuff the last few days… how neat is that!!!

I made a new friend this week too… She is learning to hand quilt and will start on this little wall hanging she found at a thrift store and we layered up and found a stencil she liked for the center…

 Will update you on her progress next week 😀  Her name is Jannessa… isn’t that pretty ❤  And below is a doll named Fiona that she made from scratch using parts and a pattern she found at Alice Bear's site from the UK HERE!  Isn’t she AMAZING … Jannessa has skills… takes more than a pattern and parts to make it for me!!!!  She says there are videos that help too though ❤

Here is a fun pic my bestie took.. showing off how long her hair is these days…

And here I am showing off my new phone case…

I am really enjoying this short haircut and even plan to get it trimmed up next month because short hair needs trimmed more often than long does! lol

For closing I finally finally found a closing quote I like … hope you enjoy it!  The photo itself is the town just south of us looking up into the mountains we live in…


13 thoughts on “Slow Stitching Accomplishments & Pillow Shams DONE !

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    I like your short hair – I have mine short too I had it cut this week shorter than I had been having this past year and plan to keep it short now – I always need to get it trimmed every 3-4 weeks to keep it like this – now do I want to grow it out and go back to natural which is white/gray I tried it like that for a couple years but then 2 years ago went back to dying it.I like those colorful baskets very pretty for pillow shams.


  2. Little Penpen

    I like your short hair. Mine is a little shorter, but I would love to grow it out a little to look like yours. Janessa (it is a beautiful name) is very talented. Her doll is amazing. Your pillow shams for your daughter are really cute; she must be excited to finally be getting her quilt. Reading your story about your honey and his birthday…. I think we were both born in 63… right? I'll be moving out of my double digits this week… right there with him. :-)) I hope he had a happy birthday!


  3. NanaBrown

    Kathi you have been so gracious to teach me hand quilting! I am so thankful to have met you and look forward to many quilting girl talk get together! For anyone interested in making a rag doll please check out from the UK. She has wonderful patterns with video tutorials (I love listening to her accent as she explains how to make her patterns!). Fiona was made using one of her patterns. She also sells all the doll/bear making accessories like Fiona’s eyes. Kathi Suggested her name and my granddaughter Addison loved it!


  4. Gretchen Weaver

    The shams are lovely, your daughter will be thrilled. The quilting is making slow progress but that's alright, any progress is progress. I guess I don't understand, you say your husband is moving out of double digits, what's next, 100's? Rick doesn't look that old, Ha Ha! Have a wonderful week and of course, happy stitching!


  5. Jill

    The traditional border quilting pattern goes great with the traditional blocks. Colorful baskets contrast nicely with the charcoal grey. You'll be an awesome mentor for your new quilt friend. Belated happy b'day to your honey. New hairdo is quite flattering!



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