Unpacking and getting settled in our Shangri-La we call the Lazy Daisy!!!

Wow y’all! It has been exactly 1 month since my last post I realized when I went back to review my last post… so sorry for the delay but we just moved into our dream home!!!!  Check out this view …

This is a completely different home than the one I shared in my last post… it has been a very crazy and busy month for sure!!!

First let me say all went well with the move out of Florida…

Here is our “plenty big enough” 17 foot uHaul

 Here is our “not quite big enough uHaul” and the Nissan Rogue getting filled up too…

Now you can see our uHaul… with me following in the SUV … leaving Florida officially for the last time!!!!  Yippee 😀

And as I mentioned… the house I had shared with you before is NOT the one we wound up with… it had MANY issues so during the time we could walk away we chose to do just that and found this little morsel of awesomeness….

That is a view from the road leading to the house… it is between 2 mountains in the Nantahala National Forest in North Carolina 😀

Here is the house… and I get my very own clothes line to display quilts on or… to dry laundry on 😀 … and a great big shop to the left 🙂

Here is an overhead view of our pond home…

And here is a view of the back of the house…

One of my fave spots is right here…

 This swing and the pergola are just amazing to me… a great place to watch the sparkly pond and fish in it!!!

The grist mill or water wheel as some call it… is quite unique and amazing… my honey (the engineer) wants to hook something up to it and make it make energy for us 😀  We shall see how long that takes to make a generator of sorts out of this grist mill…

Here is a video showing the grist mill working too!!!

It is very cool… and we found out from a neighbor the pond and grist mill, home and out building were all designed over a 25 year period from 1 man who owned it … then he sold it to the couple we bought it from.  We plan to keep it for as long as we are able to care for it!!!

This is our Lazy Daisy hangout… our Shangri-la of sorts 😀

This property is 1 1/2 acres of bliss… we have peach trees, apple trees, blueberry bushes, rose bushes of several sorts, forsythia, burning bushes, grapes, lilies, buttercups, corkscrew weeping willow, weeping willow tree, and more to enjoy as the seasons come and go year after year… so I will be learning how to preserve all the fruits in the most healthy way that we may enjoy them as time goes by… we have this spring house if I can figure out how to make preserves and jams…

See this spring house holds all our spring fed water stuff and keeps it out of the weather so none of those pipes freeze… all the water coming off the house is diverted away via piping the original owner installed.  The folks we bought the homestead from were plant officials so they really spent time tending the outdoors.. we will enjoy the outdoor spaces this home offers … but will put some time and effort into interior maintenance needs and making the home feel less disjointed.

The master bedroom for instance is small and the bathroom off it is smaller… so we have opted for the largest bedroom as our master and the hall bath as our main bath to use… It has plenty of space… there is a bedroom off the living room that will soon be a sewing room for me … and my honey can use the living room to fix up featherweight sewing machines and I will have my quilting frames set up there … by these windows and this fireplace…

It is a gas fireplace.  Rick plans to put a wood burning fireplace in his shop (outbuilding).  So that will be nice too… it is a vinyl sided building matching the house but has a single garage door opening and windows… best of all it has a tin roof though… so we will go out there in summer rain time and enjoy the sound of rain on the roof 😀

As for quilting … I am in full on withdrawals at present!!!

I haven’t quilted a stitch since we left Florida.  But I have visited some nice LQS’s

and found a great place to buy some civil war fabric lot  of fat quarters someone was destashing!!!!

I fell in love with this pattern for these civil war fabrics….

I won’t have mine laid out just like theirs but similar 😀  My honey is enamored with old style quilts and I love the repros I was able to attain for a song!!!  Once my sewing room gets set up I will start on this project for our bed.  I will add a outer border to make it just a bit larger too … we like a roomy queen quilt!!!

Presently we are enjoying a queen air mattress I bought for visitors… in the living room as we clean the house and carpets (only in the bedroom are carpeting).  As we make this home our own.

I am currently pinching myself that this is all ours to enjoy as long as we can keep up with all it needs… did I mention there is a substantial garden space and greenhouse too??? WOW … really except for electric and tv/internet we could easily be off grid here… we don’t even get USPS here at our house… we have to go down the road to the post office where we have a po box!!!!

So as we enter Slow Stitching Sunday I hope to be getting my slow stitching whole cloth found and started back on in my PVC frame.  We are still looking for pots and pans… vacuum sealer and other kitchen stuff too…. but it will all be found eventually 😀

Thanks for keeping us in your hearts and minds as we complete our transition.

Hope you have enjoyed this pic heavy post!  Have a blessed week and I hope to be back next week with good hand quilting progress to share…. I will have to grow back my callouses as they have disappeared in the last month!!!

I am taking my own advice to you all… living a life I can LOVE ❤

P. S.  While I love this sentiment for this year… the pic with my signature will change to a mountain view I think… this is my heart now and am NOT missing Florida at all… just a few good friends who still reside there!


7 thoughts on “Unpacking and getting settled in our Shangri-La we call the Lazy Daisy!!!

  1. Gretchen Weaver

    What a lovely new home, so glad you walked away from the not so great place and found this treasure. I felt peaceful just reading about it. Can't wait to see the new quilt you start. Happy Stitching!


  2. Jill

    The NC home is charming in a beautiful setting. I am so glad you were able to walk away and avoid possible issues. Jams are not too difficult. I follow the pectin recipe on the box as that is most current and the safe method. Slow Sunday Stitching is a perfect day for you to rest, stitch, and catch your breath from the past month. Thanks for the update.


  3. CathieJ

    What a pretty new home. I love the pond-side seating space and that little gristmill is so pretty. The sound of moving water is always so peaceful and calming. Enjoy the process of settling in and making that house your own. I look forward to seeing your take on that quilt.


  4. Little Penpen

    I am so happy for you guys! Does the tourist train from Bryson City or Dillsboro run by your property? If so, you will have to def. hang some quilts out for their viewing pleasure. Awesome!!!


  5. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    thanks for sharing all the wonderful views of your new place, so happy for you that you found this place after the first one fell through. I hope you will not have a train going past too often up on that hill in back of you – I don't mind a train now and then if I was near. yes jams and jelly's are not hard to do, just follow the directions on the box of pectin. You can do them in hot water baths or pressure cooker canner – I opt for the water bath as I do not have a pressure cooker canner. I love to freeze fruit but if you have a lot you would need to get a freezer as you would have too much for your refrigerator/freezer. Canning is more work – but some prefer can fruit.



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