Slow Stitching is my SANITY ya’ll!

Looking for just the right opening for this post… I found this …

And wish each of you that came to read my blog today a very Happy Weekend!

I have made very good strides hand quilting this week and have moved the quilt 2 different times!

Here was where I was when I wrote my blog last week…

 But through the day Sunday I made great strides…

 By Tuesday I was here…

 And on Wednesday… Happy Belated Valentine’s by the way…  Isn’t this patchwork and applique someone on facebook shared just lovely!!!!  I hope to make something like this one day…

Meanwhile… I was here on the wholecloth quilting…

 Then I made this progress….

Finally the packing has moved us into our bedroom so now my quilting area is here…

 where the desk used to be attached to the wall! lol

 Here is a view of my quilting area this morning after my second move of the quilt…

 And a close up of where I will spend my quilting allotted time today! 😀

I am loving this project as we are packing and sorting and selling and trashing .  It gives me consistency to turn to when everything else is just “will this go… if so will it fit the u-haul moving truck we are renting?”  That is our question for everything we are taking these days too!

So this is / was our dream home in the Appalachian foothills…

the fairly curvy steep driveway opens up to this lovely view of the home we want to call home.. but inspections are coming back and problems are being unearthed.  So it is not clear but what we do know is that we will be closing this house out midweek and moving up to North Carolina with each other and our pup Daisy Mae… in a uhaul.

Our car is having some manufacturer issues with the transmission… and we are negotiating it’s return before leaving too… so we don’t know if we will be traveling alone following each other or if we will all be squeezed into the uhaul for our journey north…

Someone in one of my facebook groups shared this picture this week.. from Pinterest… aren’t they lovely!

I think we are likely to see cute birds like these in Appalachia country… we shall see!!!

More info to come as we know more too… I will be sharing a Friday or Saturday post on this topic so that next time I share with Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching it is only about lovely slow stitching I will be doing not all the angst happening behind the scenes as well.

Please keep this home in your mind and keep prayers for us making the right decisions in your hearts is our request!

Have a blessed weekend and week ahead whatever your focus is.  We are excited to leave Florida in our rear view mirrors however things turn out and return to a land where there are seasons while the beach will just be a short driving vacation away!!!

Now go on over to Kathy’s Quilts blog and see what other slow stitchers are linking up right HERE!

Here is our goal in this move… what is your goal for this month… or this year??!!

Leave me a comment with your response if you like 😀


8 thoughts on “Slow Stitching is my SANITY ya’ll!

  1. Deb

    Your whole cloth quilt is really looking great and nice to have some place to stitch while sorting through issues with inspections and moving. All will work out in the end and you will soon be living the life you love.


  2. Little Penpen

    The quilt is moving right along and will be on your bed in your new home soon. Is your car a 4 wheel drive? If not, you may look into something like that, because we lived on a steep drive,and could not have made it up several times without 4WD. Something to think about!! Praying things work out for your new home.



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