What a Whirlwind Week it has been y’all!

Hope each of you are having a great weekend and a peaceful Sunday!  We have had such a whirlwind week I wonder where it went until I sit down to write this post and review the photos that got taken over this past week!

Molly LOVES to play !!!  With my honey she loves to climb up in his chair while he is trying to get relief from his hip pain and crawl all over him! lol  She gets on his shoulder if he lets her perched like a bird or something so… I had to snap a photo to share!!!
I have had quilty tangents and quilty goals met this week… and all that was besides the normal household stuff, errands, and journeys to visit doctors this week too !!!
But our week started off with a duck showing up in our pond!
Enlarge this photo if you can or get to a computer if you like to view this sweet little duck… boy or girl it showed up all alone.  It stayed about 3 days feeding on who knows what in the pond.. baby fish??  We are not sure!!!  But it rested from it’s journey from the north to the south about 3 days then we never have seen it again… what a fun addition this little duck was to our week though! lol
While the duck was resting and regenerating it’s energy I finished a couple more blocks… leaving just 2 more to make on Appalachian Delight Quilt top!!!
I am getting excited to cut sashings and figure my square in a square blocks too!  That will be what comes after the final 2 blocks to make… I have carefully counted out the remaining pieces and parts and have enough… I think! lol
So then I decided a bit of Christmas music… aka classics and Pentatonix station too on Pandora… and Christmas sewing was in order…

 I pulled out my tallest old phone book… after figuring my degree wedge size needed with the idea photo I found on Pinterest….

 Wound bobbins until I ran out of thread! lol

And pulled out a couple sheets of card stock to make my initial pattern pieces with….

 I wondered if I could successfully tape this newprint phone book paper together and shorten my sewing stitch length on Gloria and glue with washable school glue my initial piecing and still successfully remove the papers when all done before sewing the tree skirt all together and without gumming my needle….

Well you can!

 I made 12 wedges… 6 left and 6 right… adjusted the top angle once I was pieced to the point… and tah dah!

Now I plan to machine quilt it a bit.. add some piping or a flange using the black fabric of the center star points and bag it instead of traditional binding with a Christmas themed toss print I found in my Christmas stash of fabrics for the backing!  All this came from my stash though… I am soo excited for this to be done in time for Thanksgiving as soon after we will decorate for our first year in this house… we don’t do much but I enjoy what we do decorate 🙂  Do you decorate much for the holidays??  What do you do???  Which holidays???

I have been VERY GOOD at sticking to my goal of hand quilting each morning and making stellar progress!

Halfway was marked on Thursday morning 🙂

And I finished that row this morning!!!

 I am using the heck out of the 2 cell phone holders too!  See one is here and one is by Gloria!  My honey made them soooo durable to enjoy 🙂  Here is an overall view of this second row done…

 And a closer up view of my stitches…

And finally I rolled and started marking row #3 of not sure how many but 6 rows of stars and this is the top half of the second row of stars you are seeing in this photo…

 And a long view in the wee morning hours… still dark outside ❤

Friday we got snow!!!  Just a light dusting but not frost.. it stuck around too long!  26 degrees farenheit and SNOW… our first of the season!

 Here it is on our brown roof too!

So this week in the USA we celebrate families and get together for Thanksgiving… From me to you I want to thank you for visiting and wish you a blessed Thanksgiving and Happy Holiday time too!

I am linking up my slow stitching progress with Kathy at Kathy’s quilts and hope you all will come HERE to visit her blog and see what all the hand stitching lovers are linking up.  Today she is encouraging us to Smile… Breathe… and Slow down!  It is always so much fun to slow down and enjoy the process with my friends there on Sundays 🙂

So until my next post… I plan to make daily hand quilting progress my personal goal and continue living a life I love… how about you??!!!


9 thoughts on “What a Whirlwind Week it has been y’all!

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    it looks like your tree skirt turned out really well and was fun for you to make. I don't know if ducks eat fish but as it was on the pond with the fish maybe and bugs and stuff too – your snow is pretty and you will probably get more than you want with being in the low mountains now of NC – make sure you have a little food stocked in the pantry so you don't have to go out and drive to the store if you don't like to drive on the stuff!


  2. Karla (ThreadBndr)

    We have had migrating geese on the pond in the office park for several weeks. They are beautiful to watch. And so funny when they waddle up on the lawn. They are fearless and come right up to the windows. Love the quilt on your frame.


  3. Little Penpen

    You are so very talented; I love that you figured out how to make the tree skirt. It's so cute. Your Appalachian Delight is going to be gorgeous! Your hand quilting is coming right along, too. I'm glad the duck made a visit with you for a few days!


  4. Jill

    A productive quilt week indeed with side entertainment from Molly. I am not surprised about the lone duck visitor. He/she probably spotted a warm, welcoming spot to rest miles away. Hand quilting stitches are looking great.


  5. Gretchen Weaver

    Your log cabin blocks look so good on the display wall. This will be such a lovely quilt and look perfect in your mountain home. You've had a busy week with many accomplishments. Have a peaceful Thanksgiving. Blessings!



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