A Slow Stitching Challenge Met and Other cool stuff!

Welcome Y’all from wherever you are reading this … to where I am in south western North Carolina I hope you are all doing well!  And I wish each of you a Happy September 2018!!!

I have made some fun slow stitching progress this week and am sharing a challenge from my favorite Sunday Slow Stitching blog linky over at Kathy’s Quilts HERE!  Kathy has a super fun challenge today so go read all about… then come back here to read how I am meeting her challenge in this post!

So here is a close up view of what I see every day when hand quilting at my frame…

 And here is the long view of all I can see from my frame view!  I LOVE THIS VIEW!!!

 Here is outside my windows….

 Here is the pond that was hard to see from the inside shots… it has crappie, bass and trout in it.  We feed them and invite friends to fish them… but we don’t! lol

 Here is a close up of the grist mill and water wheel….

Now back to slow stitching progress….

I got the view on the left done early in the week… then the view on the right done later in the week….

Now I am here… end of the row and 82% or more complete with this behemoth quilt for our bed!!!

 I love mixing big stitch and regular quilt stitches together on this project… I think that is “my style” now too 🙂  I have a nice selection of both kinds of threads now and add to it as I am able with each project I work on!

Then I went into the sewing room and look who was right next to me making herself at home!!!

Little Molly likes my fabric scraps and plays in them whenever I leave the door open to the sewing room or am in there!
Here was a photo op I enjoyed doing with her last weekend…

Now she is 12 weeks old!!!  Still working on potty training but she eats well and enjoys playing and staying under foot for sure!!!

This week we also said a short but sweet goodbye to a fellow veteran and US hero John McCain.  This was our tribute as posted on facebook…

Our flag and the post office just above us in this photo will return to full staff status on Monday after he has been buried at the Naval Cemetery.  I am glad he didn’t suffer long from the time he decided to quit treatment of his brain cancer.

This is STILL my view on my 401 where I am machine quilting a quilt for a friend… I wish I could force myself to work on it more!

 And I saw this meme this week… it is VERY appropriate so I thought I would share here with you all…

 Our post office lady is moving to another post office on Tuesday next week so I quickly made her a snap bag… a bit bigger than my last one but I thought she might use it for snacks or make up or something for her new job 🙂

 She cried when I gifted it to her and loved it very much… she said she loved the angel fabric and purple was her fave color too ❤  I love happy endings!!!

But my favorite thing… other than the hand quilting progress I made this week was this cool wallet I made for my daughter from THIS youtube tutorial and using these fabrics … some from stash and some from Walmarts fat quarter selection…

 Here is a bobbin race losing shot… I had half a bobbin of black 50 wt aurifil already wound so I figured that would be enough…

 Well I was 2″ or less short of my finish line !!!  So I unthreaded… wound another bobbin and finished it up properly… I usually win bobbin race games… but not always I guess! lol
Here you can see Glorious Gloria my trustly 301 from 1956.  She is a strong and hard working machine and my favorite snips… as well as my trusty corner poking tool… you can see the Precision Turning Tool better below… it works as wonderful gadget in my sewing space when making bags and such!

 Above is outside of the wallet with a change zipper pocket made for my daughter and below is the inside credit card slots and sewn in velcro closure of the wallet… plus a money slip that is plenty long enough 🙂

 Here it is all folded up on the velcro side:

 Closer up view but if you look above you see I have the same view from my sewing room of the outdoors as I have from my quilting frame 😀  I LOVE THIS VIEW!!!!

 And the back side of the wallet when folded up….

 And a fun compilation photo I made for facebook groups to see…

School started for lots of kids this past week too… including my nieces and nephew!!!

 Also 2 of my nieces won blue ribbons that competed in the Wilson County fair … the largest fair I believe in Tennessee!!!!  I am a VERY proud aunt too ❤

So take time to participate in Kathy’s slow stitching photo op… whatever kind of slow stitching you enjoy doing… and share what is going on in your world… I would love to read your post!  Have a blessed weekend, a safe Labor Day holiday if you are in the US, and a safe Labour Day holiday if in Canada… and make time to slow it down and enjoy the views!


8 thoughts on “A Slow Stitching Challenge Met and Other cool stuff!

  1. SandraC

    So much wonderful-ness in this post! A joy to read. It's Labour Day weekend here in Canada, also…just spelled a little differently, lol. I love the idea of two kinds of stitching in your hand-quilting…I never would have thought of it. To be honest, I find big-stitching difficult after so many years of tiny stitching 🙂


  2. Gretchen Weaver

    I'm sure the postal lady was really thrilled to receive the snap bag. I love the postal workers at our small local post office. Hanover Stars is really coming along. Soon it will be on your bed as you watch the leaves turn to autumn colors!


  3. Deb

    You have such wonderful views inside and out. Some wonderful projects going on I just love that wallet you made for your daughter. This is such a great post to read. Have a safe and Happy Labor Day


  4. Little Penpen

    I'm enjoying more hand stitching these days and I enjoy going to Kathy's slow stitching Sunday post to see what others are doing. 82% is SO very close to being done. Yippee! I love seeing you use your stencils to mark your quilting lines. I want to start myself a collection of stencils soon. How sweet for you to think of the postal lady; she will be sad to leave such a sweet neighbor. I hope your new person will be just as lovely for you. Molly looks like she has made herself at home. My Butterbean loves quilt batting… beware! lol Brandi's wallet is really nice; I love the sugar skull fabric for her. You do have a lovely quilting view and that was a fun idea for Kathy's post. I would love to see everyone's hand quilting \”station\” or \”chair\” or whatever they use. I've finally found a comfy spot on the sofa with my new frame, but my sofa arms are too high, which makes me have to reach pretty high to get to my table for thread etc. Plus I don't have a rest area for my left arm. I'm still looking for that perfect little niche.


  5. Jill

    Your view is splendid. Awesome that you can have your sewing machine situated in order to enjoy the view while inside. The garden view looking at the windows is also very nice. Oh my, all that natural light. Now you have a sewing buddy. Keep up with the potty training. Nice projects, Kathi!



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