Blessed Memorial Weekend Y’all ~ and a thumble finger cot step by step tutorial!

As this weeks start… it is a solemn long weekend here in the USA… It is a time to remember those that have lost their lives to let us have freedom in America.  So sad it has had to be this way but it is nice to have a national holiday to slow down and remember all that has been lost to give us a democracy.

As I have been pondering this… I have been quilting and also been very busy with other things around the house… so I didn’t think I got that much quilting done to share today… but I HAVE!!!!
I am linking my handquilting progress to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday … come see what others are stitching up too and just follow This LiNK!!!

 I finished 5 set in triangle areas with heart motifs like above.  And below you can see more than 1.

 And I got the butterfly corner motif done too!!!

Now I am ready to roll the quilt a bit…

 And I rolled it… LOVING THE TEXTURE this quilting gives the solid burgandy fabric 😀

 Here it is all rolled now!  I just needed it rolled just a bit to do some stitching in the ditch in each block…

Any suggestions on how to quilt the blocks?  I am still batting around several ideas… lol!  I am just sooo in love with the quilt and the quilting thus far… so happy to have these stencils from my bestie too!!!

I have lost about 17 pounds recently… I have been very focused on this topic to help me and my knees which have debilitating arthritis presently.. but until I lose another 20 pounds or so no one will replace them… so I am staying fervently on the trail of weight loss!

 I am happy to see photos of my self with all this weight gone from me … and excited to see what 20 more pounds will bring 🙂

that close up above was cropped from this photo below.. on the swing in my happy place in our back yard overlooking our pond!

 Here is the pond and the grist mill/water wheel…

 And here is a great big fish swimming in our pond… this fish watches over the baby fish that swim in this area 😀  Can you see the fish??

We have rainbow trout, bass, and crappie… now sure what breed this one is but it likes to swim near the top and swim slowly too! 🙂

Also this week I got a much awaited for plaque for my sewing room with this years theme on it… Hand painted by an Etsy artisan in California…

 Here it is on my main wall you see as you enter the sewing room….

 and here is a closeup of my fave area of the wall…

Do you collect corks?  I love my ampersand cork collection spot!  Lots of crafts in the future will come from these I do believe… and I have FUN collecting them too:D lol!

My honey was VERY busy this week… aside from overworking and getting sciatic pains he drilled the inner divots out of my walking foot making it an open walking foot now!!!

 And he installed our new dishwasher … the appliances were mainly old in the house when we moved in so they all got replaced with stainless but the dishwasher which was new but white… so now the dishwasher matches the rest of the appliances 🙂  And we LOVE it!

 Last week I offered a tutorial on how to make a thumble finger cot … here is the tutorial I made up in Florida but it is exactly as I do it today… in fact I still have my original roll of electrical tape.. it may cost about $5 at a home improvement store but it is well worth it I think!

The only supply you need is white electrical tape.. I do prefer this Scotch brand and some sharp scissors… I use my thread cutting scissors and it doesn’t dull them.

The first photo shows the finger cot on my thumb and the brand of tape I use.  Then cut one piece of tape about 3-4″ long and another piece of tape a couple inches longer.

Cut the shorter piece in half lengthwise and wrap the other piece over itself until it makes a thick 3/8″ or more narrow roll (this is the 3rd photo)

 Now take that rolled up tape and place it on the sticky side of one of the skinny pieces of tape.

Put this on your thumb where you believe you push the needle most often… put the second piece below that but overlapping it … then custom fit it to your thumb to the pieces overlap…

You can take it off when you are done with a sewing session and put it back on the same way just keeping it all one piece now…  Works like a charm 🙂

Happy stitching and don’t forget in this world to …


20 thoughts on “Blessed Memorial Weekend Y’all ~ and a thumble finger cot step by step tutorial!

  1. Little Penpen

    Another wonderful post! I tried duct tape on my middle finger this week, but I ended up poking through the tape after a few passes. I went back to my metal stick on disk. I did like the freedom feel of the tape. I just might try again with your idea. How are you losing your weight? You look great. We've been low carbing and I have lost 10 pounds but seem to be stuck there. I need to start moving more, that's for sure. I saw the big fish in the pond. You two must get so much entertainment from watching them. The quilt is looking great… the butterfly is wonderful!!! How exciting to have all new appliances at one time. I've never had that good fortune. Have a happy Memorial Day weekend!


  2. CathieJ

    I too am on a weight loss journey in the hopes of easing my bursitis…and looking good for my daughter's future wedding. I have a J just like your & that is filled with corks. I have more corks than I know what to do with….big wine drinkers here. I have made a tray with them and I have a trivet waiting to be made. I love your quilting. That quilt just blows me away. Do you use stencils or free-hand? Do you have a good stencil source if that is what you use.


  3. Design Originals by KC

    Hey Penny, Hope you see this reply! Don't use DUCT tape… use electrical tape and use that padded extra piece too 🙂 Hope this helps! Glad you could see the fish too! Hope your Memorial weekend was a blessed extended time off the normal routine for ya! Kathi


  4. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    I am not on weight loss plan but wonder if you do any exercises for upper body or floor exercise that might help too? I think if you search you tube you might find exercise for those with arthritis or something like that – my sister found some but don't know the names of the classes. You are looking well on your swing and all looks lovely


  5. Design Originals by KC

    Cathie, good luck on your weight loss.. I am noting more sags than I care to mention now that I am losing weight! lolI get my stencils from \”The Stencil company\” and \”International Stencils\” both online companies… the first one is easier to search for but the second one has more to offer once you know what you want… I do some freehand and some stencil work in my designs and some adding to stencils to stretch them out to fit the space 😀 Thanks for visiting Cathie 🙂 Kathi


  6. Design Originals by KC

    Thanks Kathy, I do believe we have found our piece of paradise here… I can't help but share a bit of the loveliness we find each day in my weekly posts… I also love the quilting I am making here and the solid fabric really shows it well.. my honey can't wait for me to finish it to see it on the bed! lol Kathi


  7. Design Originals by KC

    I do range of motion exercising now but need to ramp it up as I am noticing some \”hanging\” areas are developing with the loss of weight. There is a great gal on tv PBS but I can't recall her name.. I will search and hopefully find her… with no DVR I get frustrated to even watch tv at all.. but youtube I may could do and she may be on there… she specializes in low impact range of motion exercises… we saw her daily when in the hotel but that was a different tv system than the cable we have now… lol! thanks for visiting and for the complements! Kathi



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