Welcoming Miss Molly and MORE stitching done too!

Welcome to my blog and welcome Miss Molly to our family!!!
Molly  is a Shihpoo that came to us weighing a bit over 3 pounds!!!!  She is 11 weeks old today and will grow to about 8 or 10 pounds eventually!  These photos all show her cute little face well…
We drove to west of Huntsville Alabama to get her… quite a haul for us but worth it… she was dirty when we picked her up at 10 weeks old exactly !!!  
Soon as we got home she used the grass outside had a bite to eat … had a bit of a rest on a quilt I made that was clean and ready for her then into the bath she went for a good scrub down!

 Soon after this she was making herself at home in my scrap basket of fabric and finding some batting/backing for the Star quilt top on my design wall waiting to be layered up… she was running and jumping into the batting and it was soo fun watching her!!!!

Daisy Mae… had to be rehomed to my best friend Connie.  Rick was recently diagnosed with asthma and is allergic (we believe) to Daisy’s dander and shedding hair… none of this was helping so we dehaired the house as best we could… sent her to Connie as you can see below (with all her pillows and cage and stairs and bowls) and got a pup with no shedding /dander issues or at least minimal.. and I will do all her grooming/bathing whereas he did all of Daisy’s.

Daisy leaving with Connie at the “meet up spot”.  It was about halfway to our new pups destination and about halfway between our homes that we met.
Then a pic of Connie with Daisy Dog at her new home as Daisy Dog Combs!!!
She loves that she has people around all the time now and is rarely alone too 🙂

I am over 1/3 done with the machine quilting now….

 I marked my lines in a beige pencil on this photo… they aren’t straight in the center and in real life they are… they are wavy along the sides… maybe you can see better in this photo below!

Most of my quilting time has been working on HAND QUILTING though….

I am now about 80% complete with the quilting on this quilt… on row 11 of 13 rows in all!!!  SEW EXCITING … soon I will be seeing all the top !!!!

Linking this awesome quilty progress to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching HERE where my tribe of hand stitchers link… come see what everyone is up to… and as for Molly….

She found a home in a box Rick made a few years back for me to use…

Now it is being used to snuggle her as I quilt… she has become used to climbing into the box whenever I am over here at my frame which is daily for sure!!!

I am keeping my stencils under the box so she can’t get to them… she likes nibbling them and teething on them… so they underneath the box to avoid nibbles! lol

Here is where my Sunday will be spent … working on the right side of the quilt…. and potty training Molly and enjoying my honey too ❤

When my honey is able… still dealing with sciatic nerve pains down is right leg… he will be in his new recliner… the quilt you see on the floor is Molly’s for now until I get her a girlie cushion made!

 This Bonnie-ism best describes how I am feeling these days!!!

I will be slow stitching intermittently today and try to drag myself to faster stitching on the machine tomorrow… but mainly I will appreciate this home we live in and this life we are creating day by day for ourselves… how about you??!!


6 thoughts on “Welcoming Miss Molly and MORE stitching done too!

  1. Little Penpen

    Molly is a cutie. Our shihtzu mix is a pretty clean dog that doesn't shed either. Those haircuts can be expensive though, but necessary. Your little girl will need her hair cut from her eyes soon. :-)) My Butterbean loves quilt batting; I had to repair a few spots that he stole from the edges of the quilt I was hand quilting. It's all done now and you can never tell where the batting thief had been. I'm glad Daisy went to a home that you can always visit and continue to know her. She looks happy with your friend. Your hand quilting is beautiful and almost done! How exciting! The machine quilting piece is looking good too. I hope Rick gets some pain relief soon and you guys have a great week.



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