Progress to share that is THIMBLY fun !

Hey ya’ll!  I am so happy to share with you today!  I am glad you stopped in for a visit as well! 
Each morning this week I have been diligently making 12 pairs of 1 7/8″ squares turn into a stack of 24 hst’s! lol  You see each must also be sliver trimmed to remove dog ears and excess slivers to bring them to 1 1/2″ finished size…
So I made the above pic collage to show just how much fun I was having and be able to share it today! lol  I HOPE YOU KNOW I am … Just Kidding about the FUN!!!  
Now I have 6 piles to share and decided this morning I would take the day off! 
I also added to the “fun” by moving around the pin cushion and scissors I use at my 301a Gloria for daily sewing machine use…
This is the pin cushion I chose and my bestie purchased for me on Etsy for my birthday… and these scissors have larger finger/thumb holes for my arthritic knuckles to get in and out of easier … so I moved these from the quilting frame use to Gloria’s cabinet instead… much easier for me when snipping the HST’s apart! lol
All these HST’s will be the points in the stars in this pattern…
EVENTUALLY I will have 14 stacks and have them all done 🙂

After tidying my sewing room I decided to ponder my fabric stash and see if there was anything I could “de-stash”… I found these 5 fabrics of the many I have that I probably couldn’t do justice with at this point… so I have these listed on eBay now HERE is one! 🙂
But my fave progress to share this week is on my hand quilting frame !!!!  This is where I plan to spend my Sunday too!
Here is my view I woke to and where I started stitching this morning…

 Here is what I finished this past week…

 And yes… to show off the blocks with any detail… it took 2 shots…

So as you can tell above .. I FINALLY got in my order stencils on Thursday and am pleased with my assortment to choose from now 😀  Maybe I will play with the panoramic setting on my phone camera… do you use yours ever?? I never have! lol

Several have asked so I thought I would share…

Here are the needles I use for Perle 12 cotton thread… 
They have quite a selection I saw this week now at Joann’s in store… and in the sewing notions department you can find these quilting betweens by Dritz in an assortment of sizes from 5 to 10.  These have a round eye and are easier to thread perle 12 and in the largest size ~ perle 8 even with these needles… or you can use a different style needle instead… but I like how a between handles with my thimbles…                                                                          So I had gone to Joann’s this week to check where these needles were still located and they are NOT with the quilting supplies but with the sewing notions as I mentioned above… and I got a ball of DMC brand perle 12 cotton ecru that I am using in the charm squares for each shape… my ball is almost gone now… and with coupons I got the needles for FREE basically!!!

Me and my bestie use this handmade version of a thimble… I made a tutorial to share with you how to make one for yourself if you are interested ….

I use the white colored electrical tape found at home improvement stores… because the black leaves a black residue.. whereas the white leaves NO RESIDUE when worn all day even!  This style of handmade thimble will last a good while ( 2 days or more?!) for me even with taking it off and on throughout the day! … but still it takes time to make and then use… so I ordered one I had seen being used in my facebook groups…
And I do really like it!  I got this in a Large size for my big thumb.. the medium wouldn’t go wide and flat but this large shapes to my thumb nicely… there is still a getting used to it phase that we have to adjust to.  But if you were thinking of one of these and on the fence about it… Joann’s sells them in the store I THINK and the box is made so you can try it one in the box!  Very cool design. 
The metal thimble on my middle finger is made by Clover but Dritz makes one similar as well..  It is adjustable but is not available in this large size anywhere I can find yet… maybe once more are using them they will.
So there are 2 ways to outfit your thumb for hand quilting/ hand work 😀  Enjoy it!
While quilting in the early mornings … I like to watch some Netflix on my honey’s iPad… currently that is “Good Witch” with the lovely Catherine Bell playing a lead… it is a Hallmark series and I like those!

 While drinking fresh brewed coffee!

We just got a new basic coffee pot … and a holder for our fave sugar substitute “Stevia”… we are making several lifestyle changes presently and Stevia has been a happy one of those!  So we bought the ceramic container to hold it with ocean shell motifs on it at goodwill for all of .99 cents! lol

Well that is all for now I think.  I look forward to seeing what you are each up to … I am linking this to Kathy’s Quilts today HERE… Hope you stop there for a visit as well!  She has LOTS of FUN going on there too and some interesting links if you wanna see some qayg techniques!!!!

So until my next post with hopefully more progress to show… make time to


8 thoughts on “Progress to share that is THIMBLY fun !

  1. CathieJ

    Great post. I particularly like your thimbles as I too have large fingers and sometimes even the large size doesn't fit my wide fingers. I will look in Joann's for that thimble. I do not envy you those tiny HSTs.


  2. SandraC

    I usually never think of Netflix when I stitch in the early morning….but I did today! I watched an episode of Call the Midwife…but I enjoy Good Witch, too!


  3. Quilting Babcia

    Hi Kathi, Thanks for the info on thumb quilts! I've never been able to find one to fit my large thumb either, and will definitely need to find one of those at Joann's and see if it might work. Happy Sunday!


  4. Little Penpen

    I like your seashell stevia holder and I love finding treasures like that from Goodwill. Your different designs on your quilt are really pretty and just seem to make it pop. I love what you are doing there! I don't use a thumb quilt; just one on my middle finger when quilting. Your feather quilt is going to be incredible!



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