Happy Surprises!

Last Sunday I posted that I planned to slow stitch and just enjoy the day… and I did … until I was awakened by my honey and a knock at our front door!!!

Here I am fresh as a daisy after a great nap and my front door knocker … my Bestie!!!  Connie 😀

She drove over 11 hours y’all!!!!

And a group shot… my honey had no idea either she was headed our way for a few days of quilty fun!!!
Here she is after SHE had a little nap after her travels… hand quilting a wall hanging/ future baby quilt for someone very lucky…

 Daisy loves Connie and was by her side most of her time here… we also got another quilt layered… for her oldest daughter to snuggle once HAND quilted…

 We took a tour of the beach too…

 But the waves were up and still lots of trash on the beach from Irma so no driving on it this time.  Then we visited all our fave restaurant.. .a local restaurant and had a belated birthday celebration while we were there…

We also got pedicures while she was here… all in all a lot of quilty and friend soaked loving fun we had for 4 full days and 4 nights… sleeping here and there and quilting LOTS!
We chatted a lot while she was here about goals and plans … for us each… and Rick and I decided now that she had made this spontaneous visit and closed some loose strings really during her visit it was time to get a move on moving to cooler climate and getting our seasons back… so we spent a lot of time researching and came out with some answers…
We want a log cabin style home and we want southern North Carolina area… so we are moving forward and listing things on local sell groups and eBay too… so far we quickly sold these 2 things..

 And this was bought by a lady who will pick it up on the 6th of November… as she was on a Caribbean cruise when she contacted me and made the purchase via Paypal!!!  WOWEE 🙂

Facebook spotting of my son Mike… with my brother and his kids!
Can you believe too that in this next week we will enjoy costumed kids… and adults in a tradition we call Halloween… greet November in … and change time too!!!  Back to Standard time!!!

 My honey and I have been very successful selling things so we went and bought paint for a fresh coat on the house… but this wasn’t mixed right so we had to return it and have a remix….

 Meanwhile… I have been hand quilting ROW #7!!!!

 Here are charms #4 and #5 freshly spritzed and scrubbed clean of the chalk markings…

 And if I didn’t believe this before with all the changes and surprises happening around here I believe it now!!!

And here is a cool “Chrome Locomotive” as it was named… that we saw while driving around our town the other day!!!  Wouldn’t it be nice to have this traveling home for vacations???!!!

Well… time to get back to quilting this morning for me… and who knows what the rest of the day will hold as we have lots of things on local swap shops as we are clearing out the clutter and excess preparing our home to go up for sale. 

I am linking this hand quilting post up with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching linky… come see what everyone is Slowing Down and Stitching!!!  HERE <<<

Keep our sanity in your thoughts and prayers PLEASE as we prepare to change all we know as “normal”!  So for now remember to …


10 thoughts on “Happy Surprises!

  1. Deb

    Love your post, how nice to have spent some quality time with your frined. The backing fabric for the sunbonnet sue quilt is great. Nice progress on your quilting, and how nice to have decided to move and great that you have made some sales already.


  2. Wehago designs

    Wow huge changes for you. I hope all goes smoothly and you find a place you can enjoy and quilt away wildly. Your quilt is moving along and I am sure it will be finished very soon! All the best for your new adventures



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