A Flimsy Story… with a Happy Ending!

First I would like to wish all you moms, grandmas, and great grands too a Happy Mother’s Day!!!

I am excited to join my fellow slow stitchers today at Kathy’s Quilts for Slow Stitching Sunday HERE… if you do ANY hand work at all come on over there and get inspired at her LINKY PARTY!

I have a Flimsy Story to share and it has such a happy ending I can’t wait to get there!!! lol

Once upon a time there was a bunch of beautiful fabrics and a pattern all cut out and ready to sew!

Slowly and surely with the help of Gloria my vintage Singer 301a I sewed a few of the pieced together… 
And got one red and one blue background star… then I got sew excited a made 59 more!!!
And my new design wall was FULL!!!  Now time to sash them all together in diagonal rows to make a proper center…
Then add some fabrics for borders…
Don’t forget to miter a few times too!!!
And some finesse of leftover bits for the outer border…
And before you know it there is a flimsy!!!
Hanover Stars is born into a quilt top that is 104″ square… since it isn’t yet loaded on my hand quilting frame it is a flimsy… but here is where the happy ending starts coming into play!
Add a wide backing fabric I just love with the era of this quilt…

 Add a bit more batting when the front runs a bit short 😮

 Whip stitch it on with love and care!!

And a quilt is ready for hand quilting!!!!

I will share better photos of my view next Sunday… but for now know that this is where you will find me in our new home finally back to hand quilting at my Hinterberg frame!!!  A different chair (repurposed to my spot) and a new table … occasionally a glass of wine for relaxation and clarification… and I am ready to go!!!
Hope you liked that happy ending! I surely did 😀
Meanwhile my honey has been getting his man cave up and running and organized too!
He straightened out the garage so we could get both vehicles in it… and built a cool workbench and shelf above… he also has a view of the grist mill from his man cave heaven!!!
Here is a view of the outside a few months ago…about 500 square feet big… he is ecstatic!!! 
Here is a view of our neat and tidy garage… our second vehicle on the left is a golf cart we use all around our property!!! 😀

 Here are some flowers we planted below the flag pole this week ….

 And a nice shot of our healthy and growing corkscrew willow in the front yard…

 Out past the pond in the back yard is a garden and we have about 50 strawberry plants left to us by the previous owners!!! WOW 50 plants!!!! 

 They are starting to produce strawberries though and we had a early ripe one this week… soooo sweet and yummy!

Then my honey found me a cool 4 leaf clover in the garden too…

 Wowee!! Do I feel blessed 😀

Finally this quote and this quilting inspired me this week.. I find it sew true!!!

Take time to enjoy the beauty that is all around you… and make time to use your hands to make something amazing this week!  Happy Mom’s Day and happy Sunday y’all… thanks for visiting!

P. S.  My Blog Anniversary is coming up next weekend…7 years y’all!  Come back next Sunday to see how I am celebrating 🙂  You won’t wan’t to miss it!!!


10 thoughts on “A Flimsy Story… with a Happy Ending!

  1. Gretchen Weaver

    Hanover Stars is beautiful, just lovely! I can't wait to see the quilting designs you use for the hand quilting. You have such a lovely view while quilting. I'm looking forward to next Sunday and seeing the quilting process. Happy stitching!


  2. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    so nice to see the quilt on the frame – it is always a wonderful feeling isn't it. It seems that you are pretty much settled now in North Carolina and ready to sit back in daily life and get going. Everything looks so pretty.


  3. Teresa

    Loved reading through your blog. I am a first time visitor, followed the link from Kathy's blog, slow stitching Sunday (or something like that.)


  4. Little Penpen

    I just love your story about the birth of your new quilt. It looks amazing on the frame and I can just imagine how accomplished you must be feeling right now! Every man dreams of having his own space and I'm happy that your hunny got his own at your new place. Your landscape is beautiful. I hope to get a few flowers out and work in the yard a little this week. We lost several bushes from the hard freeze in January, so we are replacing and redoing a few spots. It's supposed to be hot!!! Enjoy your inside stitching!



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