Happy 8 Years Blogging >> with a Giveaway <<!!

Happy Sunday my bloggy friends 🙂

This coming week marks 8 years that I have been blogging… usually at least once a week or more!!!  YAY!!

Vintage Needle Threader
Water Soluble Marker
2 foam applicators
Snap Bag made by ME!!!

To mark this momentous occasion I am hosting a giveaway on THIS blog post of all the above goodies!!!

TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY >>>>>   Just let me know what you like MOST about my posts in a comment along with your favorite post topic of the last 8 years 🙂 <<<<<

Now on with my post for this week…
I got these cool water soluble marking pens from Amazon this week after reading about them a couple weeks ago on another blog… I also read about using foam tipped applicators dipped in water to remove lines!!!!  I loved this tip so that is why I am including BOTH in my giveaway for YOU to try too !!!
I made GRAND progress in the hand quilting arena this week finishing Elliana’s name completely and rolling the quilt!
Here is my morning view today…

 And a side view…

 And a close up before I got a good start 🙂

Linking this progress to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching post 🙂  HERE  Come see what everyone else is stitching by hand today over at her place ❤
I also shared this photo last week or the week before.. I have been pondering it and even ordered some fabrics in a mini jelly roll format to add to my civil war stash to make a coordinating table runner in our kitchen colors…

To the right is 12 log cabin blocks laid out like the pattern suggests but missing the stars… needs the stars…. so I made more logs at the right size and whah lah…

Now to just add star points to the logs I added and sew it all up this week 😀
Linking the table topper designing and sewing progress to Wendy’s Peacock Party HERE 🙂
I also got lucky finding a remnant of this fabric that is about 25″ square with 1 selvage for a bag for my daughter she requested a couple weeks ago 🙂

 Lynn Hagemeier is coming out with a new book called “Kansas Troubles Prairie Life” I want to get where she features lots of cute things but it includes directions for this pillow cover…

 I will make mine pillow shams but she has a couple different patterns so I will support her work and buy the book!

Bonnie Hunter had a Quilt – Cam on facebook Saturday.. it will be on her blog today if you are interested…

 She made these cute tulip blocks and gave tips on putting them together quick and easy 🙂

A girl in one of my hand quilting groups made this table topper… I am envious and wanna give it a go when I find time…

 Isn’t it lovely??  Here is a link to the tutorial on youtube by Fons and Porter 🙂

We have sold 2 of these sewing machines this week… my honey does a great job working on them and polishing them up and getting them ready to sell.

 This one came with a box and clamp… we had another one that didn’t have all that though.. both sold fairly quick on facebook 🙂

I got the most lovely snail mail happy mail this week…

 From a hand quilting blogger 😀  I have already given the needles a test run and LOVE THEM!!!!

I caught Molly being very cute this week…

 And for the second time in a week my honey picked me flowers to keep by my computer…

 I love that!!!

Now don’t forget to leave your email address if you are a no reply blogger and your name so I can get in touch with you if you are the lucky recipient of this stash of goodies to celebrate my 8 years blogging….

And made sure to be in love with your life!!!

28 thoughts on “Happy 8 Years Blogging >> with a Giveaway <<!!

  1. Lori

    Awesome milestone!! I love following your blog on both your hand quilting progress and vintage machines. Thanks for the drawing. I hope my email address is linked to this comment (that is if I am the lucky winner). Lol


  2. Gretchen Weaver

    Eight year is quite awhile. What do I like best about your blogging? I like how you seem to always be upbeat even when there is some kind of problem. I like your attitude. I tried making a block with cathedral windows years ago and decided it wasn't my thing. I'll be watching to see if you have better success than I did. Have a great week!


  3. paterd

    My favorite is anything hand quilting related. I tend to follow you more on Facebook, but from now on I will be following your blog for more details of your quilting.


  4. works4me

    Congratulations on 8 years blogging. Thank you for showing us variety – I enjoy seeing the yard pics, as well as progress photos. I just inherited two old (1954) Singer sewing machine so have a new appreciation for seeing them on your blog. And, of course, Molly is a cutie. :)Thanks for the chance to win. Kathleen


  5. Deb A

    Congrats on 8 years! I love the upbeat attitude and creativity you have in your quilts and quilting! You also are great at encouraging others. Love the tip on that ladder stitch for the boo boo you found while hand quilting. You KNOW I'm going to be using that tip!


  6. Quilter Kathy

    Happy Blogiversary!i enjoy all your hand quilting posts and the posts on the lovely vintage machines your hubby restores. Enjoy your hand quilting today… it's so close to being finished!


  7. CathieJ

    Congratulations on your Blogiversary! I love all of your hand-quilting, but I think my favorites have been following the Spiral Log Cabin. I have a special love of Log Cabin quilts and bought myself one of the books that you mentioned. Enjoy your quilting and yes Molly is very cute!


  8. Little Penpen

    Congrats! To 8 years! I love following you…I love to see your hand quilting, I like your helpful tips, and I love that you share everyday things with us like your home and yard.


  9. GranChris

    I love seeing your hand quilting process. A lost art now a days. I rarely hand quilt anymore. I don't remember the exact date but the whole cloth quilt was inspiring. Jmikebalou (at) aol (dot) com


  10. Claudette

    Congratulations on 8 years of blogging. Someday I hope to figure out how to do it. I love watching your progress on all of your projects. You keep me motivated!


  11. ytsmom

    I just found your blog and added it to my blog roll. I love reading about quilters all over the country (and world), and see and hearing what they are doing!


  12. QuiltGranma

    I love seeing what other quilters are doing and how they do it, as well as yard photos… I'm one who needs inspiration to get off my duff! Old age ain't fun! Would love to win your goodies!


  13. Kim

    How fabulous you are celebrating your 8 year blogging anniversary! That is certainly a long time. The quilting in Elliana's name looks fabulous, it really makes the name pop. Oh my that is a cute little sewing machine. As for the giveaway, don't worry about me…..I live much too far away. =)



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