Hand Quilting in the Dark …

Okay… so I didn’t hand quilt all week in the dark but my post is late today because power was out until just a bit ago… some trees in storms moving through our area fell on some power lines and we were out of power all together for 5 hours today!!!

But look at this great photo I got during the power outage… I hand quilted like crazy between naps! lol

Today I am linking my slow stitching progress to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching linky party HERE <
Kathy is working on binding on a project… fun to have a happy ending on something  you have been working on for sure!!!

Last week in my post I was just finishing the first row of big swoon blocks.  So this week I focused on the sashing that was all fun quilting no fill…

 After getting that border filled…  I got to work on the fun filling…

 And medallions were born…

 this photo is my new obsession photo…

 And here is the end of that sashing row…

 Next … as I roll the quilt to expose that I forgot to do some stitching in the pinwheel section… so for now this is all I get to roll the quilt…

 And a look at the whole quilt on the frame from the side I will start quilting from ….

 Here is my latest fave selfie taken in my sewing room…

I just got my Julius back.. you can see him in the background ^^^

Below is my Julius… a Singer 301 from 1952.  He was a bit tight for unknown reasons…

 So as a birthday gift from my honey he totally tore into him and using WD-40 inside only and re oiling and greasing all the parts after initially oiling and greasing with no resolve in the tight issues… He is sewing like a CHAMP!!!!

Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville showed some sugar cookies someone make for her retreat in KY this past week… what a LOT of work these work.. work of Heart for sure!!!!

 I machine stitching this basket block… it needs a partner to become a pillow sham… 1 of 2 needed for my darling daughter who will be coming for a visit soon I hope!!! 😀

 This is the washed version of the heart mosaic art quilt I made my best friend for her birthday… she took it home and washed and dried it with only more texture showing in the process and no issues with loose or missing squares 😀 YAY!!!!

 So… I made another one for another friend and made a Tutorial I posted on my blog Friday HERE <

 Here is the back of hers with hangers added as she requested… Connie’s was hung with a single straight pin into a cork board in her bedroom just as easily though 🙂

 I resubscribed (at least temporarily) to Netflix (cancelled my Hallmark NOW subscription as it was not as much fun and variety and Netflix)… This has been my fave show by far …

 Rick’s new – to – us case found on eBay came this week…

 It is very much him 🙂

Daisy Meadows Update…

This fern by our grist mill comes back every year y’all… no covering or work needed to preserve it!!!!

 Rick has done a LOT of work to the grist mill and it now runs 24/7 at the same speed and with no adjustments since he set it after removing a lot of the big pipe inside and adding a valve and some smaller piping… it is technical to me but it works and I love looking at it as I sew and quilt!!!!

Across the pond is this majestic ancient weeping willow tree… our native Eagle likes to watch our pond for a top floating fish to fetch for a meal at times…

 Here is a bush/tree in our yard.. the blooms look white but at the very center they are a dark magenta red color… very unique I think…

 We have some class 66 bobbins for sale on facebook… These are domed on top and bottom and vintage 🙂  Everything else we have put on facebook has sold already or I would share more!!!

 And I just wanted to share this after missing a posting time a couple weeks ago… I got several concerned emails…  Thank You !!!!

 Please take time to think positive and … 

Currently I am thinking positive of electricity and how much we take it for granted for sure!!! lol  Have a blessed week y’all!  Kathi


8 thoughts on “Hand Quilting in the Dark …

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    sorry you lost power and 5 hours is awhile for sure. We are supposed to have storms tonight and rain but so far we have had very little and it is so pleasant outside now staying steady at 75 degrees and the humid is not that high considering storms are on the way.I think I have the border stencil that you are using, it looks very familiar to mehave a great day – glad the sewing machine is up and running


  2. Quilting Babcia

    What a gorgeous room you have for your hand quilting, with that view I might not get much accomplished during the day! And your gristmill looks like a perfect backdrop for photoshoots of your finished quilts. We named my black 301 Casey Jones since it reminded me of the old locomotives from the 1950s that came by at the end of our street several times a day. Back then it was great entertainment for us kids to ride to the end of the street and see if we could get the engineers and caboose staff to wave to us. How times have changed!


  3. Little Penpen

    When I saw your mosaic tutorial, I had noticed it was to your friend Debbie. And I was scratching my head, because I thought your friend's name was Connie. LOL Now I understand. That quilt is gorgeous and your quilting is really bringing it to life. I love it! Pretty around your yard…love the weeping tree.


  4. Jill

    Great job hand quilting without power. You have a perfect spot for natural light which made it possible for you to accomplish lots of stitching. How fortunate to have an in-house expert sewing machine repair person.


  5. Gretchen Weaver

    The quilting on swoon is so great, I love the designs. Good job planning! I love the mosaic art quilt, I've got it bookmarked. If only there were more hours in a day or if I didn't need to sleep! Happy Stitching!


  6. CathieJ

    At least you have your hand-quilting which needs now power. I love your quilting as usual. Those mosaic quilts are beautiful. I love your views….especially the grist mill.


  7. Susan

    Love the black 301. I have a tan one, but I want a black one. They do sew very well – workhorses! Cute selfie, too! I really like that quilting frame, did I tell you that? Your quilting is beautiful, too. If I were to drag out my hand quilting, that's all I'd be able to do. I will do that when I have a bigger space, but for now, it's waiting patiently. That's about how long my power was out a few weeks back, and it was really annoying. LOL



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