3/4 Done with Amethyst Stars and MORE !

Hello All!  Hope you are have a happy holiday season wherever you reside in the world !!!

I have been plugging away at this quilt … Amethyst Stars and am now over 3/4 done 😀

Actually it calculates to 80% complete on the rows I have done but the top edge… that is starting to show when I rolled to Row 12… in this shot…

with the next roll a row of green will then be visible!!!  Stay tuned to see if I finish this quilt up though before the New Year!!!  That is my goal is to have this off the frame before we move!!!

And speaking of moving…

 Our Casa del Loro is officially on the market for sale!!

Here is what I posted on Craigslist before the house went up for sale though in the back yard…

Which left us here….

 Then with some hard work by my honey and our yard folks…. we got it to this 😀

While all this change was happening in the back yard… look who I was hanging out with ….
And I even did a bit of retail therapy for the Season … for myself! lol
I got some hand knit wool socks that are made of a wool that will let me wash them too!!!  I got them off Etsy… just leave a message if you want more info on these!
Now that we are talking again about hand done things… let’s chat about quilt marking…

I am using chalk… both actual chalk pencil and Pounce mainly for marking but some squares are light enough to mark with a blue wash away marker too….

Above you can see the Pounce pad and the chalk pencil as well as my thimble by Clover 🙂
Now you can see the perle cotton big stitched on those lines below!
I am linking all this fun slow stitching progress… and where I will be spending most of my time today as well to Kathy’s Quilts for Slow Stitching Sunday Linky… see what others are slowly making at her linky party HERE!
When I quilt I occasionally indulge during the holidays in a bit of Peppermint bark by Dove!! Yummm
I love the holiday sayings on them too!!!  Do you have a fave snack you indulge in during the holidays???
Although I haven’t worked on this this week… I have been making a bit of progress on a future hand quilting project… by getting some blocks machine pieced… here are 9 all done and laid out on the carpet….
this is really gonna be a Krazy Kaleidoscope quilt too I think when all done!!!  all but the greys I used are from my existing stash too ~  LOVING IT!!!!
One thing we will certainly miss in our location in Florida is seeing the rockets launch from our back yard… look closely at this shot and you can see the comm trail rising toward that big cloud… it is the trail left by the Space X rocket earlier this week from Cape Canaveral Florida due south of our home 😀
Finally from our home to yours we wish you a Happy Christmas!!!!

Take time to listen to some Christmas tunes… Pentatonix has a new album out and I have been enjoying it via headphones and even on the Bose speaker… quite remarkable what they do with little to no actual instruments but those given to them by birth !

Have a blessed Christmas… please keep our home sale and subsequent purchase of a new smaller home in your prayers and thoughts!  We are excited to start this new chapter in our lives and look forward to sharing the highlights here as well!

Most important we find it hard to remember for most drivers but show your love for one another and have extra Christmas  cheer when driving this Holiday Season!  This seems to be in short supply when shopping and when driving around here anyway!

Blessed Holidays to you all and don’t forget to….


8 thoughts on “3/4 Done with Amethyst Stars and MORE !

  1. Deb A

    Merry Christmas and hope the selling and moving goes smoothly. Enjoy the above average temps we are enjoying this week. Great job on your quilt – you make such quick progress I am always amazed at what you get done.


  2. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    I sure hope you have luck selling your home and finding a new one that you love. Your quilt looks great and I love the new kaleidoscope quilt – nice socks always nice getting wool socks that can be washed. I love indulging in cookies at Christmas time and only go through a little candy – I will need to keep on putting steps on my fitbit for all the cookies I eat!


  3. Jill

    A lovely home. I am sure you will have no trouble selling. It is nice to seen green grass and foliage. Since you purchased your hand knit socks, it will leave more time for quilting. :-)) Have a blessed holiday season.


  4. CathieJ

    Enjoy your quilting. It is looking wonderful. I can't even think about crafting this year. I am so behind. My holiday indulgence is Ferraro Roche candies. I usually get them in my stocking and limit my consumption to this time of year.


  5. Little Penpen

    How Exciting! the house is officially on the market… I hope your dreams move quickly and you soon find your mountain home in NC. That's cool that you guys have seen the rockets launching from your house. That's truly something most people never see! Your quilt is so pretty and I just love all the different stencil designs you have used. Thanks for the pic and info on the chalk marking. I don't think I've ever seen a chalk pencil before. The scrappy kaleidoscope quilt is going to be beautiful. Your yard looks great…. I'm sure your home will sell quickly. Merry Christmas!!



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