A Revival, A Review, A Finish & A Start to share…

Hope you are having happy weather where you are located.. as I write this I hear the birds chirping and see the water wheel slowly turning… life is good here in the mountains 😀

I first want to share my revival… as I waited for the stars to align and begin piecing my next hand quilting project… I decided I must finish a 9 patch sampler I started several years back and only have 4 usable squares of… I always imagined it to be 9 or 12 squares… well Bonnie’s latest block in Quiltmaker make the perfect center square…

And Tinkerbell took center stage!!! lol

Soon I have 8 other 9 patch variation blocks all complete and looking nicely together so I sashed and corner squared them…

into a cute little flimsy… 42″ square is this quilt top and it is now back in the closet with that hot pink sashing fabric to be the binding and maybe an outer border too… we will see when it makes a reappearance for some Tinkerbell loving girl ❤

Now … FINALLY !!!  Time to start the cutting  and organizing for Hanover Stars… this will be a big queen quilt finishing just over 100″ and will be hand quilted and on our bed … SEW EXCITED!!!!

No pics were caught during the cutting stages unfortunately… but here are all the pieces cut and ready to make a quilt…

Then I even took time to make the lines on the back of the little 2″ squares that would be star points in the blocks… 490 of them!!!

During this process the ampersand came in the mail!  My honey painted it as it was hot pink and wouldn’t match the decor and it now finishes out that corner in my sewing room!!!

With life at peace all around and no other projects begging to be completed but this one I could focus on STARS!!!

My honey fell in love with this project too when he saw these stars and soon started on the final project for my sewing room… the design wall!!!!

Meanwhile I got a wonderful tool for my sewing room from a GREAT Craftsy sale….

I love it compared to my Olfa square rotating mat… this one glides around with moderate pressure to turn it… when you push down hard it doesn’t move though… so it won’t spin when you are cutting but will turn when you want it to… easily… see how nice and thick the whole thing is???  Also it is all one piece that doesn’t come apart like the Olfa one does.  So I am sold and happy!!!

Anyone want a gently used 12″ square Olfa rotating mat???  I am looking to rehome it for the cost of shipping only!

I got the idea for the design wall from how my friend Karen at Quilts, etc… HERE did her design wall.  I used 1″ thick insulation board I got from Lowe’s.. my honey cut them to fit the space I had saved for designing… and once “dry fitted”

We worked together to cover them with wide back flannel in a mottled cream color.  We taped it to the back side using duct tape…

Then once well adhered we hung them back into place.. using stars painted metallic red to camouflage the screws and also to keep them from wallowing holes in the insulation boards 😀

Ta Dah!!!  A design wall was born… and used…

Doesn’t it look nice with the progress I have made on this project!!!

I need 61 stars total… right now I am working on blue stars… there will be alternating blue and red ones… with light cream sashing and black print cornerstones 😀  I am loving this project.. then there will be borders too to make it just over 100″ square as the pattern on gives it 96″ and no borders… I have to do something to make it mine ! lol

Above is where you will find me today… sewing in the sunlight by the water wheel and listening to the birds chirping and bees buzzing … LOVE MY LIFE Y’all!!!

Yesterday we took a ride about on the golf cart… I made a collage of all the goodness to share with you from our Lazy Daisy homestead!

Enjoy and have a blessed Sunday!!!  And remember to….

P. S.  Today I share 7 wonderful years 
         of memories with my honey…Image result for 7th anniversary
                                                         Soo BLESSED!!!

5 thoughts on “A Revival, A Review, A Finish & A Start to share…

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    happy 7 year anniversary!!! so glad my design wall inspired you for one of your own – having the space for a design wall just really adds creativity to a sewing room I'm so glad your new place had room for one. I didn't realize the circle cutting mat was in one piece I thought it was two like the square one is. I will have to put it on my next sale shopping list for sure and so glad you have had good deals through Craftsy. The pattern you show of Bonnie's is one I plan to use from scraps – I printed out the pattern so I wouldn't loose it and have it sticking on a nail above my table right now so it reminds me lol — did you read on Bonnie's blog this morning that she bought a huge Victorian house near their cabin and she is going to stop traveling in a couple years and have a retreat center instead!! so cool and neat if you haven't seen it pop over to her blog and read it.


  2. Jill

    Great progress on all your endeavors: 7 year anniversary, lovely new home, a cute sewing room, quilt stars, and a very nice design wall. It is nice to hear that you appreciate and are enjoying it all.


  3. Little Penpen

    Happy Anniversary to you two! Everything looks so pretty and I would probably get myself a good chair or swing to sit down by the creek. I love the sound of the creek waters running through. Your design wall is wonderful and I really want to do one in my little sewing room. I had thought of just hanging a flannel backed table cloth on the wall. Yours looks so sturdy and your new star blocks are looking great on your new design wall. I just noticed that your sewing machine table fits so well in the corner. Is it made for a corner? I don't think I've ever seen one like that before. Happy your found a new cutting mat that works for you. I think having one that rotates would make life a lot easier. I'm still plugging away on my big stitch; just a flower or two at a time, but I do enjoy stitching this way. I gifted the baby quilt yesterday at a baby shower and the couple seemed to really like it. I don't have any babies on the way right now, but I'm itching to make ahead a few baby quilts. Have a great week!


  4. CathieJ

    Happy Belated Anniversary! Oh my goodness do I love your stars. Those fabrics are gorgeous. Your homestead is so pretty and your design wall is wonderful.



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