Daisy Meadows is Numbered and Great Sewing Progress too!

It has been such a roller coaster week here at Daisy Meadows (that is what we finally decided to name our property here in North Carolina) !!  It fits better than the Lazy Daisy homestead as you can’t be lazy here though it is relaxing for sure 🙂  Do you have a name for your home whether owned or rented??
Our home rests in a meadow of this mountain in the photo below….

And Daisy… who just celebrated being 7 years old was our doxie dog for nearly that long before she went to live with our best friend and Molly entered our life… a puppy full of energy !!! lol  So Daisy Meadows in memory of our first born together is how we roll!

Here is Rick putting up our more substantial house numbers we bought as naked pine wood and he stained and mounted and is here screwing to the house…

 And here it is with the old numbers that were way whimpy all gone and our nice big numbers ready to represent us…

Don’t know if you can see it but we also mounted the bell on the column in front of the numbers this week!  We have been busy and shipping has been quick with USPS as well 🙂

I absentee vote … in Florida that meant signing the outside of the envelope after sealing it across the seal… well in North Carolina that now means having 2 witnesses or a notary public witness your signature on the back of the envelope!!  So I called the local office and was told I could bring it in and they would witness… so I did and once found it was EASY to do 😀

 I love to absentee vote because I can look up stuff about each candidate and vote for the ones I think will do the best job… let’s see how I did as time goes by now.

This morning as I waited for the coffee to brew I freshed up my flower vases my honey made me last week….

There is one on my computer desk… and one by my quilting frame.  Both needed a freshening up and removing of the old… I leave the adding of the new to my honey … all that is left are the white chrysanthemums in the yard now though… deep fall and cool temps are setting in for us … color changing trees are all around us too!  I LOVE IT!!!

 This week my honey saw his primary doctor for a regular visit and she scheduled him for tests prior to him seeing the orthopedic doctor to get scheduled for his hip replacement… she also gave him some pain medication to add to his regime and THAT has helped him tremendously be more active like getting the numbers on the house 🙂  It is good to see him busy.

While he was seeing the doctor and going to the pharmacy I waited and stitched…

This pillow top has been in my go bag for a WHILE!!!!  I think next week when he has the test and sees the orthopedist it may get done though!  Then I can remove the pencil markings and make it into a pillow top for my honey.  My best friend Connie is also fashioning a couple pillow tops for him!  We can cycle through them so he doesn’t go through them quite so fast anymore 😀

When we are home I have been working on what will be the next quilt for our bed….

And although the borders on this sketch for Appalachian Delight remain blank except for the half square triangle border to be… I have been busy working on the 16 center blocks…

 And with feedback from my friends on facebook….

I decided to call this block I have invented…

 And I wrote a tutorial on how to construct this cool block starting with the log cabinish centers HERE!  So check out that post for sure and let me know if you decide to try one!!! 

I personally LOVE this block and am so glad I decided to make the quilt… it will be next up in the frame… once I can focus on Stars Among Us quilt top in the frame at the moment!!!

My slow stitching progress has been overshadowed by selling on facebook, running to doctor appointments and post office runs as well…. and sewing these addictive blocks! lol  But Stars Among Us .. like that pillow top… is getting some work on it each week… I had this done last week when I shared the loading I believe…

 This week I have focused on this…

 And today I plan to relax and enjoy my Sunday working on this portion and hopefully soon rolling the frame to a fresh “canvas”…

Here is a cool wood and metal art my friend made… I thought it was way cute and hope to make something similar to hang in our Daisy Meadows home this winter with fabric instead of metal and wood… we shall see 🙂

 My daughter sent me this cool reminder just yesterday… reminding me to relax and unwind….
Well I do have the flip flop state of mind intact still…

Even though I wear warm shoes outside… flip flops remain my shoe of choice when around the house  🙂

My friend Kathy… at Kathy Quilts HERE is blogging about adorning a fabric bowl she made this week… it is similar to this coaster I bought from Etsy and wished I could make but don’t know where to get the core cording to add the scrap fabrics too… maybe she will share the pattern, book, or innate knowledge she has on the process as I love this coaster set and would love to put my sewing machine that zig zags to use making a few more of these for my home 🙂
So that is all that is happening around here… going to make some leisurely slow stitches now and I look forward to responding if you decide to leave a comment and a way to respond 🙂

For now and always…

And have a safe Halloween if you are the USA !!!!  BOOOOOOOO 😀


9 thoughts on “Daisy Meadows is Numbered and Great Sewing Progress too!

  1. The Cozy Quilter

    Nice to have a project to work on while you wait! Your new house numbers will help your guests to find you more easily. The bears in the cabin blocks are nice and scrappy! Have fun stitching this week


  2. Denise :)

    Your stitchery is really cute! I love tin can crafts; the snowmen were really darling! It'll be fun to see what you come up with in fabric! Have a happy day slow stitching! 🙂


  3. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    I think you can use clothes line for your bowl or coaster that you want to make. Glad to hear Rick will have his hip surgery scheduled although of course by time it gets scheduled it might be next year! hope you can get your knees or hips – whichever it is that you need done next year too so you can start to wander around your small piece of property that you have now and get to picking flowers soon too!! All of your projects are looking really great – you do keep busy


  4. Little Penpen

    Daisy Meadows has a nice ring. I don't think we've ever named a house before, but I just may have to think on it for awhile. I like those clothesline wrapped things too… the bowls and rugs are really cute. I hope you figure it out. Your new numbers on the house look good; good visibility which is important. I hope Rick gets along well with his hip surgery; I'm sure he will, as he has his own 24 hour nurse on duty. :-)) The stitching is lovely. I'm itching to get back to some stitching soon!


  5. Jill

    You live in a scenic area of the country. Nice stitching projects, either portable or at the quilting frame. Bear in the Cabin is quite the clever design. Best wishes on upcoming hip replacement.



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