Sew Happy to be Slow Stitching!!

Today I happily join in at Kathy’s Slow Stitching HERE for the first time in over a month y’all!  We have been moving from east Florida north to southwest North Carolina USA.  If you wanna see about that check out my post from last week… this week I want to share my hand quilting !!!

Okay so this may not look like much but I haven’t seen this quilt in 1 month since I had to pack it all up!!!

So this is how our living room space started… all pics show very few boxes but THEY ARE THERE!!! lol

 I did also take advantage of Craftsy Unlimited for me to enjoy and my honey too as they offer wood working and wood TURNING classes!!!

 Here is my current Facebook profile pic too!!!

 See the water gristmill out the window as we enjoy the gas logs keeping us warm??  LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!

 Daisy was glad to get back to her place next to her daddy in their chair!!!

 And this Bonnie-ism helped me really refocus…

But it made me wonder if my honey was watching what I posted as the next morning I woke to a Christmas morning event!!

 While I was sleeping from total exhaustion of continual unpacking… he stayed up and made our living room into a functional space!!!

I love how he moved my quilt frame over to the windows for a great view of our pond!!

 And the TV with our picture and special blankets on the quilt holder… and our Singer trash can… all put together…

 I was happy that the sellers of this place left the valances here…

 And my makeshift desk….

 Becomes this…

My honey has really taken good care of me in this crazy move!!!
So here is my PVC I got ready to quilt with… on the wholecloth I was last working on…

 I enjoy sitting in this rocking chair… I LOVE LOVE LOVE the lumbar pillow too!

 Now to just ALLOW myself time to quilt over finishing unpacking!!!

Before I close I do wanna show what we saw for the first time in 6 years too…

The snow lasted a couple days and is probably the last for this season… spring is here and though it remains cool outside… soon the warmer weather will be upon us.
If you live in the USA and are interested in any of these 3 groups… leave me a message below with your Paypal email address… I am happy to invoice you via Paypal… otherwise Monday these will go on Facebook sale sights for sale as I need to desperately destash some fabrics and things… so I thought I would try first here!!!  😀
The top photo is about 1 yard plus the fat quarter of light green… the juvenile prints are over 1/2 yard and 1/4 yard of school fabric…. and the modern prints are fat eighths mostly intact.. 1 piece has a bit gone but mostly all is there on them 😀
Hoping you all made it this far!  Don’t forget to look at last weeks post if you are interested in more about our move and things 🙂
Have a happy day and enjoy my new sign off for this year!


6 thoughts on “Sew Happy to be Slow Stitching!!

  1. CathieJ

    Thanks for the photo tour. Your new home looks wonderful and what a pretty, cozy place to quilt. I think it is great that your quilt frame has a view to the outdoors.


  2. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    I love that Rick put your quilting frame in front of the window I wish I could put mine in an area like that – you will so love being able to glance up and look outside – especially if it happens to be snowing 🙂 everything looks so nice and you will now find less and less boxes to unpack and see everything going in its place and be happy with it. Your quilting is so nice and such tiny stitches glad you were able to get that going again and so glad you are enjoying your craftsy subscription – thank you for ordering through my links!


  3. Jill

    You are settling in quite well and quickly with both of you working hard. IMHO it is easier to pack than unpack. Packing involves putting stuff in boxes. Unpacking entails finding a place to put the stuff in unfamiliar surroundings. The valances add a homey touch and such a nice view from the windows. Daisy is all settled and how nice for you to be able to take a few stitches.


  4. Little Penpen

    I'm totally impressed that you have a quilt set up already! I'm glad you enjoyed your first snow in NC, but please tell mother nature she can bring on some real spring time weather now!! 😉



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