IRMA left us busy!!

So we made it through Hurricane Irma …. her eye was said to have been just 85 miles to left of us… so we were on the destructive side… but we only had minor fence damage and lots of debris to clean up and un hurricane protect the house! lol  We have been soooo busy!!  And in between cleaning up and straightening up my hand quilting needles have been on FIRE!!!

First let me share this dramatic pic of a house around the corner from mine… isn’t this crazy looking!!!

Hey y’all!  Lots of good stuff in my last post on Monday 9/11… HERE <<<  check it out if you missed it 🙂

I am almost done with row 4 on this quilt and ready to fly through row 5…

After my last post sharing my new frame lighting I found at goodwill… several mentioned moving the lights to behind the frame… and it works nicely!!!  Here it is with that set up >>>>

At row 7 or 8 I will have to change the direction of the chain on the outer border too 🙂  That seems exciting to me for some reason… a halfway point in the quilting to be sure is coming SOON!!!

I finished the pillow for my honey I shared on Monday…

Some of the comments included how much stitching I did for a pillow but if you knew my honey… the recipient of this his 3rd wholecloth hand stitched pillow… you know he appreciated each stitch I put in… and I did it mostly during the hurricane prep… so it gave me something constructive to do when the weather people were preaching gloom and doom and uncertainty!!
Linking all this hand quilting fun to Kathy’s Slow Stitching sunday HERE!!!  Come see what everyone is stitching today!! ❤
After finishing that pillow… I machine quilted this pillow and mailed it off on Tuesday…
The recipient was so happy with it that her husband wants one too… in other colors of course and no flowers please! lol   She says it is perfect for watching tv and supporting your head and neck!
What a nice thing… she wanted to pay for it but she is a great friend and I can’t imagine accepting $$ for something like this for a friend. 🙂
I got some new fabrics… after doing some de-stashing on a facebook group and eBay I am re-stashing some stuff I like better now 🙂
Also the cutting mat is new!  I needed one desperately … as the old one was dulling my blade!
With some other fabrics I recently received I made my honey a mug rug for his side of the bed…

 And we have been focused lately on decorating our bedroom… so here are a few snapshots of that…

We are so excited with our new bed frame… a sleigh bed and our new beachy decor…

Next will be to paint the walls a light grey color… and I am planning a quilt that will fit the new bed frame better…

so I got this book…

  and am using this online tutorial by Jordan Fabrics on youtube 🙂

 of course I have my own plans but it includes using a certain ruler by Marti Michell… so I also got that when I bought my new cutting mat… so I am ready set GO!!! for this quilt to start piecing… as soon as the light grey background fabric comes in… that is due MONDAY!!!!

Meanwhile I hand quilt to make headway on that project!!!

Here are some exerpts from the new book I got.. it is an older book and I paid just about $5 with shipping by doing a google search for the best price when a facebook friend told me about it.. it is full of vintage patterns and EASY directions on how to make them !!!

 Also… this week my Nanny (my dad’s mom) turns 99!!!!  This coming weekend they are throwing her a party but she is in Tennessee… so I will not be attending but I sent her a sweets present and a cool card.. I will call this week to wish her a happy day too ❤  99 years old is so amazing and still of sound mind too!!!

 So this week Bonnie (who has a quilt cam today on facebook at 2 pm EDT) posted this and I wanted to share it here if you don’t follow her… Bonnie Hunter is soo inspirational when it comes to quilting and quiltville quotes too!!!

Do you realize YOU are in charge of how you feel???

Hope you have a good week and thanks for the visit here… please leave a comment if you made it this far 🙂  And I hope your week is as blessed as we feel having made it through Irma!!!


8 thoughts on “IRMA left us busy!!

  1. CathieJ

    So glad to hear that you weren't affected too badly by Irma. It is amazing how the lawn just came up with that tree. Your quilt is looking wonderful. The heart shaped pillow reminds of the neck rolls that you see people with on airplanes. It is very pretty.


  2. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    the way that tree fell it looks like they could cut all that sod off and replace it on the yard! sorry the tree fell though – we have had some over the years do just that too. glad Irma left you without a lot of damage – people can always do clean up but so much harder to rebuild a house! Looks like the lamps will work out behind the frame. All the quilts and quilting look great.


  3. Little Penpen

    I'm glad Irma was good to you and your honey. That picture of the tree, looks like someone could just set it up and pat it down. If it were only that easy! Your bedroom looks pretty and you are really moving along on your quilt. Your setup looks great with the lamps behind the frame. You have such a nice quilting space. Your new fabric is pretty. I really like the tan and blue squirrel fabric. I need to use up a lot of odd and end fabrics, so I can justify buying more. I 'think' I have the scrap quilt book that you have, I'll have to look for it tomorrow to see. I wish we were neighbors, maybe you could keep me inspired!!



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