Happy May 2018!!!

Did you celebrate any of early May’s special days???  

I celebrated THIS ONE!!!
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I celebrated May the 4th with this view…
Yep!!!  All the blocks are made for Hanover Stars quilt center… Now to get them put together!!! lol
But let’s review if you are interested in seeing how I quickly pieced each these 61 blocks 🙂  As May 2 opened with this view…
Now at block 20 of 20 blue blocks in this round…
I pick out 8 blocks that don’t match but coordinate… and add the center block that is the same throughout the quilt…
Then I take the 4 middle blocks on each edge and add corners to them to “snowball them 😀

 Star points happening here…

 After cutting off the one side and adding the star point to the opposite side and cutting off the excess I have a star in pieces…

 Then I web the block to hold it together and not get the pieces mixed up as I sew them all together….

 Finally!!!  The last block is complete and set into place after being sliver trimmed to size 😀

Next up was to trim down the sashings and cornerstones… I had to coffee stain the sashings to get them dark enough…
The sashings have a story… they started out bright white in fabric color from my stash… I tea stained and tea stained again and dried each time and yet not dark enough to look civil warish like this quilt is.  So finally I got “jiggy” with it and made some very strong coffee and soaked them for about 15 or 20 minutes .. rinsed and dried until completely dry in a hot dryer… now they are finally a color we LOVE ❤

 And trimmed as they had been cut in a tea died color that wasn’t enough… they were then tea died and coffee stained to get the right color from them… and were stringy! lol

 See how those sashings look now though… they really REALLY coordinate with the quilt.. and from my stash!!! 😀

So today I will start piecing the quilt together into a whole center… I have planned borders and we shall see how those work out when I see how big this center works … we want a quilt that is about 103″ square before washing … I have a wide backing that is 108″ and plan to put this on my 109″ wide frame to quilt… so all should be GREAT!!!
I am sooo anxious to get to quilting this quilt though… this is a meme I saw on facebook on a friends page.. it is sooo how I feel too!
Meanwhile, we have been working in the garden and planting flowers too!  So far we have tomatoes planted (with cages)… a pot set out for a spearmint plant I got that just needs some rich soil for it to grow in …. we have squash, green beans, watermelon and LOOK what the previous owners left for us to enjoy….
Yes we have about 20 or more strawberry plants… we also have blueberry bushes that may be too young to produce but we have about 15 of those bushes… we have peach trees and apple tree too and some grapes to enjoy … all is waking and looking like it will be fun to enjoy this year!!!
And where the flowers got planted… will show a pic of all the flowers next week once they have settled in but for now… our flag pole & a close up of our lone plant waiting for friends! lol
Chrysanthymums start… 
So for now I will close as I have gotten some housework that was neglected as I pieced and planted done… now back to piecing and planting!!!  More next Sunday!!!  Hope you have a great Sunday and spend your week preparing for a wonderful upcoming Mother’s Day too and remember to…

3 thoughts on “Happy May 2018!!!

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    my brother's blueberry bushes are usually ready to pick berries in the first week or so of June and you are a little behind us so yours if you have berries should be ready around the mid to late June I would think, wait to pick until they are a deep purple/blue and they are delicious.The quilt looks great, it will be on the frame before you know it


  2. Little Penpen

    Strawberries are on the go here in eastern NC. Yours should be coming along soon. I like seeing how your blocks went together. Breaking it down like that makes it look a lot less complicated. You got those things together in a hurry and they are beautiful. I'm glad you are making time to enjoy the property, too.



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