Scraphappy Saturday ~ A Flimsy Finish!!

This is my first time to participate in Angela’s Scraphappy Saturday linky HERE.. and a machine stitched scrappy quilt top aka flimsy may be a GREAT reason to join in on the fun!!!

Meet Gloria… my favorite child… I do have 4 real kids… but they are grown and gone into their own lives… Gloria lives for the moments I use her… and she loves new adventures 😀

So after being tempted by the fun Bonnie Hunter with scrappy pumpkins… on her blog and quilt cam sessions…

I decided to finally use a phone book… I think I had about 6 saved for the perfect sizes!!! lol

So quicker than I imagined I had 15 scrappy pumpkin forms made… 

Next it was time to come up with a plan… my plan had been to set these 5 across and 3 down.. but these were too cute to be mass produced and quickly sashed!!! LOL

So soon whilst sitting on my back porch… aka Florida room (it is screened and has a water bubbler)  It is a fUN place 😀 … I had this pattern…

 Just using graph paper and pencils… and then I picked 8 of my very favorite and SCRAPPIEST pumpkins 😀

Next it was time to turn them into more a pumkin looking object and remove the phone book paper from their backsides… because I had been studying paper piecing for A WHILE before attempting it! lol  I knew to shorten my stitch length on Gloria to make paper removal easier… sure enough it was off in a FLASH!!!

And I had the beginnings of my pumpkins emerging… Hey a couple even had their stems!!!

And before I realized it I had filled in all the blank spots until I was at a stopping place for the applique..

 Appliqued letters… did I really plan MY FIRST APPLIQUE… on my FIRST PAPER PIECED SCRAPPY Project?? !!  HAHAHA  YEP 😀

So to my fabric chest I went and picked out this shade of golden yellow for the words…

 And to the blog Fabric Therapy and Teresa’s Tutorials HERE for assist in how to best applique my letters!  I printed out “a few” pages of instructions too! lol

 After a couple emails back and forth … she was most gracious… I had my letters planned out and cut out of freezer paper and ironed to the front of my fabric leaving room to trim out the 1/8″ around each letter for turning under with glue stick (this is Teresa’s method and I really like it)!!!

Soon I had the letters trimmed out of the fabric and my tools and technique were taking shape…

 I had 3 words to applique “Happy Fall Y’all!”  Happy was tedious I will admit.. I was tense… but by the time I got to Y’all! … it was MUCH MUCH more fun actually and relaxing 🙂

 Once all that glue stick was good and dry I removed all the freezer paper that remained and glue basted the letters in place with the Roxanne’s Glue baste I had had for (ahem) quite a while waiting to applique or learn to … lol!

 Here is a quick silly snapshot I took of my word “Happy” appliqued down…

 While appliqueing I watched Netflix… these 2 shows were quite entertaining and not distracting to my train of thought as I learned this new skill…

And here I have most all done but the last 2 characters to applique down… when I could focus on it it went quickly… and applique is a great take along project for sure!!!

 Once I finished all the applique I finished the inner turquoise blue sashing edges to let the pumpkins breathe appropriately before adding other borders… but before I added more borders…

I had to rinse out the glues that remained in this piece… they are ALL water soluble…

I rinsed them in a very clean bowl and let it soak initially about 30 minutes… I was cutting borders and straightening up a bit in the sewing room whilst this was going on…

 After several water exchanges until it didn’t get cloudy anymore… it was time to dry it… and wouldn’t you know it had been windy all week long… not a breeze to be found now… so I set it up in front of the fan between a couple chairs… simple ingenuity! lol

 Once dry I added a thin black border to bring out the pumpkin stems… then added the strips of what would be the outer border… this fun candy corn green border…

But it was missing something… hmmm

Fall isn’t just pumpkins… acorns I had been seeing on some quilting sites too!!!  So I downloaded some images of acorn patchwork from google and fashioned my own from a leftover pumpkin rectangle… and added a bit of pumpkin stem fabric for their caps 😀

 And soon I had what I was happy to label and call a Flimsy Finish!!!

 Then to the kitchen area… to open up the rolling cart…

 as a pinning station!!!

 Layered there with cotton/wool batting and some yardage that was 5 or 6 years old for backing.. a black/white / grey print I didn’t get a shot of…  ready to hand quilt!!!

Come back tomorrow and see how I quilt this baby 😀  Currently this is my foyer wall hanging for fall.. I love it but it just isn’t our style anymore… we are evolving I think! lol

 So take time today to …..

 Do something unusual or unexpected… I will try and do the same… don’t forget to follow the link at the top of this post to see what scrappy fun others are up to for Scraphappy Saturday!!!


13 thoughts on “Scraphappy Saturday ~ A Flimsy Finish!!

  1. The Joyful Quilter

    Welcome to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge! You only missed ORANGE month by one week. LOL Seriously, though, you've got a really cute new wall hanging in the works.We'll be looking forward to seeing what you do in PINK for October!!


  2. PaulaB quilts

    So nice to have you join us! I'm dithering and avoiding doing appliqués words for a challenge. That seems like a,good technique. Thanks,for sharing your ups and downs. It,turned out great, y'all.



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