On your mark… get set… DONE!

Wowee ya’ll!  My last post just a couple weeks ago showed me at 3/4 done… I have now got this view to enjoy!!!

The goal had been to have this off the frame for New Years day … we need to disassemble it for our upcoming move… but this morning I was able to finish the quilting on the quilt that was on this frame and take it all off!!

Now to make up binding and attach it and decide on wording for the label and embroider it on there too… and sew it on!  I am just so excited still though that I am looking at this empty frame a day early if not more !!!

 I worked on this quilt every day as we have packed, cleaned, sold, and gave away things to downsize and prepare for our upcoming move…

Here is a nice shot I took but didn’t date… I think it was 1 1/2 weeks ago though…

 I had lots of questions in my hand quilting facebook group so I made this photo tutorial…

 And shared this one too…

 Someone asked if the chank and Mark B Gone went away easily and they do but I also made this photo to show it! 🙂

 Here is the quilt with just a bit more quilting left to happen in the borders…

And with EVERYTHING marked!!!

 Here are some highlights of some personalizing I embroidered on the center top of the quilt for the newlyweds…

 The layer cake I used to make this quilt with…

 A fresh photo of the newlyweds they shared for Christmas…

I think my son looks like a mountain man at 6′ 7″.. and his wife is only 5′ 1″ lol!!!  But aren’t they cute 😀

Meanwhile I have still been aking slow but sure progress on a quilt to be hand quilted!!!

 And dreaming about a wall hanging I like for my future sewing room once we sell this home and find a new smaller home 🙂

Sharing this post with Kathy’s Quilts today… come see what other hand stitchers are linking up on this cool day for most of the USA HERE!
Here is a preview of my focus for 2018….

 And with that… I am out of time for now so will post and answer each of your comments if you are able to accept a reply.

Have a blessed day and a Happy New Year 2018!  Make sure you take time to Love One Another today!!!


8 thoughts on “On your mark… get set… DONE!

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    well now that the quilting frame is empty and you have it dismantled I hope it will not take a long time to sell the house – I would hate for you to have to wait until next year to quilt again! Good luck – the quilt is wonderful – happy new year


  2. Dar

    So glad you got your quilt finished before the end of the year and that you can enjoy an empty frame. Best wishes for a productive and loving 2018 for you and your family. Hope you find the home that you want.


  3. Jill

    Congrats on a pretty quilt year-end finish. Feels good. Your room will appear bigger to prospective buyers. Appreciate the marking tools comparisons. Personally, the white lines from chalk pencil show up more on the dark fabrics. Best wishes in the new year especially with a major move.


  4. Little Penpen

    Congrats! on such a pretty and QUICK finish. You amaze me with how fast you can turn out a hand quilted quilt. I love all your designs and stitches. Happy New Years to you and your honey…. I hope NC will be your new home soon.



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