Resetting for 2018!

It was just a few days into 2018 that I finished that great big quilt that was on my frame… well it has been washed a couple times and checked for any issues then dried and gifted!!!

My son and DIL loved it sooo much they put it right on their bed my son built for them!!!

So now it is time to start on something new… or should I work on a UFO to free my pvc frame I haven’t used in over a year or more!!! lol

Well I have decided 2018… while we are waiting for the right buyer to come along to buy our home… will be a good year to work on UFO’s too… once this quilt is complete… Binding IS cut and ready to sew together and attach… I will work on my colorful wholecloth quilt that hasn’t seen light in a couple of years!!! Wow!!!  This will be earth shattering for me to finish both of these UFO’s… and I will I think because I am ready to face this challenge in my life.  Here is a quote from Bonnie Hunter that is quite fitting for me right now…


I can look at this as a goal as well as a focal point for where I am in life 🙂  Can you??

So as I make slow but sure progress on this Starlight Starbright quilt meant to be for my daughter some day…

 And I also make slow but sure progess on these Kaleidoscope Krazy blocks… need 132… have 26 hahaha!

 I am pondering my next quilt to piece… for our bed that my honey has helped me choose the colors on and my bestie will help me fulfill those requests…  I also wonder…
 What are you all up to??  What are your plans as we are biting into 2018???

Are you living the life you love right now??  I certainly hope you can look back on decisions you are making and life you are living and be happy with yourself and your decisions 😀

So until my next post…

Linking this very hand work happy post to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday linky party HERE

Come wish her sickness to go away soon and see what other hand focused people are making and doing this fine new year!!!


7 thoughts on “Resetting for 2018!

  1. Little Penpen

    Your son and DIL are so blessed to have you to make something so beautiful for them! I'm sure the quilt is fabulous on the new bed he built! I want to finish some UFO's too, but am alway eager to start something new. (part of that comes from seeing so many beautiful things on the internet!) I can't wait to see your whole cloth quilt again; I love that you are using colored threads.


  2. CathieJ

    What a beautiful quilt. Obviously you are a talented family as that bed is fabulous. I am working on a couple of UFOs also, but I have a few new projects that I really want to get started. Life right now is not quite what I hoped for at this time of my life, but crafting often makes it more enjoyable. I do like the quote that you posted.


  3. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    congratulations on the finish – it is lovely! I thought you had finished the black/gray quilt for your daughter – I missed that somehow thinking it was done but just put away – now will be a good time to finish it. We all have a lot of projects to make progress on this year don't we. Good luck on yours!



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