Highs and Lows… and Thank a Veteran too!

Did you recall yesterday was this day??

I thanked my veteran and every veteran I came across… and although this may be an American inspired day each country can participate in thanking a Veteran for this freedoms they now have in the place we call home!

I have been busily quiet… I did get tagged in the latest facebook post to share pics each day in black and white… 7 days with a picture each day… check out my facebook feed to find what I have shared so far  HERE 🙂

I also have fallen into watching this…

 Which ended with this quilt …

WoW!!!  Thumbs up on this series!!!

So today and all weekend I have focused on hand quilting and house cleaning… I am linking my hand quilting progress with Slow Stitching Sunday HERE 🙂

Kathy is asking for tips on lighting … I use very cheap light stands (see the black one in my blog header) with expensive bulbs… they are fluorescent bulbs from Lowe’s in “Daylight” and they work great giving me lots of clear white light to quilt by day or night! 😀  Hope this helps you in your ability to attain good lighting!!!

While I watched the Netflix Chik Flick… I also stitched away and reached the halfway point!!!

 The receivers of this quilt read this blog… so I am including this shot for Heather to enjoy a look at row #8 at the midpoint of the quilt for her and James 🙂  ….

I am really enjoying every turn of the frame on this quilt and happy to share such good progress since my last post here on Sunday’s with Kathy.

We have also been very busy… and decided to take a much needed break to see the leaves change in North Carolina!

Here are some snippets of our journey above…. it was not a relaxing vacation like we planned tho! lol

We did have a great friend keep Daisy for this trip and that was a blessing for sure!!!

Next time we get a wild hair to go north it will not include going through Atlanta though!!!

I took multiple pics of the fog coming up in the mornings off the Appalachian Mountains and not 1 of those shots came out well… so this is my fave pic of what did turn out …

Enjoy the colors of the season wherever you are!!!

Back to quilting and laundry for me… hope you find productivity & bright light in your day!


5 thoughts on “Highs and Lows… and Thank a Veteran too!

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    I avoid Atlanta at all cost and will drive all the way around it LOL – Birmingham AL is another one in the south that we avoid. Love your stitching – glad you were able to get away and see the fall leaves and maybe get some ideas on where you want to – relocate to. I heard that mini series is full of quilts – it is on my list


  2. Little Penpen

    The quilt is coming along so beautifully! We had a beautiful Veteran's Day service at church yesterday. Thanks to your honey for his service! Just say NO to Atlanta, for sure! lol I hope you can find a different route for your next trip to NC. What towns did you visit? I can picture you guys near Asheville… I love that place!


  3. Deb A

    I'll have to check out that series. I need to find something to watch so I can pop into the bedroom and get reacquainted with my quilt frame again. Poor quilt thinks it is neglected. Bummer on the traffic. Hope you had a good time in NC though.



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